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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 89 I D A H O & W E S T E R N M O N TA N A and one at Creston 14 Aug (CH). An American Avocet at Ennis L. 12 Nov (JP) provided a lo - cal late record and was the second latest record in Montana. Two Greater Yellowlegs at Warm Springs 20 Nov (GS) were record late for Mon - tana by four days. Also unusually late were a Willet at Cottonwood Res., MT 23 Sep (NB) and a Long-billed Curlew there 12 Sep (SK). Upland Sandpipers are far from annual in the Region, making one reported in Flathead, MT 19 Aug (CH) an excellent find. It was the best season ever for casual Hudsonian Godwits in Idaho, with one in Owyhee 26-31 Aug (ph., †JC) and another at A.F.R. 26 Oct (ph, PW). If confirmed, a Ruddy Turnstone at Mann L. 17 Sep (ph., †JMS) will be Idaho's ninth record. Idaho's sixth Red Knot was a spectacular find in Canyon 25 Sep (ph, CHu). Especially note - worthy in Idaho were up to 13 Sanderlings in Canyon 4-6 Sep (CHu), one at Sandpoint 5 Sep (CL), and 6 in Boundary 5 Sep (CL). A Buff- breasted Sandpiper found at Creston 6 Sep (†CH) provided the sixth record for w. Mon - tana. The Red Phalarope that strayed to A.F.R. 25 Sep (ph., †SB, DC) added to eight previ - ously accepted Idaho records. Sabine's Gulls were apparently elsewhere this fall, because only one was reported at Minidoka N.W.R., ID 19 Aug (JC), the most expected location for the species in the Region. Two Franklin's Gulls at Harrison Res., MT 7 Nov (JP) extended the Latilong 38 late record for the species by three weeks. Only 4 Thayer's Gulls were reported, representing an unusually low season total. An Iceland Gull, not annual, was an excellent find in Kootenai, ID 21-28 Nov (ph., KB, LH, CL). Single Lesser Black-backed Gulls, rare but now annual, came through Flat - head, MT 14-22 Nov (ph, CH) and Helena, MT 21 Nov (BM). The only Glaucous Gulls record - ed were in Flathead, MT 22 Nov (ph., CH) and Helena, MT 23 Nov (ph., NK, BM). An Arctic Tern, a casual fall visitor to the Region, was seen at Minidoka N.W.R., ID 19-24 Aug (ph, †JC, PW). A few vagrant Long-tailed Jaegers showed up in Idaho, with one in Clearwater 11 Aug (ph, †CL) and another in Owyhee 26 Aug-7 Sep (JC). Also notable was an unidentified jae - ger at C.J. Strike Res., ID 25 Oct (†SD). PIGEONS THROUGH FINCHES Exciting news of rare Band-tailed Pigeons included one at Sandpoint 19 Sep (ph., Missi Baker) that furnished Idaho's tenth record and a first for Bonner. Even better was an unprec - edented flock of about 20 Band-taileds seen at L.P. 15 Oct (JC); all previous records of this West Coast visitor have been of single birds. White-winged Doves, rare but increasingly re - ported in recent years, showed up in Idaho at Boise 4-10 Aug (ph, LA) and Blackfoot 19-30+ Nov (RS). A Barn Owl at Canyon Ferry Res. 14 Aug (AL) was notable because the species is seldom found e. of the westernmost Montana valleys. Anna's Hummingbirds put in their best showing ever, with 6 reports in Idaho and 4 in w. Montana. Record late by ten days and only the second Oct record for Montana was a Rufous Hummingbird in Troy 16 Oct (DJ). Now becoming nearly annual in Idaho, rare Red-breasted Sapsuck - ers were found in Moscow 16-19 Sep (ph., †TG, CL) and Canyon 23 Sep (ph, CHu). Gyrfalcons were discovered in Jef - ferson, ID 20-22 Nov (SB) and in Lake, MT 15 Nov (PR), representing an average fall tally. Surprisingly far from its known range in Idaho was a Chestnut-backed Chickadee at Boise 30 Oct–3 Nov (†AC). A highlight of the season was a nicely photo-documented Eastern Bluebird in Cassia 17 Nov (ph., KL & LW), which will represent Idaho's first record. It was the best season ever for visits by rare Brown Thrashers, with singles at Camas 18 Aug (†JC), near Murphy, ID 16 Oct (†DH, CHu), in Bonner, ID 22-30+ Nov (ph., RDC), and in Blackfoot, ID 25-30 Nov+ (†RD). Lapland Long - spurs are not reported annually in Idaho, so 2 in Boundary 5 Oct and one in Owyhee 29 Oct (CL) were noteworthy. Both rare and near record late was a Black-and-white Warbler in Boise, ID 13- 18 Nov (ph., LA). An Orange-crowned Warbler in Missoula 3 Nov (CWo) pushed back Mon - tana's record late date by one day. A male Hood- ed Warbler that graced Boise 9-23 Nov (ph., †JCu) garnered the Gem State's fifth record. Re - cord numbers of Chestnut-sided Warblers were seen, including 2 at Bozeman, MT 1-10 Sep (JP), and singles in Butte, ID 4-6 Sep (ph, DG), Jef - ferson, ID 6 Sep (ph, †SB), and Missoula, MT 9 Sep (ph, KP). A Palm Warbler in Missoula 29 Aug (NS) was only the sixth for w. Montana and it represented the state's second Aug record. An - other Palm Warbler stopped near Warm Springs, MT 4 Oct (†NK). Furnishing a fourth record for Idaho was a Hermit Warbler captured at the Lucky Peak bird banding station 4 Aug (ph., †JC). Surprisingly late was a Wilson's Warbler discovered in Missoula, MT 4 Nov (CWo). A Chipping Sparrow near Bozeman 14 Nov (LAH) provided one of the latest records for Montana. Clay-colored Sparrows had their best showing ever in Idaho, with singles reported in Boundary 9 Aug (ph., JB, RC), Latah 24 Aug (ph., JH), near Boise 29 Aug (HW), and Koote - nai 15 Sep (†DW). Another Clay-colored near Harrison 19 Oct (GB, RW) set a new Montana late record by three days. A Field Sparrow documented in Flathead 20 Oct (ph., SR) was about the seventh record for w. Montana and the first since 1934. It was an excellent season for rare Swamp Sparrows in w. Montana, with 3 detected in Flathead 8 Oct (CH) and one s. On the cold early morning of November 11, 2015 Travis Morhardt was out fishing in a boat on L. Pend Orielle, Idaho, when he spotted a vagrant Brown Pelican following the boat. The pelican eventually landed on the boat's roof, en- abling Travis to get pictures with his cell phone. This Brown Pelican, which was present there through November 14, will provide Idaho's second record. Photo by © Travis Morhardt. On the wintry day of November 27, 2015, intrepid Idaho birders Linda Wilcox and her daughter Kay Lynn were driving just outside of Albion, Idaho when they spotted a small flock of bluebirds foraging on a gravel road ahead of their vehicle. Linda got a picture of one of them, which turned out to be a lovely male Eastern Bluebird, a first record for Idaho. Unfortunately, all efforts to find this bluebird flock in the following days were unsuccessful. Photo by © Linda Wilcox. A small white wader on the Boise River in the city of Boise, Idaho was identified by R. L. Rowland and others as a Little Blue Heron on October 25, 2015. The bird remained in Boise through November 20 and was enjoyed by many birders. This Little Blue Heron sighting represents Idaho's third record. Photo by © Dave Lawrence.

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