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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 60 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y family groups; also, reported in Kentucky were 2 individuals adjacent to Swan Lake, Ballard 8 Aug (ph. RCr). One at Eagleville Sod Farm, Rutherford, TN 18 Aug (TW, SZ) was the only one reported in Tennessee away from the Mississippi River floodplain. American Avocets were found three times in Kentucky: one at Wolf Island, Hick- man 8 Aug (ph. RCr); 6 along Horseshoe Road, w. Henderson 14/15 Aug (ph. BPa, CC/ JSo) with 5 still there 17 Aug (CC); and one on Kentucky Lake, Marshall 22 Sep (JP). In Tennessee, one to 4 were reported on eight dates from four locations 10-13 Aug; in ad- dition, a pair in Hamilton 15-18 Nov (DJ et al.) and a pair at Ensley 22 Nov (SL) were exceptionally late. It was a poor season for Black-bellied Plo- vers in Kentucky, with only a few reports of single or paired birds coming from five lo- cales 20 Aug–2 Oct. A Piping Plover was at Great River Road, Dyer, TN 1-2 Aug (KC, DP), and one at Island 13, Lake, TN 15 Aug (RS, PF) was joined by a second bird 18 Aug (DP). One to two Willets were reported from five Tennessee locations 17 Aug–26 Sep. An Upland Sandpiper at Beckley Creek Park, Jefferson 12 Aug (MWa) was the only one re- ported in Kentucky; one to 2 were reported from three west Tennessee locations 6-18 Aug. A Hudsonian Godwit with an injured leg was at Estill Springs, Franklin, TN 17-23 (ph. DSn et al.). Four Marbled Godwits were at Duck River 17 Aug (RS, VS) with one still there 19 Aug (ph. RS, VS, AT). Ruddy Turnstones were reported only three times in Kentucky: one on Kentucky Lake near Hamlin, Calloway 12 Aug (ph. CP), one at Minor Clark Fish Hatchery, Row - an 8-15 Sep (MWr et al.), and 2 at Louisville 21 Sep (TBa et al.) with one continuing there ville-Obion Levee Road, Lake, TN 18 Aug (DP). A White-faced Ibis at the Melco Flood Retention Basin, Jef- ferson, KY 21 Oct (ph. BPa et al.) was a county first. Three were seen in Benton, TN 18 Oct (†RS, AT) flying out of the Duck River Unit of Tennessee N.W.R. One was also at Pace Point 31 Oct (†RS). There were three additional reports of Plegadis ibis in the Re- gion, all from Kentucky: one along Horseshoe Road, w. Henderson 13/14 Sep (†CC/ph. JSo), one at Sauerheber 1 Nov (†DLe) and one at Honey Cypress Slough, Grassy Pond/Powells Lake Unit Sloughs W.M.A., Union 4 Nov (ph. CC). Single Swallow-tailed Kites were seen over Pinchgut Creek, e. Allen, KY 16 Aug (†MBy, JBy, MkB, MrB) and in Weakley, TN 1 Sep (DW). A Mississippi Kite along I-65 near Colesburg, Hardin, KY 20 Aug (†AC) was a first for the county. A Yellow Rail was flushed at Duck River 10 Nov (CF). Single Virginia Rails at Spindle - top Farm, Fayette, KY 17 Oct (SH, ASK) and at Brainerd Levee, Hamilton, TN 20 Oct (KC) were the only ones reported away from Stan - difer Gap Marsh, Hamilton, TN, where one or more individuals were present through the season. An American Coot at Adkins Swamp, Sinclair W.M.A., Muhlenberg, KY 9 Aug (TG, SG) was likely continuing from summer. An estimated 22,000 of that species were at Duck River 1 Nov (RS). A Common Galli - nule at Swan Pond Recreation Area, Roane 4-18 Nov (JSt, m.ob.) and an imm. at the S. Holston River weir, Sullivan 2-19 Nov (RLK, m.ob.) furnished the second and third latest fall records for Tennessee. SHOREBIRDS Tardy shorebirds included 5 Ameri - can Golden-plovers at Rankin Bot - toms, Cocke, TN 20 Oct (MSl) and 32 s. of Mt. Zion, Allen, KY 28 Oct (MBy, JBy), a Semipalmated Plover on Kentucky Lake, Calloway, KY 30 Oct (HC, ME), a Spotted Sandpiper at the Pfeiffer Fish Hatchery, Frank- lin, KY 16 Nov (ph. BD), a Greater Yellowlegs at Sauerheber 19 Nov (CC), and a Semipalmated Sand- piper on the Jonathan Creek embay- ment of Kentucky Lake, Marshall, KY to 18 Nov (†/ph. HC). A group of 35-40 Black-necked Stilts at Wolf Island, Hickman, KY 3/8 Aug (PP/ph. RCr, PP) likely included some local 30 Oct–1 Nov (ph. RD, et al.). One at Pace Point 30 Oct (RS) was the first of the season there, with at least one reported regularly in the area through the winter. A Common Loon on Cave Run Lake, Bath, KY 20 Aug (ph. RD) may have been a continuing bird from the summer or a very early migrant. A tally of 300 Horned Grebes on the Ohio River at Louisville 30 Nov (EH et al.) was noteworthy. Two on S. Holston Lake, Sul- livan, TN (MSa) 17-19 Aug established a new early fall date for ne. Tennessee and the second earliest for the state. A Red-necked Grebe at Normandy Lake Dam, Coffee, TN 24 Nov (VS) was the only one reported. Likewise, an Eared Grebe at the regular win- tering spot on S. Holston Lake, Sullivan, TN 22 Sep (WC) was the only one reported. A Western Grebe was at Pace Point 23 Oct– 11 Nov (ph. RS et al.). At least 3 Neotropic Cormorants were reported from Tennessee: one at Tennemo Levee, Dyer 5 Aug (†MG); one at Island 13, Lake 15/18 Aug (†RS, PF/DP), and one at Hurricane Mills, Humphreys 20 Aug (†VS). A flock of 42 American White Pelicans had returned to Kentucky Lake, Calloway, KY by 21 Sep (HC), while a flock of 7 on Green River Lake, Adair, KY 13 Oct (ph. RD) was a local first. A Least Bittern at the Minor Clark Fish Hatchery, Rowan, KY 5 Oct (†RLm) was the only one reported. An American Bittern at Walter S. Davis Blvd. Marsh, Nashville, TN 21 Sep (FF) was also the only one reported. A Snowy Egret on Kentucky Lake, Calloway, KY 16 Oct (HC, ME) and a Green Heron at Veterans Park, Lexington, KY 5 Nov (†SRn) were both rela- tively late. A Black-crowned Night-Heron at the Kendall Recreation Area, Russell, KY 30 Aug (KM) was a local first. An adult Tricol- ored Heron was reported from the Tipton- Dunlin have typically molted into basic plumage by the time they arrive in the Tennessee & Kentucky Region. This individual was still mostly in juve- nile plumage and present on the early date of 10-14 (here 14) September in western Henderson County, Kentucky. Photo by © Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr. White-rumped Sandpipers staged an unprecedented flight into the Tennessee & Kentucky Region during early October. This juvenile bird (here 4 October) was one of 22 found in southern Jefferson County, Kentucky. Photo by © Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr.

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