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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 71 N O R T H E R N C A N A D A & G R E E N L A N D Nu recorded 1000 Northern Fulmars 19 Aug (KG, WM). A count of 12 Parasitic Jaegers was recorded at Lynx L., NWT 17 Aug (MB). An impressive 1000 Dovekies were seen on Davis Strait off Buchan Fjord, Nu 15 Aug; and 5000 Thick-billed Murres were at Prince Leopold I., Nu 19 Aug (KG, WM). Thick-billed Murre is rare in the s. Beaufort; a total of 12 flew past Herschel I. 10-16 Aug (ph. CE). A total of 500 Thick-billed Murres was notched at Cape Hay, Bylot I., Nu 24 Aug (JH). Monitoring of the Black Guillemot colony at Herschel I., n. Yukon recorded a high count of 31 adults, with seven nests producing just 12 young (CE). A total of 100 Atlantic Puffins was tallied from Kangerlus - suaq to Amassalik, Gr 9 Aug (JB). GULLS THROUGH LONGSPURS The season's high count of 1,500 Black-legged Kittiwakes was recorded at Prince Leopold I., Nu 19 Aug (KG, WM). Two Ivory and 5 Sa - bine's gulls were seen 50km se. of Pond Inlet, Nu 15 Aug (KG, WM). Observers at Charleton I., Nu recorded 298 Bonaparte's Gulls 21 Aug (TC, CJ, MAM, GSa). Ten Thayer's Gulls were at Crocker Bay, Devon I., Nu 31 Aug (CG). Thay - er's Gull is not well known in sw. NWT on fall migration; this season one was at Ft. Simpson 2 Sept, and 4 were at Flat Lakes 30 Sept (DT). The only Iceland Gull report of the season was one at Digges I., Nu 8 Aug (GSo). Fifty Common Terns lingered at Hay R., NWT 12 Aug (DB). A Eurasian Collared-Dove, a first for NWT, was at Ft. Simpson 8 Oct (ph. DT, DB); no doubt there are more to come! A noteworthy count of 4 Snowy Owls was recorded w. of Dawson, cen. Yukon 17 Oct (MS). A feeding concentra - tion of 40 Common Nighthawks was noticed at Liard River Crossing, NWT 4 Aug (DB). Rare in Nunavut was a Belted Kingfisher at Chaleton I. 23 Aug (ABL, TC, BL, MAM). A migration count of 37 American Kestrels was recorded at Teslin L., s. Yukon 2 Sept (JJ). Two Gyrfalcons were at Digges I., Nu 8 Aug (GSo). Teslin Lake Bird Observatory, s. Yukon recorded high num - bers of Alder Flycatchers with peak counts of 87 on 25 Aug and 85 on 27 Aug (JJ, JAB). Blue- headed Vireo is fairly scarce in fall in NWT; one was at Niven L., Yellowknife 11 Aug (DT). Ever-growing numbers of American Crows in the Northwest saw counts of 42 at Ft. Simpson, NWT 11 Sept (DB), and 35 at Watson Lake, se. Yukon 19 Sept (SD). An unidentified Chaetura swift was photographed as it flew past Teslin L., s. Yukon 28 Aug (ph. JJ, JAB). A total of 13 Barn Swallows was found at Hay River, NWT 12 Aug (DB). A Brown Creeper, rare in s. Yukon, was seen at Whitehorse 18 Oct (KA). The islands of southern James Bay, Nunavut are home to many southern species not found elsewhere in the territory, such as 3 Golden-crowned and 5 Ruby-crowned kinglets, 1 Magnolia Warbler, 8 White-throated Sparrows, and 36 Red-winged Blackbirds at Charleton I. 23 Aug (TC, CJ, BL, MAM, GSa). Three Northern Wheatears were at Iqaluit, Nu 6 Aug (DJLB), while 5 were at Kangerlussuaq, Gr 18 Aug (JH). A total of 1652 American Robins along with 271 Varied Thrushes, and 1,193 unidentified thrushes flew past Teslin L., s. Yukon 23-26 Sept (JJ). American Robin migration was noted at Ft. Simpson, NWT with a count of 60 on 21 Sept (DB). A Gray Catbird, rare in NWT, was at Ft. Simpson 24 Oct (ph. DT). A long-staying juv. Red-throated Pipit was seen daily at Whitehorse, s. Yukon 17-24 Sept (ph. CE, BD). A juv. Smith's Longspur, seldom seen in fall, was at Herschel I., n. Yu - kon 19 Aug (CE). WARBLERS THROUGH FINCHES A rush of warblers along the Kam L. Rd, Yellowknife, NWT produced 12 Palm and 25 Or - ange-crowned 9 Aug (RH). A Palm Warbler, remarkably the first documented for s. Yukon, was seen briefly at Whitehorse 22 Sept (ph. CE, BD). Rarer still, the Yukon's first Blackburnian Warbler was banded at Teslin L. 15 Sept (JJ, TMK). American Tree Sparrows and Dark-eyed Juncos turned up in high numbers with counts of 300 and 250 respectively at Whitehorse 26 Sept (CE), along with 240 and 200 respectively at Carcross 27 Sept (BD, CE). A Clay-colored Sparrow was at Ft. Simpson, NWT 11 &18 Sept (DB); another was at Lynx L., NWT 18 Aug (MB). A Vesper Sparrow, casual in NWT, was at Ft. Simpson 10 Sept (ph. DT). Nelson's Sparrow is rare and localized in NWT; one was at Caen L. 11 Aug (DT). An Indigo Bunting, the second for NWT, was an incredible find at Ft. Simpson 20 Oct (ph. DT). An impressive 70 Harris's Sparrows were reported from Lynx L., NWT 16 Aug (MB). A count of 150 White- crowned Sparrows was recorded at Mary L., s. Yukon 2 Sept (TA). High counts of Rusty Black - birds included 150 Rusty Blackbirds compris- ing several flocks was along the Mackenzie R., NWT 23 Sept (JS); and one flock of 140 at the Whitehorse, s. Yukon sewage ponds 19 Sept (CE). A flock of 40 Gray-crowned Rosy- Finches was well seen at Watson Lake airport 24 Sept (SD). A sizeable flock of 350 Common Redpolls was at Yellowknife, NWT 4 Oct (JFJ). Observers (subregional editors in boldface): Katie Aitken, Tracy Allard, Julie-ann Bauer, Jennifer Black, Aurlie Borbeau-Lemieux, David Britton, Mike Bryan, Ted Cheskey, Boris Do - browolsky, Susan Drury, Cameron Eckert (Yu- kon), Christophe Gouraud, Krista Gridley, Reid Hildebrandt, Jeffrey House, Jukka Jantunen, Jean-Francois Jette, Clayton Joly, Clare Kines (Nunavut), Travis Kines, Myles Lamont, Don- Jean Landri-Breton, Brian Lewis, Marc-Antoine Montpetit, Whitney Mortimer, Gary Salt (GSa), Pam Sinclair, Graham Sorenson (GSo), Mike Suitor, Josh Sullivan, Douglas Tate (NWT), Shyloh van Delft, Charlotte Wasylik. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Cameron D. Eckert, 1402 Elm Street, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 4B6 • The second Indigo Bunting for Northwest Territories was nicely documented at Ft. Simpson 20 October 2015. Photo by © Doug Tate. This juvenile Red-throated Pipit in Whitehorse 17–24 (here 22) Sept 2015 established the second documented fall record for southern Yukon. Photo by © Cameron Eckert. The highlight of the season was the Yukon's first Blackburnian Warbler 15 September 2015 at Teslin Lake Bird Observatory. Photo by © Jukka Jantunen.

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