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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 58 I O WA & M I S S O U R I N.W.R., Chariton, MO was present 10-29 Sep (†SK, DM, SM, †JN, JH, AK). There was only a single report of Northern Goshawk in the region, at Hitchcock 20 Nov (JT). There were seven Oct and fourteen Nov reports of Golden Eagle in Iowa, but just a single in Missouri: Putnam 31 Oct (JU). A brood of 7 Barn Owls fledged at a Ringgold, IA farm in late Aug (JL, DTh). An imm. Snowy Owl was photographed 25 Oct in Chickasaw, IA (Corey Lange) and another was found dead along a Powesheik, IA road 10 Nov (MP). The first Northern Saw-whet Owl capture at the Hitchcock banding station occurred 13 Oct and 42 were banded by 22 Nov (JT). Fifteen were banded through the season at the World Bird Sanctuary Banding Station, St. Louis, MO (PL). White-winged Dove was reported twice in Missouri: in Dunklin 1-24 Aug (TJ) and near High-Lonesome Prairie C.A., Benton 9 Aug (ML). An ad. Lewis's Woodpecker was found at Diamondhead L., Guthrie, IA 28 Nov (†JDa). A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker at Rock Bridge S.P., Boone, MO 10 Sep bested the previous, earliest arrival by two days (†EW). An Empidonax that could not be identified to species was noted at Red Rock Res. 28 Nov, furnishing a new late date for the genus in Iowa (†SJD). Iowa's seventh Vermilion Flycatcher, an ad. male, made a brief appearance at Winterset, Madison, IA 21 Nov. It served as the subject of a striking photo against a snowy background (†JR). A family group of 4 Scissor-tailed Flycatchers found 7 Aug at MidAmerican Energy ponds, Pottawattamie, IA continued until at least 17 Aug (Mike Madsen, JB, KDy, POR). VIREOS THROUGH BLACKBIRDS A Yellow-throated Vireo at Saylorville Res. 10 Oct (SJD, ph.) established a second- latest date for Iowa, while Missouri's latest- ever Red-eyed Vireo was recorded 24 Oct in Jefferson (†WG, ph). A Clark's Nutcracker was seen and heard at W. Okoboji L., Dickinson, IA 5 Oct (†JDJ). A flock of 50 Cliff Swallows at a Nodaway, MO pond 16-18 Oct represented a remarkable number for so late in the sea- son (DE). A Rock Wren found in Polk, MO 9 Nov lingered through the end of the season (DM, ph., †SM, †BP, PL, m.ob.). In Iowa, a Townsend's Solitaire was photographed at Slater, Story 24 Oct (SJD) and another was at Hickory Hills Park, Tama 14 Nov (TGS). A record- late Veery was detected at Carondelet Park, St. Louis City, MO 10 Nov (†CMc, ph). A Varied Thrush was photographed at Lin- wood Cemetery, Dubuque, IA 23-25 Oct (DAS). Two female/imm. Pine Grosbeaks were found at Sheldon Cemetery, O'Brien, IA 21 Nov (†JDJ, †LAS, †POR, †AB). Red Crossbill was reported as singles four times in Iowa, while the aforementioned Sheldon Cemetery hosted as many as 7 along with 5 White-winged Crossbills 21 Nov+. Com- mon Redpoll was reported in small numbers (1-3) in six Iowa locations, along with one in Missouri. A record-late Blue-winged War- bler was at Riverton W.M.A., Fremont, IA 2 Oct (†JNe). An ad. male Brewster's Warbler was observed at Tower Grove Park, St. Louis City, MO 11 Sep (CMc, AR, m.ob.). An imm. American Restart in St. Louis, MO 24 Oct represented a record-late date (†RK, ph.) and a Northern Parula, probably a first-fall