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VOLUME 70 NO1 2017

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 98 G R E AT B A S I N were led by an Ovenbird found at Bountiful Pond, Davis, Utah 4-5 Oct (NB, ph. ML). Northern Wa - terthrush were reported at Wide Hollow Res., Garfield, Utah 7 Aug (MC), Corn Cr. 24-30 Aug (JHo, et al.), Tonopah Cemetery, Esmer - alda, Nevada 17 Sep (D&RS), and Garr Ranch, Antelope Island 24 Sep (SC). Black-and-white Warblers were found at Oak Grove CG, Washington, Utah 15 Sep (S&CS) and Pahranagat 2 Oct (GS). A Prothonotary War - bler was nice surprise along the Logan River Walk, Cache, Utah 2-7 Nov (CC, ph. MT, et al.). A Hooded War - bler graced Boulder Beach CG, L. Mead 3 Oct (BZ). A Cape May Warbler was found 31 Oct at Corn Cr. 31 Oct (BZ, BMi). The only Northern Parula reported was at Bountiful Pond, Davis, Utah 27 (MSM, BO). Magnolia Warblers were found at Garr Ranch, Antelope Island 6 Oct (BO), Corn Cr. 16 Oct (JP), and Riverside Marsh, Washington, Utah 26 Oct (†SL). Chestnut-sided Warblers were at Dyer, Esmeralda, Nevada 21 Sep (GS, RSt, DG), Garr Ranch, Antelope Island 24 Sep (SC), and Floyd Lamb 27 Sep–4 Oct (MM, AL). A hatch-year Blackpoll Warbler was mist-net - ted at McCarran Ranch 14 Sep (KV). Single low S.P., Washington, Utah 6 Sep (RF, S&CS). A Groove-billed Ani made a rare Great Basin appearance at Big Bend C.A., Clark, Nevada 27 Oct (†, ph. JP, AW), furnishing Nevada's second endorsed record. Out-of- range Vaux's Swifts were reported over St. George, Washington, Utah 15 Sept (RF) and La Verkin Cr., Washington, Utah 16 Sep (MD). A Black-chinned Hummingbird lingering in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah 3 Oct (JB) was late. Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers were found at Corn Cr. 3-16 Oct (JS et al.), Lytle 6 Oct–11 Nov (ph. RF et al.), and Dyer, Esmeralda, Ne - vada 24 Oct–18 Nov (GS, RSt, DG). FLYCATCHERS THROUGH WARBLERS A Least Flycatcher was photographed at the Salt Lake International Center, Salt Lake, Utah 20 Sep (†BO). Eastern Phoebes were found at Corn Cr. 15-17 Oct (ph. DV, JP), Spring Mt. Ranch S.P., Clark, Nevada 18 Oct (JT et al.), and Lytle 14 Oct (S&CS). A male Vermilion Flycatcher brightened Lemmon Valley W.T.P., Washoe, Nevada 17-18 Oct (JH, BS). Nevada's third endorsed Great Crested Flycatcher was photographed near Dyer, Esmeralda 20 Sep (†, ph. GS). An Eastern Kingbird visited the Washington Fields, Washington, Utah 15 Sep (ph. RF). A Gray Catbird lingered at Corn Cr. 3-31 Oct (MSw, KL, et al.) and a Brown Thrasher was found there 3-6 Oct (JS). Addi - tional Brown Thrashers were reported at Lytle 6 Oct (RF) and Miller's R.A. 10- 12 Oct (RSt, DG, ph. ST). Curve- billed Thrashers continued to be reported from Searchlight, Clark, Nevada throughout the season (MSw, JS, et al.). A Lapland Long - spur was found at Pyramid L. 27 Sep (RL). Fall migration typically brings an incredible variety of transient and vagrant warblers through the Great Basin, and this year was no exception. Noteworthy sightings 22 Neotropic Cormorants were photographed at Otter Creek S.P., Piute, Utah 22 Aug (RF). A Least Bittern was observed along the Santa Clara R. in St. George, Washington, Utah 5 Oct (RF), while a late Green Heron was n. of ex - pected range at Sparks Marina, Washoe, Ne- vada 12 Oct (ph. FC). HAWKS THROUGH WOODPECKERS Common Black-hawks were found at Rain- bow Canyon, Lincoln, Nevada 4 Sep (RL) and Floyd Lamb 10 Oct (RS). A Broad-winged Hawk was a surprise at Corn Cr. 6 Oct (JS) and an out-of-range Zone-tailed Hawk flew over Summerlin, Clark, Nevada 19 Nov (JJ). Four Mountain Plovers were found at the sel - dom birded Myton Bench, Eight Mile Flat, Duchesne, Utah 12 Sep (BM). A Ruddy Turn - stone was photographed 6 Aug at the Pyra- mid L. Delta (MM et al.). Nevada's second en- dorsed Black Turnstone lingered at H.B.V.P. 22-28 Aug (ph., † BMi, TAl, JBu, et mult. al.). Nevada Stilt Sandpipers were found H.B.V.P. 6 Aug (JT), Indian L., Churchill 15-17 Aug (ph. RL, MA), and Overton WMA, Clark 3 Oct (JS, MSw). A Red Phalarope was photographed at Antelope Island 16 Sep († BO). Sabine's Gulls were reported at Big Soda L., Churchill, Ne - vada 30 Aug (GS), L. Mead 20 Sep (JP), Ante- lope Island 7 Oct (BO), and Las Vegas Wash, Clark, Nevada (DVD). Lesser Black-backed Gulls were observed at Antelope Island 1-6 Oct (S&CS), Sparks Marina, Washoe, Nevada 15 Oct–6 Dec (MM, PH, DS), and Pyramid L. 18 Oct (BS, RL). A likely juv. Parasitic Jae - ger was at Pyramid L. 5 Sep (PH) and a dark- morph juv. Pomarine Jaeger visited Sand Hol - This Great Crested Flycatcher, photographed 20 September at a private ranch near Dyer, Esmeralda County, Nevada, furnished the state's third endorsed record. The previous two records were also found at Esmeralda County vagrant traps, and both turned up in the recent past (since 2010). Photo by © Greg Scyphers. This Lawrence's Goldfinch, rare in the Great Basin, visited a Las Vegas backyard, Clark County, Nevada from 4 November to 5 December. Photo by © Deb Vogt. An unprecedented six Dickcissels (all juveniles) were found in Nevada during the fall season, between 16 September and 27 October, including this bird, photographed Septem- ber 25 at Primm, Cark County. Photo by © Deb Vogt. One of four Black-throated Blue Warblers found in the Great Basin Region, this male graced the Corn Creek Unit of the Desert National Wildlife Refuge, Clark County, Nevada, from 21 to 26 October (here 23). Photo by © Deb Vogt.

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