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VOLUME 70 NO1 2017

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 70 A R K A N S A S & LO U I S I A N A Stout, Claire Thomas, Rick Taylor (RTa), Ryan Terrill (RTe), Danny Townsend, Rhon- da Townsend, Jeff Trahan, Nitya Vittal, Da- vid Whipple, Carrina Williams (CWi), Casey Wright, Lizette Wroten, Pat Zimmerman. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Paul Conover, 501 Adrienne Street, Lafayette, Louisiana 70506 • Kenny Nichols, 44 Winners Circle, Cabot, Arkansas 72023 • los McCauley (DMc), Gail Miller, Charles Mills, David P. Muth, Joe Neal, Nancy L. Newfield, Kenny Nichols (Arkansas), La- Donna Nichols, Dan O'Malley, Steve Pa- gans, Gaynell Perry, Mitchell Pruitt, Janine Robin, Doug Raybuck, J. V. Remsen, Virginia Reynolds, Dan Scheiman, Samantha Schei- man, Steve Shively (SSh), Glenda Sims, Jer- emy Sims (JSi), Michael Sims, Robert Smith (RSm), Melyssa St. Michael, Jay Stout, Roy ler, Martin Campbell, David Chapman, Paul E. Conover (Louisiana), Steven W. Cardiff, Richard Crowell, Donna L. Dittmann, Lau- rie Dugan, Keith Franklin, Lillian Franklin, Matt Gideon, Mary Harris, Keith Hawkins (KHa), Jay Hitchcock, Karen Holiday (KHo), Loren Holloway, Erik I. Johnson, Dave Lar- son, Ed Laster, Michael LeRay, Michael Linz, Kendell Lloyd, Charles Lyon, Mike Martin, Daniel Mason (DMa), Zipporah Mason, De- Cameron D. Eckert –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T his season brought interesting sightings throughout the region, with noteworthy rarities in the Yukon and Northwest Ter - ritories, and impressive counts from Nunavut and Greenland. I would like to take this oppor - tunity to recognize and thank Douglas Tate for his exceptional dedication and contributions for many years. He has served as sub-regional edi - tor for Northwest Territories and has also found many of his own incredible rarities over the years! Doug, we'll wish you happy travels as you head east, though we know where to find you to continue to tap your knowledge of NWT birds. WATERFOWL THROUGH LOONS A flight of 6,686 Greater White-fronted Geese was tallied at Teslin L., 28 Aug (JJ), and a flock of 740 Greater White-fronted Geese was at Ft. Simpson, NWT 2 Sept (DT). A flock of 40 Pink- footed Geese was seen at J. C. Jacobsen Fjord, Gr 4 Aug (JB). A lone Brant was unexpected at Ft. Simpson, NWT 20 Sept (DB, DT). A Whooper Swan was reported from Ryberg Fjord, Gr 2 Aug (JB). A Wood Duck, rare in Nunavut, was at Charleton I. 23 Aug (ABL, TD, GJ, BL, MAM, GSa). The season's high counts of 400 Ameri - can Black Ducks 24 Aug, along with 500 Black and 3000 Surf scoters on 23 Aug, were both re - corded at Charleton I., Nu (ABL, TC, BL, MAM). The season's high count of 255 Bufflehead was recorded at Lewes Marsh, s. Yukon 13 Oct (TA). Seaduck counts at Herschel I., n. Yukon includ - ed totals of 995 King Eiders flying w. 10-18 Aug, and 500 Long-tailed Ducks at Orca Cove 13 Aug (CE). A count of 23 King Eiders at the Marcil L. 6 Sep (CK, TK) was Nunavut's high count of the season. A trek up Montana Mt., s. Yukon pro - duced 169 Willow Ptarmigan 27 Sept (BD, CE, SVD, PS). Twenty-five Red-throated Loons were at Pond Inlet, Nu 4 Aug (DJLB). Four Yellow- billed Loons were at De Salis Bay, and 2 were at Jesse Harbour, NWT 8 Sept (CG). RAPTORS THROUGH ALCIDS A remarkable 108 Swainson's Hawks were tal- lied from Teslin L., s. Yukon 28 Aug to 3 Sept (JJ, et al), while a single was noted at White - horse, s. Yukon 30 Sept (ph. CE, SVD). A count of 38 American Coots was secured at Caen L., NWT 11 Aug (DT). Reports of Sandhill Cranes included a flock of 85 at Ft. Simpson airport 12 Aug (DT), and 40 at Kugluktuk, Nu 5 Sept (ML). American Golden-Plover can be a scarce fall migrant, therefore a count of 80 at Herschel I., n. Yukon 15 Aug (CE) was notable. Pacific Golden-Plover is casual in fall in s. Yukon; 1-2 juvs were at Whitehorse 19-22 Sept (ph. CE, BD). A Common Ringed Plover was reported from Pond Inlet, Nu 4 Aug (DJLB). At Charleton I., Nu, a sampling of shorebird counts includ - ed 342 Least, 4000 Semipalmated, and 6000 White-rumped sandpipers 21 Aug; 137 Black- bellied Plovers, 108 Semipalmated Plovers, 37 Hudsonian Godwits, and 31 Baird's Sandpipers 22 Aug; 50 Red Knots, 100 Ruddy Turnstones, 230 Greater and 146 Lesser yellowlegs 23 Aug (ABL, TC, BL, MAM, GSa). A Hudsonian God - wit, rare on fall migration in s. NWT, was at Fred Henne Park 13 Aug (CW). The Region's only Purple Sandpiper report, just in time for Inter - national Shorebirds Day, detailed one at Marcil L., Nu 6 Sept (CK, TK). A Black Turnstone, casual in the Yukon, touched down at Teslin L. 12 Aug (JJ). A juv. Sharp-tailed Sandpiper was at Whitehorse, s. Yukon 24 Sep (ph. CE). A tally of 24 Baird's Sandpipers was recorded at Provi - dence, NWT 11 Aug (DT). A juv. Red Phalarope, casual in s. Yukon, was seen in Whitehorse 20 Sept (CE, TA). Observers at Prince Leopold I., Northern Canada & Greenland

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