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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 91 N E W M E X I C O DOVES THROUGH FALCONS Noteworthy north to Rio Arriba, 2 Inca Doves were near Abiquiu L. at Barranca from 26 Oct (ph. A. Sherman) into Dec. In southeast New Mexico's Lea, single Common Ground-Doves were at the Conoco Pond south of Maljamar 27 Sep (ph. JO) and the Eunice golf course 17 Oct (ph. MB, ph. NP), while in the Black Range foothills, one was at Hillsboro 6 Oct (ph. RB), and in Doña Ana, singles were at three locales, including the White Sands Missile Range golf course 29 Sep (ph. CG). Late lingering Yellow- billed Cuckoos were present at Bill Evans L. 22 Sep (KB) and N.R.T. 26 Sep (JP, JO). Seldom reported in the Peloncillo Mts., a migrant Flammulated Owl was roosting in P.O. Canyon 9 Oct (CL). Two Western Screech- Owls were rather far to the east in the San Jon area, where they responded to playback mid- afternoon 21 Nov (JO). Elf Owls had largely left the Black Range foothills by early Aug; the last individual detected was one along Tierra Blanca Cr. 9 Sep (DJC). A Short-eared Owl was at the Jal cemetery 15 Nov (SW), while another was west of Las Cruces 16 Nov (ph. JBS), and 3 more were in grasslands south of Nutt, Luna 20 Nov (ph. DG). Single late Com - mon Poorwills were at Las Cruces 1 Nov (WE) and Walnut Canyon, Eddy 6 Nov (SW). An unidentified whip-poor-will was seen at N.R.T 15 Oct (JO), where the date and location are considered good indicators that the bird may have been an Eastern Whip-poor-will. Chaetura swifts in the news consisted of one identified as a Vaux's Swift near Rodeo 5 Sep (C. Roher et al.), 2 left unidentified at Signal Peak 12 Sep (MH), and one believed to be a Chim - ney Swift near Radium Springs 14 Sep (MS, ph. JZ). Rarely reported in Chaves, a White- throated Swift was east of Elk 26 Sep (ph. RN). A Magnificent Hummingbird was late at Pinos Altos 21 Nov (ph. JBS) while in the east, one Ana; noteworthy north in the R.G.V., were 7 at Albuquerque's Valle de Oro N.W.R. 20 Aug (ph. GF), 4 at another South Valley site 20 Aug (NP), and one at the Tingley bosque 21 Aug (DH, WM). A remarkable count of 660 Long- billed Curlews were at Grulla N.W.R. 30 Aug (CR). Very rare in New Mexico, a Buff-breast - ed Sandpiper was at the Clovis treatment ponds 4 Sep (JP, ph. JO). Well-documented Semipalmated Sandpipers west to the R.G.V. included one on Albuquerque's West Mesa 2 Aug (ph. WM) and one at the Alameda flats 6 Aug (ph. WM) & 15 Aug (ph. NH) and 2 there 23 Aug (ph. DK) & 27 Aug (ph. NH). Rare in the state, single juv. Short-billed Dow - itchers were at Santa Fe's, Marty Sanchez golf course 23-24 Aug (L. Howard, G. Szpatura, BF, ph. JB), the Santa Fe Community College 23- 29 Aug (ph. RC, ph. BF, ph. NH, ph. JB), and the Alameda flats 27-29 Aug (ph. WM, m.ob., Red-necked Phalaropes were much in evidence Aug-Sep, including 50 east of Fort Sumner at the Red Lake playa 6 Sep (MB), 13 at L.V.N.W.R. 20 Sep (DH), 9 at Belen 18 Sep (ph. GF), and 10 at Holloman L. 7 Sep (CW); to the west were 3 at Quemado L. 22 Sep (JO) while one at Holloman L. 26 Oct (DH) was a fairly late record for the state. An impressive Red Phalarope season found singles at Hollo - man L. 7 Sep (ph. CW), the Belen marsh 12-20 Sep (ph. MH, m.ob.,, Caballo L. 19-26 Oct (ph. DC, JP), and the Alameda flats 5 Nov (ph. B. Morris, ph. WM, ph. NH, JP, CR). Rela - tively few Sabine's Gulls were reported, with the high count being up to 3 juvs. at the Border Patrol playa west of Las Cruces 