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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 93 N E W M E X I C O Canyon 18 Oct (CL) was the latest report of that species. The earliest Rosy-Finch arrivals were 20 Blacks and 2 Gray-crowneds at Sandia Crest 21 Nov (DH). At Heron L., a three-species flock of 110 on 26 Nov. included 102 Brown-cappeds (WE, RC). A Pine Grosbeak was found south to Sandia Crest 21 Nov (DH), where the species is irregular in occurrence. Initialed observers: Michael Andersen, Rob- ert Barnes, Jonathan Batkin, Matthew Bau- mann, Karen Beckenbach, Dan Belcher, Roger Clark, David J. Cleary, Dylan Cuellar, Robert D'Antonio, Wyatt Egelhoff, Bernard Foy, Gary Froehlich, Coleman Goin, Doug Gochfeld, Da - vid Hawksworth, Charles Hayes, Nancy Het- rick, Michael Hilchey, Kyra & Glenn Keim, Da- vid Krueper, Judy Liddell, David Ligon, Carroll Littlefield, William Maley, Larry Malone, Caro - lyn Mangeng, Sonja Mendoza, Robert Nieman, Jerry Oldenettel, John Parmeter, Nicholas Ped - erson, Christopher Rustay, Jeffrey I. Sanchez, Kim Score, Marcy Scott, Dale Spall, Nancy Stotz, Jarrod B. Swackhamer, Steve West, Wil - liam West, S. O. Williams, Christopher Witt, James Zabriskie. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Sartor O. Williams III, 1819 Meadowview Drive NW, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87104-2511 • was in the Black Range north of Kingston 30 Aug (DJC). A Black-throated Green Warbler at B.L.N.W.R. 11 Aug (ph. P. O'Bryon) was a very early record—the only additional report for the season was of one at N.R.T. 26 Sep (JP, ph. JO). A Canada Warbler at R.S. 20 Sep (ph. RN) fur - nished New Mexico's 14 th record since the first in 1975. A Painted Redstart wandered northeast to Golondrinas, Mora 24 Sep (R. Plange); oth - ers at unusual locales were singles at R.S. 8 Sep (SW) and La Union 3-6 Oct (ph. DB). A Rufous-winged Sparrow was in Guadalupe Canyon 25 Oct (NM-C, AC), where the spe - cies has been present since 2011. Clay-colored Sparrows were unusually numerous and wide - spread, with reports of dozens from multiple sites in 22 of New Mexico 33 counties; the lat - est report was of 2 at Eunice 1 Nov (DK). Field Sparrows arrived in the east in mid-Oct, the earliest reports being of one at Eunice 17 Oct (RC, Z. Kominek) and 2 at the Conoco Pond 18 Oct (CR), with additional reports of small numbers in Curry, Roosevelt, and Eddy through Nov; far to the west was one at Magdalena 18 Nov (J. Owens). As in recent years, Baird's Sparrows made their presence well-known, including with one at the Vaughn treatment ponds 18 Sep (SW), singles in Doña Ana in the Corralitos Valley 2 Sep (ph. NS) and Issack L. 16 Sep (ph. NS) and 3 in Mason Draw west of Las Cruces 23 Oct (ph. NS, ph. WE), and 10 in Luna south of Nutt 20 Nov (ph. DG). A Harris's Sparrow reached Edgewood by 31 Oct (P. L. Nobel) and singles were at Santa Fe 15 Nov (D. Reynolds) and near Taos 16 Nov (ph. J. A. Lay). Single Golden-crowned Sparrows were in the Sandia Mts. foothills at the Paa-Ko treatment ponds 22 Nov (WM) and Embudito Canyon 22 Nov (MH). A Yellow-eyed Junco on Jacks Peak 6 Sep (ph. NH) helped maintain that species' presence in the Burro Mts. A Hepatic Tanager was notably late at Agu - irre Springs 31 Oct (WE). Northern Cardinals, maintaining a northeastern presence, were sin - gles at Sumner Dam 12 Sep (JP) and N.R.T. 7 Nov (JO). A female Pyrrhuloxia was north of ex - pected areas at Otero Canyon near Tijeras 1 Oct (ph. A. C. Gorbet, ph. MB). Late buntings were a Lazuli at N.R.T. 24 Oct (ph. JO), a male Varied at P.O. Canyon 15 Oct (CL), and a Painted at Six Mile Dam 20 Oct (ph. RN). Moderate