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VOLUME 70 NO1 2017

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 66 A L A B A M A & M I S S I S S I P P I 29 Nov (CA) set a high G.C. autumn tally. Rare in the G.C., a Lapland Longspur was discovered at Dauphin 14 Nov (TP, KM). The Northern Waterthrush in Lowndes, MS 30 Oct (D&JP) marked a late fall record locally. Scarce pleasures, Brewster's Warblers were found 31 Aug in Madison, AL (ph. CHG) and 2 Sep at Noxubee (TLS). Ramp - ing up the rarity scale, a Lawrence's Warbler, only occasional in the Region, was a surprise in n. Baldwin, AL 19 Sep (MJJ). Six Black- and-white Warblers generated a fall maxi - mum for the I.C.P. in Lee 25 Aug (JD). The Orange-crowned Warbler described 8 Sep in Madison (SRM) represented an early record for Alabama, while the earliest for the I.C.P. was in Macon 17 Sep (ECS). Four Orange- crowneds in Russell (JH, RM) 28 Nov and at Montgomery 29 Nov (LFG) tied the I.C.P. fall high count. Rare in the M.R., the normally- elusive Mourning Warbler was seen repeat - edly 13-19 Sep at Birmingham (RSD, RSH, RR, m.ob., ph. CHG). Another Mourning, only the sixth for the I.C.P., was noted at Montgomery 20 Sep (LFG). Rare during au - tumn in Alabama, Cape May Warblers were observed in Madison 19 Sep (CB), in Barbo - ur 15 Oct (RP), and at Ft. Morgan 24 Oct (ph. BJT). At least 6 Cerulean Warblers in Madison 1 Sep (RJK, RLK) set a new fall T.V. maximum and tied the high tally for inland Alabama during fall. A count of 13 Northern Parulas in Russell 29 Aug (JH) furnished a fall Wheeler area count 26 Sep. Single, rare Bell's Vireos were at different sites at Dauphin 19 Sep (HEH et al.) and 4 Oct (HEH, AHf et al.). Only occa - sional inland, and the fourth for the I.C.P., a Bell's was seen at Montgom - ery 7 Oct (LFG). Alabama's second report of Plumbeous Vireo detailed an individual that was unpredictably far inland at Muscle Shoals, Colbert 14 Oct (DJS, KF, p.a.). The earliest ar - rival for the T.V., a Blue-headed Vireo was in Madison 11 Sep (JMH et al.). There were several Alabama reports of the rare but regular Warbling Vireo, with the most unusual represented by singles in n. Baldwin 5 Sep (MJJ) and at Birmingham 12 & 19 Sep (RSD, JM). The aural equivalent of an allergy clinic, 300 Fish Crows in Mobile 13 Nov (ECS) set a new G.C. fall maximum. Rare in the I.C.P., 3 Horned Larks were found 23 Nov in Russell (JH). Though there are a few Decem - ber records, 2 Tree Swallows found in Russell 22 Nov (JH) furnished a late fall date for the I.C.P. Coating power lines like dew drops, a closely-estimated 1135 Northern Rough- winged Swallows generated an Alabama high count. Occasional in Mississippi, 2 Cave Swallows were studied at Ocean Springs, Jackson 5 Sep (HC, OG, MS, SM, p.a.). Two other Caves, casual in Alabama during fall and representing just the second G.C. occurrence at that season, were noted at Dauphin 27 Oct (AHf). The 150 Barn Swallows in Colbert 6 Aug (DJS) gave n. Alabama a new autumn high count. A new fall maximum for the G.C., 23 Carolina Chickadees were tallied in s. Mobile 29 Nov (CGo). Of several rare, I.C.P. White-breasted Nuthatch reports, most notable were one in Bullock 25 Aug–1 Nov (JAT et al.), up to 4 in cen. Lee 5-23 Sep (RM), and 5 in Russell 3 Oct (JH). Tying an early arrival date for the I.C.P., 4 Swainson's Thrushes were heard 3 Sep at Montgomery (LFG). A T.V. fall maximum, 37 Wood Thrushes were found on the Wheeler area count 26 Sep, and 78 Gray Catbirds record - ed that day were beyond the T.V. top count for any season. Exceeding prior fall I.C.P. counts were 2200 European Starlings in Elmore 26 Sep (RO). Rare but regular in late fall and winter in the G.C., though not at a usual site, a Sprague's Pipit was found 30 Oct at Ft. Morgan (LRD). At least 150 Cedar Waxwings at Wheeler 8 Nov (CB) tied the T.V. fall maximum, and 55 in Mobile 28 Oct (BJ, DM, m.ob., ph., p.a.), and an in- dividual that was at Biloxi, Harrison, MS 31 Oct and 4 Nov (ph. HC, p.a.). Raising the bar considerably, a Brown-crested Flycatcher at Ft. Morgan 9 Oct (AHf, JLD et al., ph. BC, p.a.) provided the third record for Alabama. Latest for the T.V., a Great Crested Flycatcher was found at Wheeler 11 Oct (CDC). At least 14 Scissor-tailed Flycatchers in Madison 21 Aug (RJK, RLK et al.) set a T.V. fall high count. VIREOS THROUGH WARBLERS A new T.V. fall maximum was established by the 49 White-eyed Vireos found during the Long anticipated, Alabama's first White-eared Hummingbird, a stunning adult male, was at Mobile, Mobile County, 7-10 November (here 8 November). Photo by © Fred Bassett. Only the tenth for Mississippi, and uncharacteristically inland, this Say's Phoebe was discovered in Quitman County 27 September. Photo by © Jason Hoeksema. Rare but regular along the coast in our Region, this Ash-throated Flycatcher was in Pascagoula, Jackson County, Mississippi, 24-28 October (here 24 October). Photo by © Jason Hoeksema.

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