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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 67 A L A B A M A & M I S S I S S I P P I (JH, JFH). Tying a M.R. fall high count, 12 Rusty Blackbirds were found 22 Nov at Birmingham (RSD). The 9040 Common Grackles at Montgomery 19 Nov (LFG) ex - ceeded the previous Alabama autumn high, and 2000 birds at Wheeler 27 Nov (CDC) gave the T.V. a new fall maximum. The top fall count for Alabama, 5000 Brown-headed Cowbirds were noted s. Baldwin 6 Nov (TF). An ad. male Orchard Oriole in Limestone 13 Sep (CG) gave inland Alabama a late depar - ture date. Earliest for the M.R., other than at rare breeding sites, a Baltimore Oriole was spotted 16 Aug at Birmingham (RSD). A Pine Siskin in Oktibbeha, MS 8 Oct (TLS) was well earlier than previous local records. Four American Goldfinches in Mobile 14 Aug (RJK, RLK) provided the G.C. with a new ar - rival date, and 17 at Dauphin 14 Nov (CW, KH, TP) set a G.C. maximum for fall. Cited observers (subregional editors in boldface): Alabama Ornithological Society, Jane C. Allen, Margie Anderton, Larry Bar - key, Fred Bassett, Birmingham Audubon Society, Pete Blank, Charles Boley, Danner Bradshaw, Michael Buntin, Eric Carter (ECa), Bala Chennupati, Karen Chiasson, John Cole, C. Dwight Cooley, Margaret Copeland, Eric Cormier (Eco), Holly Cox, Ellen Crotty, Randy Crouse, Robert P. Daly, Jonathan Dree - lin, Robert A. Duncan, Lucy R. Duncan, R. Scot Duncan, Jon L. Dunn, Erik Enbody, Ted Floyd, Keith Fraser, George Fuller, Lawrence F. Gardella, Ben C. Garmon, Jeff T. Garner, Chris Goulart (CGo), Chuck Graham, Ol - ivia Graves, Charles H. Grisham, Andrew Haffenden (AHf), R. Stan Hamilton, Kristo - pher Harmon, J. Milton Harris, Amber Hart, Geoff E. Hill, Jason Hoeksema (JHk), James F. Holmes, Jim Holmes, Howard E. Horne, Shane Hunt, Greg D. Jackson (Alabama), Odis H. Johnson, Brian Johnston, Michael J. Jordan, Rick L. Kittinger, Ron J. Kittinger, Paul Mack, John Marvin, Rodney McCollum, Steve W. McConnell, Don McKee, Anne G. Miller, Sharon Milligan, Sue R. Moske, Jan - ice Neitzel, Robert O'Connell, John Old- shue, Erin Parker, Diane & Jim Patterson, Wayne R. Patterson, Tyler Petroelje, Richard Prentki, Rick Remy, Thomas V. Ress, J. R. Rigby, Kate & Porter Roberts, Patsy Russo, Michael Sandoz, Thomas W. Savage, Terence L. Schiefer (Mississippi), Don & Judy Self, Maureen Shafer (MSh), Damien J. Simbeck, Elizabeth Simison, Eric C. Soehren, Brody J. Thomason, John A. Trent, Clay Wilton, Deb Zdneck. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Greg D. Jackson, 2220 Baneberry Drive, Birmingham, Alabama 35244 • ph., acc.). The 4 Black-throated Green War- blers in Russell 28 Oct (JH) gave the I.C.P. a fall maximum. Latest on record for the T.V., a Canada Warbler was noted 9 Oct in Madison (CB). SPARROWS THROUGH FINCHES A tally of 43 Eastern Towhees during the Wheeler area count 26 Sep represented a T.V. fall maximum, and 30 Chipping Sparrows in Mobile 28 Nov (ES) provided the G.C. with the same. Occasional inland, a Clay- colored Sparrow was unexpected 29 Oct in Chambers, AL (JH). The 92 Field Sparrows in Cullman 23 Nov (ECo) tied the M.R. fall high count. Rare in the M.R., a Lark Spar - row was observed 15 Aug in Chambers (ph. RM). Occasional inland, and only the third record locally, a Nelson's Sparrow was a great find in Clay, MS 5 Nov (TLS). Ten Song Sparrows in s. Mobile 29 Nov (CG) yielded a G.C. fall maximum. Tying the high count for the T.V., 4 Lincoln's Sparrows were found 26 Sep in Madison (CB). Fifteen Dark-eyed Juncos in Tuscaloosa 26 Nov (CA) set an I.C.P. autumn maximum. Western Tanager is only occasionally found through inland Alabama. One described in Covington 9 Sep (TWS) was the second for the I.C.P., and the fifth for the M.R. was in Hoover, Jefferson 29 Nov–20 Dec (ph. ECa). Tying the I.C.P. fall high count was the 14 Blue Grosbeaks that were observed in Barbour 13 Sep (RJK). One in Limestone 24 Oct (SRM) gave the T.V. a new departure date, while the individual in Oktibbeha, MS 29 Oct (TLS) was the latest on record for that area, and another at Bir - mingham 7 Nov (RSD) denoted a late date for inland Alabama. Furnishing a n. Alabama fall max, 390 Indigo Buntings were tallied 26 Sep during the Wheeler area count. Rare and local in the I.C.P. during summer, and not at an expected site, a male Painted Bunting was in Russell 29 Aug (JH). Uncommon in the Region during autumn, 30 Bobolinks at Wheeler 26 Sep (CDC et al.) furnished a fall high count for n. Alabama, while a single bird at Birmingham 24 Oct (RSD) was the latest for n. Alabama. A fall maximum for the T.V., 70 Eastern Meadowlarks were counted 1 Aug and 24 Oct in Madison (both CB). Rare but now expected during fall in the G.C., Yellow-headed Blackbirds were reported multiple times in Baldwin: 13 Oct at Ft. Morgan (MSh et al.) and 29 Oct near Bellaton (KC), with 2 observed 27 Nov s. of Magnolia Springs I.C.P. maximum. A Blackburnian Warbler at Montgomery 16 Aug (LFG) was the earliest for the I.C.P., while a new arrival date for the T.V. was es - tablished by a Chestnut-sided Warbler in Madison 18 Aug (SRM). There were five re - ports of Black-throated Blue Warbler from inland Alabama, where rare. Of even greater interest were two particular individuals: one, only occasional in the I.C.P., at Montgomery 7 Oct (LFG), and another at Birmingham 1 Nov (RSD) that provided a late record for n. Alabama and tied the late inland date. A count of 80 Yellow-rumped Warblers in Madison 11 Nov (CB) gave the T.V. a fall max - imum, while the prior G.C. fall max was ex- ceeded by 78 birds in Mobile 29 Nov (CGo). Four Prairie Warblers in Lauderdale 21 Aug (SRM, JCA) set a fall T.V. maximum; one in Barbour 23 Nov (JH) gave the I.C.P. a late de - parture date, tying that of inland Alabama. Only the 12 th for Alabama and the first since 2001, a Black-throated Gray Warbler was a prize at Dauphin 20-22 Sep (PB, EP, m.ob., A Brown-crested Flycatcher, Alabama's third, was a surprise 9 October at Fort Morgan, Baldwin County. Photo by © Bala Chennupati. Only occasionally recorded inland in Alabama, a Western Tanager was in Hoover, Jefferson County, 29 November–20 December (here 29 November). Photo by © Eric Carter.

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