numbers of Dickcissels turned up from the R.G.V. east - ward from Aug to early Oct; one was surpris- ingly far west at Rodeo 5 Sep (R. Webster). An apparent first-winter Streak-backed Oriole at R.S. from 25 Oct (ph. RN) to at least 1 Nov (ph. MA, RN, DK) provided the state's sixth credible report, all of them first detected in the period 14 Oct-10 Jan. Single Baltimore Orioles were at N.R.T. 19 Sep (JP, CR) and R.S. 11 Oct (ph. RN). A young male Scott's Oriole singing in P.O. ponds 17 Sep (SW), and a remarkably late bird was at Carlsbad 24 Nov (SW). Brown Thrash - ers were found at 9 locales in six counties in the R.G.V. from Rio Arriba south to Doña Ana 29 Sep-28 Nov (m.ob.), including 2 at Mesilla Bosque S.P. 3 Oct (ph. NS, ph. P. Rice). In the east, one to 3 passed through N.R.T. 19 Sep-30 Oct (JP, JO), up to 6 were at Rattlesnake Springs 3 Oct-29 Nov (m.ob.), and singles were in Lea at Bell L. 30 Oct (ph. RN) and Jal 30 Oct (RN). Noteworthy for n. Lea was a Crissal Thrasher at Crossroads 29 Oct (D. Gesualdo). A Phaino - pepla was east to Allred Tank, Lea 15 Nov (ph. SW); unusually, another was in the Guadalupe Mts. at Queen 7 Nov (SW). An ad. male Olive Warbler was in the Crosby Mts. west of Datil 27 Sep (K. Cox). A Lapland Longspur was south of expected areas, at Mason Draw on the Las Cru - ces West Mesa 23 Oct (WE, NS); another was on Albuquerque's West Mesa 1 Nov (DH). WARBLERS THROUGH FINCHES Rare warblers included a Worm-eating War- bler in Albuquerque's South Valley 5 Oct (ph. WM) and single Louisiana Waterthrushes at the Conoco Pond south of Maljamar 1-5 Sep (CB, ph. JO, JP) and at Galisteo 18-27 Sep (D. Paez, ph. BF, ph. JB). A male Golden-winged Warbler at Silver City 26 Sep (ph. JBS) pro - vided the first confirmed state record from west of the R.G.V. A Prothonotary Warbler was near Radium Springs 21 Aug (MS, ph. JZ) and another was in Lea at the Conoco Pond 1 Sep (CB). A Tennessee Warbler in Albuquerque's North Valley 10 Sep (WM) provided the lone report. Very late was a Virginia's Warbler net - ted and banded at Albuquerque 23 Oct (N. S. Cox), as was a MacGillivray's seen at Rattlesnake Springs 4 Nov (SW). A male Hooded Warbler was at Milnesand 12 Sep (MB) and the same or another was there 10 Oct (ph. JO). Single Mag - nolia Warblers were at the Maljamar Rest Area 10 Sep (JO), R.S. 3 Oct (ph. MB, ph. RN), and Taos 24 Nov (RD), the latter a record late date for the state. A Bay-breasted Warbler was at R.S. 15 Nov (ph. RN); there are now about three dozen New Mexico records. A male Chestnut- sided Warbler at N.R.T. 24 Sep (J. W. Shipman) provided the only report of that species. Two Prairie Warblers were found, singles at N.R.T. 16 Aug (ph. JO) and Albuquerque's North Val - ley 4 Oct (ph. WM). An ad. male Townsend's Warbler lingered at Las Cruces 8-12 Nov (WE, ph. J. Wilbur). It was a good season for Hermit Warblers in the southwest, with up to 3 in the Blue Range Wilderness west of Pueblo Park, Ca - tron 7 Sep (J. P. Joseph), 4 at three Pinos Mts. sites 6 Sep (WE, NH), 3 on Jacks Peak, Burro Mts. 5 Sep (WE, NH), and 3 in P.O. Canyon on three dates 30 Aug-15 Sep (CL); further east, 2 were at Percha S.P. 20 Aug (ph. DJC) and one Representing the first confirmed New Mexico record from west of the Rio Grande Valley, this male Golden-winged Warbler was at Silver City, Grant County, 26 September 2015. Photo by © Jarrod B. Swackhamer. This Streak-backed Oriole was at Rattlesnake Springs, Eddy County, New Mexico, from 25 October (here) to at least 1 November 2015; it furnished the state's sixth credible record. Photo by © Robert Nieman.

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