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VOLUME 70 NO1 2017

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 63 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y Cited contributors (subregional editors in boldface): Jim Arnett, Audubon Society of Kentucky (ASK), Jamie Baker (JBa), Kristy Baker, Thom Barnell (TBa), Rebecca Bates (RBa), Jamin Beachy (JBy), Makaya Beachy (MkB), Marena Beachy (MrB), Matthan Beachy (MBy), Beckham Bird Club (BBC), Jane Bell (JBe), Pat Bell, Carol Besse, Ray Bontrager (RBn), David Buehler, Kevin Calhoon (se. Tennessee), Ruth Carr, Phil- lip Casteel, Hap Chambers, Allen Chartier, Wallace Coffey, Lisa Combs (LCo), Linda Craiger (LCr), Charlie Crawford, Rodney Crice (RCr), Brenda Dean, Roseanna Den- ton, Tom Durbin, Melissa Easley, Jackie El- more, Robert Emmott, Chuck Estes, Rand Falls (RFa), Frank Fekel, Clayton Ferrell, Bob Foehring, Preston & Shari Forsythe (P&SF), Rob Foster (RFo), Scott Freidhof, Bill Friel, Philemon Frieson, Teresa Ge- meinhardt, Steve Graham, Teresa Graham, Mark Greene, Joseph Hall, Rob Harbin (RHa), Stratton Hatfield, Ron Hoff (RHo), Eddie Huber, Terry Hudson, Daniel Jacob- son, Tim Jeffers, Richard L. Knight (RLK) (ne. Tennessee), Roy Knispel (RKn), Bob Kozma, David Lang (DLa), Sam Lawson, Dick Lee (DLe), Roger Lemaster (RLm), Richard Lewis (RLw), Michael Linz (MLi), Bill Lisowsky, Mikey Lutmerding (MLu), Frank Lyne, Morton Massay (MMa), Larry McDaniel (LMc), Andrew Melnykovych, Keith Michalski, Mike Miller (MMi), Hal Mitchell, Mark Monroe (MMo), Sandra Moss, Nora Murdock, Charles Murray, Dollyann Myers (DMy), Brainard Palmer- Ball, Jr. (BPa), LouAnn Partington, Brookie & Jean Potter (B&JP), Constance Powell, Joshua Powell, Phil Powell, Dick Preston, Evan Raskin, Scott Record (SRc), Spencer Reinhard (SRn), Frank Renfrow, Cynthia Routledge, Mike W. Sanders (MSa), Jan K. Shaw (JSh), Damien J. Simbeck (DSi), Mi- chael Sledjeski (MSl), Mike Smith (MSm), Daniel Snell (DSn), Jennifer Snyder (JSn), Jeff Sole (JSo), Pam Spaulding, Bryan Ste- vens, Josh Stevenson (JSt), Ruben Stoll, Vic- tor Stoll, Dave Svetich (DSv), Michael C. Todd (MCT) (w. Tennessee),, Alan Troyer, Stephen Tyson, Grace Walker, Major Walt- man (MWa), Chris Welsh, Dawn Wilkins, Jim Williams, Terry Witt, Stefan Woltmann, Mike Wright (MWr), Brian Wulker, Anto- nio Xeira, Ben Yandell, Mary Yandell, Lee Yarnell, Aviva Yasgur, Stephen Zipperer (middle Tennessee). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Chris Sloan, 2036 Priest Road, Nashville, Tennessee 37215 • Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr., 8207 Old Westport Road, Louisville, Kentucky • ed in Kentucky. Three were reported from three locations in Tennessee 22 Oct–10 Nov. There were two reports of Nelson's Sparrow in Kentucky: one at Hays Kennedy Park, Jef- ferson 7 Oct (ph. JBa et al.); and 2 at Spin- dletop Farm, Fayette 17 Oct (SH, ph. DLa, ASK) with at least one still there 18/19 Oct (DLa/DLa, DSv, LCo). One in Perry, TN 30 Oct (RS) was the only one reported in Ten- nessee. Eleven Lincoln's Sparrows at Shady Valley, Johnson, TN 20 Oct (RLK) made for a noteworthy high count that equaled last year's high count at the same location. A well-marked male Oregon Dark-eyed Junco was present at Douglass Hills, Jefferson, KY 26 Oct into Dec (ph. BY, ph. MY). A Summer Tanager at Land Between the Lakes, Trigg, KY 28 Oct (AY) and another at Old Hickory Lake Dam, Nashville, TN 27 Nov (PC, MSm) were tardy. A Rose-breasted Grosbeak at a feeder at Steele Creel Park, Sul - livan, TN 13 Nov (LMc) was also late. Linger- ing Dickcissels included one n. of Dot, Lo- gan, KY 17 Oct (FL), 2 at Sauerheber 17/23 Oct (BPa, ph. MY, BBC/ph. CC), and one at Schochoh, Logan, KY 1-7 Nov (ph. ST). Generating interest were some reports of Bobolink, including 157 at Duck River 10 Sep (RS) and at least 35-40 along Horseshoe Road, w. Henderson, KY 10-17 Sep (CC, BPa, JBa). A Western Meadowlark was found e. of Morganfield, Union, KY 15 Oct (BPa, ph. JBa, CC). A Brewer's Blackbird heard and seen as it passed over the Jonathan Creek embayment of Kentucky Lake, Marshall 6 Nov (BPa, BW, RFa) was the only one re- ported in Kentucky. Quite extraordinary was a Common Red- poll sw. of Hubble, Lincoln, KY 27 Nov (ph. JE). A male Purple Finch in Sullivan, TN 5 Nov was the earliest of only three reports from Tennessee. Two Pine Siskins at Surrey Hills Farm, Jefferson, KY 5 Oct (BPa) and one at Bernheim Forest, Bullitt , KY 8 Oct (BF, BBC) were the earli - est to be reported; small numbers continued at scat - tered locales Regionwide through the month and into Nov. ERRATUM TO THE FALL 2014 REPORT: The white morph Great Blue Heron at the Long Creek Refuge, Land Be- tween the Lakes, Trigg, KY was photographed 13 Nov, not 14 Nov. system that apparently pushed birds farther west than normal; singles or pairs were re- ported at 11 locales in Kentucky and three locations in Tennessee 21 Sep–11 Oct. Black-throated Blue Warblers had an above- average presence in Kentucky with a dozen reports 10 Sep–7 Oct; reports of greatest interest included singles at Sinclair W.M.A., Muhlenberg 10 Sep (TG, SG), at Mammoth Cave N.P., Edmonson 24 Sep (JSo), at Land Between the Lakes, Trigg 26 Sep (BL), and off Harmon Hollow Road, Wayne 5 Oct (ph. RBn). Two Black-throated Blues were re- ported in Tennessee west of known breeding areas: one in Moore 15 Sep (DSi) and one at Radnor Lake State Natural Area, Nashville 29 Sep (FF, JSh). Tardy warblers included a Prairie Warbler at Surrey Hills Farm, Jef- ferson, KY 6 Nov (ph. PS), a Black-throated Green Warbler at Shelby Park, Nashville, TN 7 Nov (JA), and a Wilson's Warbler w. of Greenville, Muhlenberg, KY 3 Nov (TG). A Black-throated Gray Warbler at Surrey Hills Farm, Jefferson, KY 4 Nov into Dec (ph. BPa et al.) represented a second state record. An American Tree Sparrow in Humphreys, TN 15 Nov (DB) was a surprise. Two Clay- colored Sparrows were reported: one was banded at Seven Islands S.P., Knox, TN 20 Sep (fide MMa) and one was at Gibson County Lake, Gibson, TN 27 Oct (†MG). Single Lark Sparrows were reported from five Tennessee locations 1 Aug–24 Sep. Un- usually tardy Grasshopper Sparrows were n. of Dot, Logan, KY 11 Nov (ph. FL) and at Austin Peay State University, Clarksville, Montgomery, TN 16 Nov (SW). A Henslow's Sparrow in ne. Jefferson, KY 25 Oct (BPa et al.) was the latest to be reported. Two Le Conte's Sparrows at Sauerheber 17 Oct (BPa, BBC) were the only ones report- Lawrence's Warbler is an infrequent visitor in Tennessee and has rarely been photographed. This individual was photographed sitting on the edge of a pickup truck in Knox County, Tennessee 22 August. Photo by © Lee Yarnell.

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