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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 79 S O U T H E R N G R E AT P L A I N S (JR). Early fall arrival of Western Tanager in the Oklahoma Panhandle is in late Aug; so a big surprise was one in Cimarron 28 Jul (DV). An ad. Blue Grosbeak with 3 dependent young in Sarpy, NE 8 Sep (CNK) provided a late breed - ing record. An unexpectedly easterly sighting of a Lazuli Bunting came from Sequoyah, OK 31 Aug (JTh). Adding to the tardy sightings were Bobolinks in Sarpy, NE 10 Oct (CO; pho - to), Douglas, KS 14 Oct (MM) and Cleveland, OK 15 Oct (JTh, RW). A Yellow-headed Black - bird at Red Slough 25 Aug was unexpected far east (DA). Big fall flocks of Common Grackles are always an impressive sight; 20,000 birds were over Finney, KS 25 Oct (T&SS) creating quite a spectacle. An Orchard Oriole in Rog - ers, OK 21 Oct (K&CW) was over a month later than previous late dates, and Baltimore Orioles were at different Douglas, NE feeders 19-29 Nov (JB) and 29 Nov (AD fide CNK). Observers: Nebraska: Edward Allen, Noah Ar - thur (NAr), Jo Bartikoski, Elliott Bedows, Jay & Ginger Belsan (J&GB), Mark Brogie, Barba - ra Brown, Kathy DeLara, Roger Dietrich, Ann Duey, Larry Einemann, William Flack, Holly Garrod, Chris Geary, Joseph Gubanyi, Robin Harding, Ben Heppner (BHe), Glen & Wanda Hoge (G&WH), Bill F. Huser, Esa Jarvi, Joel G. Jorgensen, Kelsey King, Michael King, Clem N. Klaphake, Thomas E. Labedz, Josh Lefever, Kathy S. Lundstrom, Chris Olson (COl), Su - san Quinn, Larry Randolph, Neal Ratzlaff, Ed- ward Raynor (ERa), Sue Riffe, Justin Rink, Al Reyer (ARy), Cindy Reyer (CRy), Jim Rowoth (JRw), Jason St. Sauver (JSS), Scott Schmidt (SSh), Shari Schwartz (SSc), Kathy Schw - ery (KSc), W. Ross Silcock, Ruthie Stearns, Heidi Swanson, Richard Temple (RTe), Jerry Toll (JTo), John Vanderpoel, T. J. Walker, Bob Wells (BWe), Michael Willison. Kansas: Nic grant warblers was a Bay-breasted Warbler, a basic-plumaged male, in Riley, KS 7 Sep (JLa). Two very rare Black-throated Blue Warbler were found in Nebraska; an ad. male in Cass 28 Sep (KSc, details) and a fem. in Douglas 6 Oct (NR). Palm Warblers staged an unex - pected fall passage in e. Nebraska with 7 reports 19 Sep-9 Oct (fide WRS). Another Palm was westerly in Ellis, KS 26 Sep (NA, MG, NV). Also to the west was an im. male Pine Warbler in Morton, KS 8 Oct (DW). A Black-throated Green Warbler in Douglas, KS 27 Oct (KL) was tardy. Lingering Yellow- breasted Chats were in Leaven - worth, KS 30 Sep (GP), Bourbon, KS 1 Oct (AB), and, most notably, at Red Slough 13 Oct (DA). The only report of Green-tailed Towhee was of one in Kimball, NE 7 Sep (MW, JR, BHe; photo). Tardy Chipping Sparrows were in Lancaster, NE 17 Nov (2; LE), Reno, KS 10 Nov (AM), and Johnson, KS 10 Nov (DB). Also tardy was a Clay-colored Sparrow in Tulsa, OK 8 Nov (TH). On the easterly fringe of its migration corridor was a Brewer's Sparrow in Sheridan, KS 26 Sep (NA, MG, NV). Rather far west was a Field Sparrow in Cimarron, OK 24 Oct (DR); one in Buffalo, NE 13 Nov (BB) was tardy. A Lark Sparrow in Douglas, NE 21 Oct was late (JR). An easterly Lark Bunting was in Canadian, OK 29 Aug (PV). Early fall migrant Vesper Sparrows and Savannah Sparrows were in Cimarron 28 Aug (JAG). A Savannah Spar - row in Fillmore, NE 24 Nov (WF) was rather late, as was a Grasshopper Sparrow in Osage, KS 24 Oct (JK). Finding and identifying Baird's Sparrow in fall migration in the Region is a major challenge, as one has to both flush a bird and get lucky enough to get an identifi - able view; one was photographed in Cimarron, OK 17 Sep (DR). Two Henslow's