21-23 Aug (ph. NS, J. A. Montoya) where there was another 7 Sep (NS); others, all single juvs., were found at Ned Houk Park, Curry 18 Sep (JP), Brantley L. 2 Oct (ph. RN), and Sumner L. 10 Oct (MB, NP). Single, first-cycle Lesser Black-backed Gulls were at McMillan Dam 17-31 Oct (ph. RN) and the Alameda bridge 27 Nov (ph. DC). With but two previous records (the last in 1994), Glaucous-winged Gull is among the rarest gulls found in New Mexico. This season, a first-cycle individual was documented in the Brantley L. area from 22 Nov (ph. SW, RN) through the end of month (ph. RN, ph. JO, ph. JB, WE) and into Dec; analysis of photos ruled out potential hybrid origin (fide P. Pyle, S. Heinl). Caspian Tern reports consisted of 2 at Morgan L. 8 Aug (CB), 2 at Bosque N.W.R. 21- 22 Sep (ph. P. D. Hicks, ph. V. Dern), and one at Sumner L. 10 Oct (MB). A better than usual season for Black Terns produced reports from 13 counties from the R.G.V. eastward, includ - ing high counts of 110 at Springer L. 10 Aug (WE) and 26 at Grulla N.W.R. 30 Aug (CR); in the west were singles at the Deming treatment ponds 4 Aug & 10 Sep (LM). in the lower R.G.V.; meanwhile, Gray Hawks successfully fledged young in the southwest in Guadalupe Canyon (ph. NM-C, AC) and in the southeast in the R.S. area (m.ob., ph. RN). A nicely-documented Red-shouldered Hawk at R.S. 4 Sep (ph. RN) was seen again 8 Sep (SW). An impressive migrating flock of 300 Swain - son's Hawks was near Red Hill, w. Catron 3 Oct (E. MacKerrow), where abundant grasshop - pers seemed to be the attraction. Single return- ing Harlan's Hawks were present at La Ciene- guilla 14 Nov (BF; 6 th consecutive year), Luis Lopez 25 Oct (GF; 5 th consecutive year), and La Union 19 Nov (DB; 3 rd consecutive year). RAILS THROUGH TERNS A Virginia Rail pair was tending a chick at Taos 4 Aug (ph. RD). An imm. Purple Gallinule found injured at the Carlsbad airport 23 Oct subse - quently died (ph. SW, sp. to Museum of South- western Biology); this represents New Mexico's 12th record overall but only the second for au - tumn. Common Gallinule sightings consisted of two adults at Bosque N.W.R. sites 1 Aug (ph. SM) and a juv. there 25 Sep (ph. GF); up to 4 were at Mesilla Bosque S.P. 14 Aug-10 Oct (m.ob.). A white Sandhill Crane was at Bosque N.W.R. 30 Oct (GF) and 2 white ones were at B.L.N.W.R. 19 Oct (ph. JIS); 25,432 Sandhills were counted in the vicinity of B.L.N.W.R. 30 Oct (JIS). A Black-bellied Plover was present at Mc- Millan Dam 31 Oct (ph. RN), and an even later bird was at E.B.L. 5 Nov (DC). An ad. Snowy Plover was tending 3 small chicks at Holloman L. 6 Aug (SW); late in the season, there were 13 at a Lea playa 26 Nov (JO). A remarkable 750 Killdeer were counted in a plowed field at Bosque N.W.R. 30 Oct (GF). Five sociable Soli - tary Sandpipers were at Albuquerque's Alam- eda flats 29 Aug (DK); late was one along the Rio Grande below Williamsburg 9-17 Nov (ph. DJC). There was a good flight of Upland Sand - pipers in the east in Curry, Roosevelt, and Lea and across the south in Eddy, Otero, and Doña Rare in New Mexico, this Reddish Egret, seen here with a Great Egret, provided a Doña Ana County first at Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park 8 October 2015. Photo by © James E. Zabriskie. With only about 14 records overall, Buff-breasted Sandpiper is a sought-after rarity in New Mexico; this one provided a Curry County first at the Clovis treatment ponds 4 September 2015. Photo by © Jerry R. Oldenettel.

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