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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 78 S O U T H E R N G R E AT P L A I N S KS 11 Oct (SB, photo). Great Crested Fly- catchers, less than annual in the Nebraska Panhandle, were found in Kimball 13 Aug (BFH), and Dawes 15 Sep (banded; JL). A tardy Great Crested was in Cleveland, OK 4 Oct (DG). Cassin's Kingbird forms notable ag - gregations in the Nebraska Panhandle during fall, but 114 in se. Banner 24 Aug (JGJ) consti - tuted a record high count. A Bell's Vireo in Thomas, NE 23 Sep (JGJ) was tardy at that northern location. Another Regional west-edge migrant is Cassin's Vireo; 5 were reported, 4 in the Nebraska Panhandle 24 Aug-13 Sep (fide WRS) and one in Morton, KS 13 Sep (JM, MR, RP). Three Plumbeous Vireos were banded in Dawes, NE 22-23 Sep (JL) and one was in Scotts Bluff 30 Sep (HG). Westerly Philadelphia Vireos were in Reno, KS 19 Sep (JMi) and Morton, KS 8 Oct (DW). Tardy Warbling Vireos were in Douglas, NE 8 Oct (JR), Merrick, NE 10 Oct (LR, RH), and Logan, OK 4 Oct (ZP). Two Red-eyed Vireos were tardy in Richardson, NE 12 Oct (KK). Given the woes of Black-billed Magpie in Nebraska during recent years, a flight of 32 "migrating" in Dawes 2 Oct (CG) was encour - aging. The occurrence of Common Ravens in Morton, KS has recently been documented; one was calling overhead there 13 Sep (MR, RP). A mind-boggling 200,000 Purple Mar - tins were in Tulsa, OK 20 Aug (TH). Linger- ing Tree Swallows were 3 in Nemaha, KS 30 Oct (DM), 2 in Neosho, KS the same day (AB), and one at Red Slough 5 Nov (DA). Similarly, a Bank Swallow was tardy in Payne, OK 4 Oct (SL). Cave Swallows continued penetrating sw. Oklahoma in increasing numbers this season with 75 in Tillman, OK 25 Sep (JAG); in other and one was tardy in Payne, OK 23-26 Oct (TO). Black-chinned Hummingbird is ex - panding its summer range northward on the western Great Plains; this season, two were at Finney, KS feeders 3 Oct (T&SS), and a male and possible fem. were in Logan, OK 10 Aug (ZP). Perhaps more unexpectedly, was a Black- chinned Hummingbird in Douglas, NE 21-23 Aug (JR). Only two Calliope Hummingbirds were reported in Scotts Bluff, NE 16-17 Aug (KD) and an imm. fem. was at a Haskell, KS feeder 11 Sep (MR, RP). Only two Broad-tailed Hummingbirds were reported, a fem. in Scotts Bluff 9-11 Aug (KD) and a fem./imm. at a Mc - Conaughy feeder 28 Sep-4 Oct (J&GB photo). A total of 9 Rufous Hummingbirds were re - ported from western parts of all three states in the Region from July through 2 Sep (fide WRS, CO, JAG), with one rather late in Oklahoma 19-22 Nov (TU, DMc) and an easterly bird in Latimer, OK 1-3 Aug (AG). Early Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers were in Lancaster, NE 31 Aug (JSS) and Okmulgee, OK 20 Sep (ND, KW). Wandering to the east, was a Ladder-backed Woodpecker in Major, OK 4 Aug (LM). An impressive record fall count of 270 Northern Flickers was made over Omaha, Douglas, NE 7 Oct (JR). Crested Caracaras oc - casionally cross the Red River into s. Oklaho- ma; one bird did this and was located at Red Slough 15 Oct (DA). FLYCATCHERS THROUGH LONGSPURS An Eastern Wood-Pewee was feeding a juv. on the rather late date of 12 Sep (SSc) in Lancast - er, NE. Another bird at Red Slough 5 Oct (DA, BH) was tardy. An Empidonax flycatcher iden - tified as a Yellow-bellied