Sparrows on summer territory in Thurston, NE 5 Aug (SSh) were unusually far north; they were occupy - ing Conservation Reserve Program grasslands. A Nelson's Sparrow was at Red Slough 27 Oct (DA). Westerly were Fox Sparrows in Kimball, NE 8 Nov (RTe) and Cherry, NE 29 Oct (WF) and White-throated Sparrows in Cheyenne, NE 13 Sep (JRw), with a surprising 7 banded 17 Sep (rather early) through 9 Oct (JL). Oregon Juncos in Dawes, NE 5 Sep (MW, JR, BHe) and another in Lancaster, NE 24 Sep (ERa) were re - cord-early for this race. Also early were Pink- sided Juncos in Kimball, NE 7 Sep (MW, JR, BHe) and Dawes, NE 8 Sep (JL). Lingering Summer Tanagers were in Chero - kee, KS 15 Oct (JRa) and Douglas, NE 21 Oct areas, they are still vagrants—the 1-2 at Red Slough 4 Aug-21 Sep (DA), two in Sumner, KS 6 Sep (MT, EY), and imm. in Morton, KS 12 Sep (MR, RP) all fall under that heading. Barn Swallows were late in Sedgwick, KS 14 Nov (AM, BM, JMi) and Oklahoma 1 Nov (MJ). A Rock Wren in Thomas, NE 5 Sep (JGJ) was at the east edge of the summer range; with another similarly easterly bird in Pottawatomie, KS 16 Oct (BMa). A House Wren in Riley, KS 7 Nov (JRo) was tardy, as were Sedge Wrens in Sarpy, NE 7 Nov (EB, COl) and Lancaster, NE 1 Nov (BHe). Adding to the thread of early fall arrivers was a Ruby-crowned Kinglet in Cleve - land, OK 31 Aug (JTh, RW). A Townsend's Solitaire was east to Geary, KS 21 Nov (ML, m. ob.). Swainson's Thrushes are only rare fall migrants in the Region; one in Douglas, NE 12 Aug (JR) was early; another was in Payne, OK 10 Sep (SL), a more expected date. Tardy for the west was a Gray Catbird in Keith, NE 18 Oct (ERa). Two ad. Cedar Waxwings with a hatch-year bird were presumably local breed - ers 5 Sep in Cimarron, OK (JJ). The only report of Red Crossbill was of 6 flying over Ellis, KS 20 Nov (MR). Two Lesser Goldfinches were found in se. Banner 24 Aug (JGJ). Notably, no Evening Grosbeaks were reported. "Hundreds" of Chestnut-collared Longspurs were in open country in Pratt, KS 11 Nov (SS). WOOD-WARBLERS THROUGH ORIOLES A Worm-eating Warbler lingered in McCur- tain, OK to 16 Sep (FH, CMc); most depart in Aug. A Louisiana Waterthrush, another early- departing migrant, was tardy in Cleveland, OK 1 Sep (EH). A Northern Waterthrush in Lancaster, NE remained in the same garden 30 Sep-8 Oct (JGJ), rather late. Noteworthy was a Blue-winged Warbler in Lancaster, NE 7 Sep (LE); even rarer was an imm. fem. westerly in Haskell, KS 11 Sep (RP, MR). A concerted ef - fort was made by Ford Hendershot to reset the departure date for the very local Swainson's Warbler, essentially a McCurtain, OK specialty in the Region; the last record this season was 12 Sep (FH). Westerly and tardy were a Ten - nessee Warbler in Dundy, NE 11 Oct (JV, MK) and a Nashville Warbler in Red Willow, NE 22 Oct (LE). A MacGillivray's Warbler was late in Dundy, NE 11 Oct (SR). Another tardy bird was a Hooded Warbler in McCurtain, OK 15 Sep (FH). Oct records of American Redstart are unusual in the northern part of the Re - gion; late singles were in Douglas, NE 4 Oct (JR) and Wyandotte, KS 3 Oct (SMe). Also late were a Northern Parula in Johnson, KS 5 Oct (MG) and single Magnolia Warblers in Otoe, NE 13-16 Oct (SQ) and Oklahoma, OK 1-12 Oct (AL, m.ob.). Among the less-likely fall mi - A rare and difficult-to-find species is Baird's Sparrow; this individual was true to form, and was found skulking in the grass in Cimarron County, Oklahoma 17 September 2017. There are still only a small handful of records of this species for the Oklahoma Panhandle. Photo by © Dan Robinson.

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