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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 62 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y Gnatcatchers at Shelby Park, Nashville, TN 7 Nov (JA) and in Knox, TN 15 Nov (CW) were late. Single Gray-cheeked Thrushes se. of Mt. Zion, Allen 27/31 Aug (JBy, MBy) established new early fall arrival dates for Kentucky. A Lapland Longpsur with a flock of American Pipits in s. Jefferson, KY 23 Oct (BPa) was relatively early. WARBLERS THROUGH SISKINS It was a good season for Golden-winged War- blers in Kentucky with more than 40 reports 25 Aug–30 Sep (mostly eBird data); reports of interest included 4 at Surrey Hills Farm, Jefferson (BPa) and 2 on the Anchorage Trail, Jefferson (PB, JBe, CB, et al.), both 25 Aug, 3 on the Anchorage Trail, Jefferson 10 Sep (CB, PB, JBe, et al.), and 7 se. of Mt. Zion, Al- len one day in mid-Sep (MBy). A Lawrence's Warbler was at Knoxville, TN 22 Aug (ph. LY). It was an excellent season for Orange- crowned Warblers in Kentucky with what is surely a record number of nearly forty re- ports 17 Sep–late Nov (mostly eBird data). Reports of interest included 2 below Barkley Dam, Lyon 3 Nov (BL) and at least 2 at Sur- rey Hills Farm, Jefferson 7-9 Nov (BPa et al.) with one continuing into early Dec (BPa, ph. PS). Tennessee similarly experienced higher numbers than usual, with single individu - als reported from six locations 10 Sep-10 Nov and 2 reported from the Environmental Study Area, Old Hickory Lake, Sumner 27 Nov (MSm). We speculate that the strong weather system that brought Franklin's Gulls in numbers to the eastern United States may have also brought the Orange-crowneds. An exceptionally early Nashville Warbler on the Anchorage Trail, Jefferson, KY 9 Aug (PB) es- tablished a new early fall arrival date for the state by nearly a week. Three Connecticut Warblers were found in Kentucky: one on the Anchorage Trail, Jefferson 23 Aug (†PB, JBe, †CB) that established a new early fall ar- rival date for the state by five days; one in ne. Hart 5 Sep (†JSo); and one at Freeman Lake, Hardin 25 Sep (†JSn). One banded in Holston Valley, Sullivan, TN 7 Oct (RLw) was the only one reported in Tennessee. It was a good season for Mourning War- blers with 14 reports from eight Kentucky locales and eight reports from eight Tennes- see locales 23 Aug–8 Oct. A very tardy Ce- rulean Warbler was reported at Mammoth Cave N.P., Edmonson, KY 20 Sep (†LCr, SM, GW). A Blackburnian Warbler on the Anchorage Trail, Jefferson, KY 2 Aug (PB, JBe) established a new early fall arrival date for non-breeding areas in Kentucky by ten days. It was a good season for Blackpoll Warblers, in part due to a late Sep weather from five Tennessee locations 14 Sep–1 Oct; a remarkable tally of 7 were found near a known breeding area in Rutherford, TN 11 Oct (KB). Single White-eyed Vireos at Sur- rey Hills Farm, Jefferson, KY 6-7 Nov (MWa, BPa, ph. SG, et al.) and at Herb Parson's Lake, Fayette, TN 22 Nov (BF) were tardy. A Bell's Vireo at Berea, Madison, KY 25 Aug (RBa, ph. RFo) represented the far- thest east the species has ever been reported in the state. A Blue-headed Vireo in Warren, TN 20 Nov (RHo, DMy) was tardy. A Philadelphia Vir- eo at Mt. Zion, Pulaski, KY 16 Aug (†RD) represented a new early fall arrival date for the state by ten days. As has become the norm, a few Fish Crows lingered at Kentucky Lake, Marshall, KY into late Nov (m. ob.) with 2 still there 30 Nov (MMi); one was also heard at Ballard W.M.A., Bal- lard, KY 5 Nov (SRc). Singles were reported from Britton Ford, Tennessee N.W.R., Henry, TN 23 Oct (RS) and at Duck River 28 Nov (RS) where the species has recently been encountered for the first time. Two Com- mon Ravens were present at Paintsville Lake W.M.A., Morgan, KY 7/9 Nov (fide SF/SF). In Tennessee, there were five reports of individ- ual ravens away from the high mountains. Roost counts of Purple Martin included "thousands" near Nicholasville, Jessamine, KY 9 Aug (JW); ca. 2000 at Lexington, KY 9 Aug (SF); and circa 2000 s. of Ashland, Boyd, KY 16 Aug (SF). A Cave Swallow at Mud Island, Shelby, TN 3 Oct (†RS) furnished the seventh state record. There were only three reports of Red- breasted Nuthatch: one at Doug Travis W.M.A., Carlisle, KY 19 Oct (RD), one in Hamilton, TN 21 Oct (TJ), and one at Lloyd W.M.A., ne. Grant, KY 20 Nov (FR). Roughly 7 Brown-headed Nuthatches remained at the 2013 nesting location at Kentucky Dam Vil - lage S.P., Marshall through the season (m. ob.) with at least this many being reported there 6 Nov (BPa, BW, RFa). Sedge Wrens were reported at seven Ken- tucky and three Tennessee locales continu- ing from late Jul to 10 Nov. These reports consisted of 1 to 7 individuals. Single Marsh Wrens were at Brainerd Levee, Hamilton, TN 7 Oct (KC, DJ) and Walter S. Davis Blvd Marsh, Nashville, TN 20 Oct (FF). There were more than a dozen reports of Marsh Wren in Kentucky 31 Aug–30 October. A Ruby-crowned Kinglet on the Anchor- age Trail, Jefferson, KY 23 Aug (TBa, JSo, et al.) was extremely early. Single Blue-gray birds banded at Surrey Hills Farm, Jeffer- son, KY 7-22 Nov (MMo et al.). None were reported in Tennessee away from known breeding areas. An imm. male Black-chinned Humming- bird was present ne. of Pottertown, ne. Cal- loway, KY 28 Oct into Dec (banded 6 Nov) (ph. TG, CR, ba. BPa, et al.). Only three Ru- fous Hummingbirds were reported: one in Tullahoma, Franklin, TN 17 Aug (LP), one at S. Holston Lake, Sullivan, TN mid-Nov into Dec (m. ob.); and an imm. female at Murray, Calloway, KY 21 Nov into Dec (banded 24 Nov) (ME, ba. BPa). It was an exceptional season for both Mer- lins and Peregrine Falcons with dozens of re- ports from both states. FLYCATCHERS THROUGH LONGSPURS It was an especially good season for Olive- sided Flycatchers with singles reported from eight locales in Kentucky and seven locales in Tennessee 14 Aug–26 Sep. Single Yellow-bellied Flycatchers were found on at least 15 occasions in Kentucky at nine lo- cales and on nine occasions in Tennessee at nine locales 25 Aug–20 Oct. Two were at S. Holston Lake, Sullivan, TN 13 Sep (RLK). An Acadian Flycatcher banded in Sullivan, TN 7 Oct (RLw) established a new late date for ne. Tennessee. Single Alder Flycatchers were reported from six Tennessee locations 20 Aug–8 Oct (the last date represented a new late departure date for the state by eighteen days (†RS); 2 were at Island 13, Lake, TN 4 Sep (RS, VS, MCT, et al.). A Say's Phoebe at Proctor Road, Chester, TN 23 Nov (RC) furnished the state's 12th record. One to 2 Scissor-tailed Flycatchers were reported Nelson's Sparrow is annual in the Tennessee & Kentucky Region dur- ing fall migration. This nicely photographed individual was one of two found in Fayette County, Kentucky 18 October. Photo by © David Lang.

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