female, observed at Columbia Bottom C.A., St. Louis, MO 25 Oct established a second- latest record (BR). A Chestnut-sided Warbler in Dunklin, MO 29 Oct also provided a sec- ond-latest record (TJ). Black-throated Blue Warblers were reported three times in Iowa and twice in Missouri. One in Greene, MO 3 Nov provided a second-latest date (DT). Missouri finally recorded its first and long- overdue Townsend's Warbler, a bird cap- tured and banded at M.W.S.U. 9 Oct (†JHi, ph., †LL, †DR). Iowa birders enjoyed that state's fourth Townsend's and first in the fall, near Spirit L. 22-23 Aug. This individual, discovered by Wendell Hanson, was an ap- parent first-fall male associating with Black- burnian and Black-throated Green Warblers, first identified by LAS via a video posted to Facebook! (†JDJ, †LAS, †POR). A tardy Black-throated Green Warbler observed at Carondelet Park, St. Louis City, MO 31 Oct established a second-latest date (†CMc, ph.). New Missouri early arrival dates were established for Swamp Sparrow, with one photographed at Riverlands 31 Aug (†JS) and for White-throated Sparrow, with one at Tower Grove Park, St. Louis City 26 Aug (BP, †CMc). A Bobolink in Livingston, MO 23 Oct furnished a second-latest fall record (†SK). Contributors: Pam Allen (PHA), Reid Allen (RIA), Lisa Berger (LB), Sharon Bauer (SB), John Bissell (JB), Aaron Brees (AB), Mark Brown (MHB), Daniel Burke, Brandon Cas- well (BCC), Robert Cecil (RIC), Raymond Cummins (RLC), Lanny Chambers (LC), Jon Christensen, Jason Darrah (JDa), Steve Dinsmore (SJD), Keith Dyche (KDy), Joseph Eades, Dave Easterla (DE), Chris Edwards (CRE), Bery Engebretsen (BE), James Forde (JF), Aurie Fournier (AF), Wally George (WG), Mark Haas (MH), Wendell Hanson, Jill Hays (JH), Paul Hertzel, Jack Hilsa- beck (JHi), Chris Hobbs (CH), Margaret Hutcheson, Brad Jacobs (BJ), Timothy Jones (TJ), Joe D. Junger (JDJ), Steve Kinder (SK), Andrew Kinslow (AK), Peter Kondrashov (PK), Corey Lange, Jenia Livingston (JL), Pat Lueders (PL), Mike Madsen, Debbie Martin (DM), Steve Martin (SM), Chrissy McClarren (CMc), Mary Nemecek (MN), Jacob Newton (JNe), Jane Nicholas (JNi), June Newman (JN), Lisa Owens (LO), Bryan Prather (BP), Mark Proescholdt (MP), Andy Reago (AR), Mark Robbins (MBR), Joanne Rice (JR), Paul Rosien (POR), Daniel Roberton (DR), Bill Rowe (BR), Greg Samuel (GSa), Wil- liam Scheible (BSc), Lee Schoenewe (LAS), David Shealer (DAS), Paul Skrade (PDBS), Justyn Stahl (JS), Greg Swick (GSw), Dennis Thompson (DTh), Dorothy Thurman (DT), Jerry Toll (JT), Joshua Uffman (JU), Edge Wade (EW), Steve Whitson and William Woods (WW). REFERENCES Dinsmore, J. J. 2015. Field Reports–Summer 2015. Iowa Bird Life 85:122–143. Guinon, P. Missouri Climate Center. Retrieved from, 2015. Sullivan, B.L., C.L. Wood, M.J. Iliff, R.E. Bonney, D. Fink, and S. Kelling. 2009. eBird: a citi- zen-based bird observation network in the biological sciences. Biological Conservation 142: 2282–2292. Retrieved April 2016. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Joseph W. Eades, 1101 Drayton Avenue, Webster Groves, Missouri 63119 • Missouri's first Townsend's Warbler was captured and banded at Missouri Western State University, Buchanan, 9 Oct. Photo by © Larry Lade.

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