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VOLUME 70 NO1 2017

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 74 P R A I R I E P R O V I N C E S Luterbach, Annie MacPherson, Kim Mann, Donna Martin, Chris Meiklejohn, Ken Orich, Robert Parsons, Jeanette Piepers, Mike Pot- ter, Colton Prins, Gerald Romanchuk, Nick Saunders, Lorne Scott, Darlene Shymkiw, Andrew Slater, Dave Smith (DSm), Joanne Smith, Jo Swartz, Cornel, Josiah, Mathew and William Van Egmond, Don Weidl, Blake Weis, S. Wengel, Ray Wershler, Kim Wetten, Randy Woods (RWo); Friends of Fish Creek Provincial Park, Nature Calgary, Nature Manitoba, Saskatoon Nature Society. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Rudolf F. Koes, 135 Rossmere Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2K 0G1 • Peter Taylor, P.O. Box 597, Pinawa, Manitoba R0E 1L0 • represent Manitoba's first, long-overdue re- cord. Good finds were single Gray-crowned Rosy-Finches at Hodgson, MB 18 Nov (DSm) and at Broadview, SK 23 Nov (DW). Pine Grosbeaks arrived in good numbers in s. Manitoba, but other "winter finches" were generally scarce. Observers (provincial compilers in bold- face) and societies: Christian Artuso, Don Auten, Luc Blanchette, Colin Blyth, Carrie Braden (CBr), David Brophy, Jared Clarke, Ian Cruickshank, Doug Dolman, Mary Ann Dudragne, Brian Elder, Andrew Hart, Vitalii Khustochka, Richard Klauke, Steve Knight, Buffy & Colin Knill, Rudolf Koes (RKo), Ter- ry Korolyk, Greg Krätzig, John Latour, Bob AB 4-30 Oct (F. F. C. P. P., m.ob.) was about the 9th for the province, and a tardy male Hooded Warbler was nicely photographed at Winnipeg 25 October (MA). Alberta and Manitoba had 3 Black-throated Blue War- blers each: in the Whiteshell P.P., MB area 25 and 29 Aug (LB), and at Winnipeg 24 Sep (RWo, CM), Elkwater, AB 23 Sep (CP et al.), Cochrane, AB 5-6 Oct (JL), and Leth- bridge, AB 7 Oct (DD). A Townsend's War- bler, seen briefly at Saskatoon 25 Aug, was rare (NS). A late Vesper Sparrow was seen at Indian Head, SK 29 Nov (LS, fide JC). An oriole, generally believed to have been a Bullock's Oriole, frequented a Gimli feeder 17 Nov–6 Dec (DM, m.ob., ph.). If accepted, it would Charles Mix, SD 23 Aug (ND). Likely a rare summering bird, a Rough-legged Hawk was in McKenzie, ND 6-8 Aug (MO). Cranes made a late showing in North Dakota with 5500 still in McHenry 6 Nov (REM). Whoop- ing Cranes were also late in North Dakota with most going over in Nov. Among several larger-than-usual groups was a flock of 19 in Ward 7 Nov (TP). The first record for Montana and the Region, a Purple Sandpiper was photo- graphed at Freezout L. 12 Nov (ST, BM). Late peeps in the Dakotas included a Least Sandpiper in Minnehaha, SD 7 Nov (MKZ, CA) and a Baird's Sandpiper in Ward, ND 16 Nov (REM). A Long-billed Dowitcher was very late in Clay, SD 30 Nov (DS). The ninth report for North Dakota, a Long-tailed Jae- ger was in Grand Forks 23 Sep (DOL, JJA). Ten Sabine's Gull reports from the Region included an adult among 3 individuals at Freezout L., MT 27 Sep (MS). The lone Little Gull report was from Lyman, SD 20 Nov (SS). Mew Gulls were at Garrison Dam, ND 31 Oct–11 Nov (REM, CDE, ESR) and in Ly- man SD 20 Nov (SS). The lone Black-legged Kittiwake report was logged at Bynum Res., MT 16 Nov (CH). A late Common Tern was in Gregory, SD 21 Oct (RM). The second re- cord for South Dakota, an Ancient Murrelet was in Kingsbury 24 Oct (JSP). OWLS THROUGH RAVENS Unusual in Walsh, ND, a Barred Owl was in Grafton 29 Oct (AT). A White-throat- ed Swift was late 5 Oct in Pennington, SD (CLG). The fifth record for South Dakota, an Anna's Hummingbird was in Codington ning two counties 25 Oct–24 Nov. Five White-winged Scoters were seen in North Dakota 23 Oct–17 Nov. Only 2 Black Scoters were reported: singles at Fort Peck, MT 6 Nov (CC) and in Yankton, SD 24 Nov (DS). Among the few but ex- pected Long-tailed Duck reports was a nice peak of 7 in Douglas, SD 21 Nov (KP). Very rare in the Dakotas, a Barrow's Goldeneye was in Benson, ND 29 Nov (REM, DKD). A Red- breasted Merganser was early in Yankton, SD 19 Sep (CA, SC). A peak of 30 Red-breasted Mergansers in Grand Forks 18 Nov was a high number for any season in North Dakota (DOL). Pacific Loons were found in North Dakota at L. Audubon 30 Oct (SDL) and at Bow- man-Haley Res. 7 Nov (REM, CDE). An ad- ditional report in South Dakota detailed an individual in Butte 22 Nov (ND). A Yellow- billed Loon was in Gregory 13 Nov (RM), representing the fourth record for South Dakota. Horned Grebes were early to arrive in South Dakota, in Minnehaha 23 Aug (DC) and in Hughes 30 Aug (DB). A tardy Red- necked Grebe lingered at L. Audubon, ND 28 Nov (ESR). HERONS THROUGH TERNS Northwest of their range in North Dakota, a Green Heron was in Ward 23 Sep (REM). Tardy for South Dakota, a Green Heron was in Lincoln 6 Nov (MKZ). The only Glossy Ibis report was of a single in Nelson, ND 1 Aug (DEH). Northern Goshawk reports were few, but an early bird was notable in Ron Martin –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T emperatures were well above average in North Dakota. The most extreme example was Grand Forks, North Da- kota, a full eight degrees above average in November. Water areas stayed open past mid-November, and waterfowl remained late in numbers. Northwestern North Dako- ta had precipitation well above average, but southeastern North Dakota was dry. A Long-tailed Jaeger was seen in North Dakota, and the state had its second modern nesting of Trumpeter Swan. A Purple Sand - piper provided a first record for Montana. South Dakota produced its first Kiskadee Flycatcher and Cassin's Vireo, and second record for Ancient Murrelet. GEESE THROUGH GREBES Snow Goose migration was late with 200,000+ birds still at each of several loca- tions in c. North Dakota in mid-Nov. A pair of Trumpeter Swans with 6 cygnets was photographed 2 Sep in Benson, ND (MS). Eleven Surf Scoters were noted among seven North Dakota reports 16 Oct–22 Nov. South Dakota had four Surf Scoter reports span - Northern Great Plains

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