Flycatcher 22 Oct in Omaha, Douglas (JR), may have actually been a "Western" Flycatcher; this was unresolved by Nebraska Ornithologists' Union Records Committee. Fall dates for Alder Flycatcher at Red Slough spanned the typical window, 4 Aug-21 Sep (DA, MP). A Willow Flycatcher was tardy at Red Slough 5 Oct (DA, BH), as was a calling Least Flycatcher in Sarpy, NE 1 Oct (EB). Hammond's Flycatcher is a regular but rare fall migrant on the western edge of the Region; singles were in Sioux, NE 6 Sep (MW) and Kimball, NE 7 Sep (MW, JR, BHe). Farther afield was a Hammond's in Haskell, KS 11 Sep (MR, RP). Dusky Flycatcher shows a similar pattern of occurrence; this season, two were netted in Scotts Bluff NE 2 Sep (HG) and 4 Sep (JL) with another individual in Morton, KS 13 Sep (MR, RP). Cordilleran Flycatcher was reported from known breeding locations on the Nebraska Pine Ridge 28 Aug-7 Sep (fide WRS). Two Say's Phoebes were easterly in Knox, NE 17 Sep (RD). A true vagrant east - ward was a Vermilion Flycatcher in Neosho, were found in Lancaster, NE 18-25 Aug (juv. LE, MW, RS) and in Tulsa, OK 4 Aug (SL). An ad. California Gull was easterly in Harlan, NE 24 Oct (MB, TJW, m. ob.); the few additional reports were, as expected, from McConaughy, where 1-6 were present 4 Sep-18 Oct (fide WRS). Only one Thayer's Gull was noted for the period; a first-winter bird in Douglas, NE 21 Nov (JR). Increasing in frequency of report - ing, 8 Lesser Black-backed Gulls were found in the Region 12 Sep-30 Oct (fide WRS, CO, JAG). A Common Tern was found in Harlan, NE 24 Oct (late; TJW, MB), with 5 at 5 ad - ditional Nebraska locations 22-27 Sep (fide WRS), one in Tulsa, OK 4 Aug (SL), and 1-2 in Alfalfa, OK 8-18 Sep (SM, GH). The 600 Forster's Terns in Wagoner, OK 8 Oct (JWA) made for an excellent count. The northward expansion of Inca Doves in the Region had contracted after a hard cold spell in 2011; they are now slowly expand - ing again with singles being found this season north to Cleveland, OK 6 Oct (RW) and Okla - homa, OK 21 Aug (JTa). A Common Ground- Dove in Shawnee, KS 24 Oct (RH, photo) was about the 20th for the state. Black-billed Cuckoos, rare in the Region, were in Thurston, NE 26 Sep (MB, SQ) and Ellsworth, KS 2 Oct (DK). The only Snowy Owl reported this sea - son was a heavily-marked juv. in Polk, NE 30 Nov (KSL photo, fide MB). The Northern Saw- whet Owls in s. Scotts Bluff, NE continue; one was heard 19 Sep, and a two-year-old fem. was netted 20 & 27 Sep (HG, JL). Rather late was a Chuck-will's-widow calling in Douglas, KS 24 Sep (ZA). Ruby-throated Hummingbirds were found surprisingly far west, in addition to being tardy; an ad. fem. was in a Scotts Bluff yard 2 Sep (KD), one was in Finney, KS 3 Oct (T&SS), Likely a post-breeding disperser from more eastern locales, this immature male Pine Warbler was found in Morton County, far southwestern Kansas on 8 October 2015. This bird was part of a scattered movement of this species westward from more south-central Regional locations. Photo by © David Wiggins. A surprise was this Lark Bunting found 29 August 2015 in Canadian County, central Oklahoma. This species shows great fluctuations in populations, and was at a low this year, showing a westerly distribution in the Region this year. Photo by © Patricia Velte.

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