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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 69 A R K A N S A S & LO U I S I A N A GULLS THROUGH MUNIAS An adult Thayer's Gull was rare and early at Rutherford Beach, Cameron, LA 11 Oct (*PEC). A single ad Lesser Black-backed Gull was at Lake Dardanelle, Yell, AR 3 Nov (K&LN). This species is now a winter resident at this location in small numbers. Rare in Arkansas in any season, a Common Ground-Dove was photographed at Wapan - occa NWR, Crittenden 24 Oct (GP, VR, NV). A count of 275 White-winged Doves in Ba - ton Rouge, East Baton Rouge 18 Nov (MB) re- flected the growing abundance of that species in Louisiana. A Black-billed Cuckoo at Dar - danelle, Yell 15 Aug (K&LN) was the season's only report of this rare migrant in Arkansas. A Burrowing Owl was at Fourchon Beach, Fourchon, LA 19 Nov (ph. DO). A successful mist-netting operation at Ozark Natural Sci - ence Center, Madison, AR captured Northern Saw-whet Owls throughout the season, with the highest count being 5 birds captured and 2 additional birds heard 6 Nov (MP, MSM, MC). Rare in fall in Arkansas, there were three Rufous Hummingbird reports: an ad male photographed near Hattieville, Conway 16 Aug (LF, KF, PZ, GM ph.), one in Alexan - der, Saline 28 Oct (RT, DT), and one in Little Rock, Pulaski 15 Nov (RS). A Ringed King - fisher was at Lake Martin, St. Martin from at least early August through the end of the period; this individual is believed to be a re - turning bird that provided Louisiana's second state record the winter before (KB, EIJ, DO). A Red-headed Woodpecker at Fort Jack- son, Plaquemines, LA on 2 Oct was one of few records for this peninsular coastal parish (DO). A female Red-naped Sapsucker, Lou- isiana's third record, was a one-day wonder 1 Nov near Johnsons Bayou, Cameron (ph. CWi, ph. PEC). Less than annual, a "red- shafted" Northern Flicker was identified in Siloam Springs, Benton, AR 12 Oct (DMa, ZM). A Peregrine Falcon was near Center- ton, Benton, AR 3 Oct (DC, JN). An Eastern Wood-Pewee was late near Cameron, Cameron, LA 22 Nov (DPM et al.). Rare in fall in Arkansas, a calling Yellow-bel - lied Flycatcher was discovered at Millwood Lake, Hempstead 30 Aug (CL, JT). Amaz - ingly, two Pacific-slope Flycatchers were located in the same yard on 20 Oct near St. Gabriel, Iberville, LA (both DLD, *SWC). A Western Flycatcher was photographed 22 Sep at Grand Isle, Jefferson, LA (DLD, SWC). A Tropical/Couch's kingbird was at Jefferson Park, Jefferson, LA 26 Nov (EIJ et al.). Three Bell's Vireos were reported in Louisiana, near Johnsons Bayou, Cameron, 29 Aug and 7 Sep (both ph. PEC) and at Peveto Woods, Cam - eron, 13 Sep (ph. DO). Rare in southeastern Louisiana, a Warbling Vireo was at Metairie, Jefferson, 31 Aug (NLN). Rare but regular enough at the location that reports have be - come neglected, a Black-whiskered Vireo was at Grand Isle, Jefferson, LA 12 Sep (DPM). An incredible 40,000 Purple Martins were counted at a roost in Little Rock, Pulaski, AR 3 Aug (JB). A coastal movement of swal - lows on 19 Nov at Elmer's Island, Jefferson, LA included two late Bank Swallows (DLD, SWC). Rare in Arkansas but steadily increas - ing, three Cave Swallows were found in rural Miller 16 Aug (CM). A sin - gle Red-breasted Nuthatch was near Hector, Pope, AR 11 Oct (LA) and as many as three were at Dardanelle, Yell, AR 7 Oct through the end of the season (K&LN). Rare and declin - ing in Arkansas, a transient Bewick's Wren was observed near Hector, Pope 8 Oct (LA). A Gray-cheeked Thrush at Grand Isle, Jefferson, LA 14 Nov was exceptionally late (ph. MB et al.). A late Louisiana Waterthrush was at D'Arbonne NWR, Union, LA 20 Sep (ph. SP). A very late Prothono- tary Warbler was observed foraging aboard a seismic survey vessel in the Gulf of Mexico about 60 mi off Ter- rebonne, LA 2 Nov (ph. LD). A pair of Tennessee Warblers at Craighead Forest Park, Craighead, AR 4 Nov (DR) were late by nearly a month. Rare in southeastern Louisiana, a Mourning Warbler was at Grand Isle, Jeffer- son, 12 Sep (DPM), and another was at City Park, New Orleans, Orleans, 13 Sep (DPM, JR. CT). Rare in southeastern Louisiana in fall, a Cape May Warbler was at Grand Isle, Jefferson 3 Oct (CW). The only Blackpoll Warbler reported for Louisiana was at Grand Isle, Jefferson, 22 Sep (ph. DLD, SWC). A Palm Warbler was at Woolsey Wet Prairie, Washington, AR 23 Nov (MP, KL). A Pine Warbler was early well south of its breeding range at Grand Isle, Jefferson, LA 22 Sep (ph. DLD, SWC). A female Black-throated Gray Warbler was at City Park, New Orleans, Or- leans, LA 28 Sep (DPM). Henslow's Sparrow is rarely recorded in the sw. Louisiana rice country; one was near Thornwell, Jefferson Davis, 5 Nov (DL, ph. DLD, SWC). Early sparrows in Louisiana in- cluded a Fox Sparrow at D'Arbonne NWR, Union, 17 Oct (ph. SP), and a Lincoln's Spar- row at Metairie, Jefferson, LA 13 Sep (ph. DW). A Black-headed Grosbeak was at Pe- veto Woods, Cameron, LA 28-31 Oct (MB et al). Early and wayward, a Yellow-headed Blackbird made a brief visit to a boat about 60 mi off the coast of Terrebonne, LA 28 Aug (LD). From one to three Bullock's Orioles were at one New Orleans, Orleans, LA resi- dence 5-30 Oct (ph. LW), while another bird was at another residence in the same city 10 Oct and 11 Nov (DPM). Two Tricolored Mu- nias were documented 7 Aug in Chauvin, Terrebonne (ph. MLe). Observers (subregional editors in bold- face): Leif Anderson, Katie Barnes, Dottie Boyles, Matt Brady, Will Britton, Jerry But- Louisiana's third Red-naped Sapsucker was a great find by an out-of-state birder at Peveto Woods, Cameron Parish, on 1 November. Photo by © Carrina Williams. While two Western Flycatchers were identified as Pacific-slope Fly- catchers in Louisiana during the season, this member of the complex at Grand Isle, Jefferson Parish, 22 September could only be narrowed down to Pacific-slope/Cordilleran Flycatcher. Photo by © Donna L. Dittmann.

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