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VOLUME 70 NO1 2017

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 84 arriving Mourning Warblers included one at Lake Jackson, Brazoria (B&MT) and 2 at Sabine Woods, Jefferson 15 Aug (JHa, et al.). A very late American Redstart was at Na- cogdoches, Nacogdoches 4 Nov (TDa). Cape May Warblers made an exceptionally good showing this season with 2 at Sabine Woods, Jefferson 12 Sep (SM, ph. GB, et al.), one at Smith Point, Chambers 13 Sep (SH), and one at Sabine Woods, Jefferson 21 Oct (JHa, ph. NR, et al.). A Cerulean Warbler at Sabine Woods, Jefferson 2 Aug (ph. GB) provided a new early fall date for the U.T.C., while one at Cedar Park, Williamson 10 Sep (BrF) was also of note. Late migrant Magnolia Warblers included singles at Fort Worth, Tarrant, 20 Oct (JSi) and Nacogdoches, Nacogdoches 4 Nov (TDa). A late Bay-breasted Warbler was at Flour Bluff, Nueces 30 Nov (ph. AO). An early Blackburnian Warbler was found at Lake Sam Rayburn, San Augustine 26 Aug (DWo). A Blackburnian Warbler was at Lub- bock, Lubbock 29 Aug (AH, JaJ, JaW) while one at Sabine Woods, Jefferson 8 Nov (SM, et al.) was late. A Blackpoll Warbler at Uto- pia, Uvalde 6 Sep (MH) was a nice find for the Hill Country. Rather unexpected on the Edwards Plateau, a male Black-throated Blue Warbler was at Enchanted Rock S.N.A., Gil- lespie 18 Sep (JSi). A late Prairie Warbler at the Lake Lewisville Environmental Center, Denton, 27 Sep (KaC) was also a county first. Black-throated Gray Warblers of interest in- cluded singles at Fort Clark Springs, Kinney 30 Oct (BrC) and Sabine Woods, Jefferson 19 Sep (SM, JHa, MCo). Townsend's Warblers e. of the normal migration route included singles at Rockport, Aransas 27 Sep (SF), Guadalupe River S.P., Comal 12 Oct (ph. LSP), and most unexpectedly at Fort Worth, Tarrant 19 Oct (ph. JuS). A Hermit Warbler was at the South Padre I. Convention Cen- ter, Cameron 30-31 Aug (PF, TFr, ph. m.ob.). Migrant Golden-cheeked Warblers are rarely detected, but this season single birds were found at Boot Spring, Brewster 13 Aug (EC) and Hebbronville, Jim Hogg 18 Aug (ph. BrC). Westward-wandering Black-throated Green Warblers included 2 at Lubbock, Lubbock 13 Sep (AH, JMi), one at a different Lubbock location 3 Oct (JCr), and another at Boot Spring, Brewster 13 Aug (EC, MaC). An obliging Rufous-capped Warbler was at Lost Maples S.N.A., Bandera 27 Sep–19 Oct (ph. MH, m.ob.). An early Canada Warbler was at Houston, Harris 3 Aug (PS) and a late migrant was at Packery Channel, Nueces 31 Oct (WS). More unexpected was a Canada Warbler at El Paso, El Paso 14 Sep (ph. BZ). A Wilson's Warbler at Lubbock, Lubbock 22 Nov (AH) was very late. Two migrant Red- son 16 Sep was extremely early (JHa, MCo). A Gray Catbird wandered w. to El Paso, El Paso 30-31 Oct (ph. JK). Rare in El Paso, a Brown Thrasher was at El Paso 28 Oct (BZ). Notable, single Sage Thrashers visited Port Aransas, Nueces 17 Oct (TA, AO) and Estero Llano Grande S.P., Hidalgo 18 Nov (HH et al.). What would appear to be late migrant Sprague's Pipits were found near Muleshoe, Bailey 19 Nov (JBo) and Lubbock, Lubbock 29 Nov (AH). A Phainopepla at Utopia, Uval- de 27 Oct (MH) was a nice find. A Lapland Longspur seen near Eagle Lake, Colorado 7 Nov (JBe) was early. Two Chestnut-collared Longspurs near Pearsall, Frio 29 Nov (HR, CB) provided a rare South Texas occurrence. An Ovenbird in nw. Hudspeth 20 Sep (ph. JiP) represented just the second county re- cord. A Louisiana Waterthrush was found near Fort Davis, Jeff Davis 24 Aug (CRi). A well-described Northern Waterthrush at Sa- bine Woods, Jefferson 2 Aug was early (GB). Blue-winged Warblers made a good showing this season with singles at Colleyville, Tarrant 20 Aug (BT), near Cibolo, Guadalupe 31 Aug (NN), Lake Lewisville Environmental Cen- ter, Denton, 4 Sep (KaC), at Benbrook, Tar- rant 15 Sep (JAl), and Austin, Travis 17 Sep (ph. MaC). A Tennessee Warbler at Anahuac N.W.R., Chambers 20 Nov was later than ex- pected (DwL). An early Nashville Warbler was at Sabine Woods, Jefferson 2 Aug (GB). Single MacGillivray's Warblers were detected at Portland, San Patricio 14 Sep (SkC) and at Victoria, Victoria 20 Sep (ShC). Early- usual at El Paso, El Paso 19 Sep (ph. JiP). A Yellow-green Vireo was found at Mustang I., Nueces 27 Sep (ph. MR, ShC). Purple Martins are a surprisingly rare mi- grant through the Trans-Pecos, so any found are noteworthy. Singles were found this sea- son at Van Horn, Culberson and at Balmorhea S.P., Reeves 22 Aug (SH et al.). Four linger- ing Purple Martins were at the Anahuac Pumping Station, Chambers 29 Oct (GrM). A Violet-green Swallow amongst the hordes of swallows at Hornsby Bend, Travis 30 Aug (ph. EC) was unexpected. Cave Swallows continue to move eastward with 2 at Marion, Marion 22 Aug (PB), 16 at Lake Sam Ray- burn, Angelina 26 Aug (DWo), and 14 near Mount Pleasant, Titus 12 Sep (GC, SG). An astounding estimate of 3500 Barn Swallows were at the John Bunker Sands Wetlands, Kaufman 11 Oct (†BlC). Barn Swallows lin- gered in the Trans-Pecos; most notable was a count of 50 at McNary Res., Hudspeth 23 Nov (JiP). WRENS THROUGH WARBLERS Winter Wrens are being detected more fre- quently in the Trans-Pecos and this season one was at Alpine, Brewster 28-31 Oct (ph. COJ). An outstanding count of 297+ Blue- gray Gnatcatchers was made at Central Heights, Nacogdoches 10 Sep (DWo). Rarely found in fall, single Veeries were noted n. of Cibolo, Guadalupe 19 Sep–3 Oct (ph. SSc) and Lubbock, Lubbock 11 Oct (AH). A Hermit Thrush at Sabine Woods, Jeffer- T E X A S A great find this season in Texas was this female Hermit Warbler at the South Padre Island Convention Center, Cameron 30 (here)-31 Aug. Photo by © Ron Weeks.

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