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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 57 I O WA & M I S S O U R I vember, whereas their typical arrival dates are in October. Also in Iowa, a Blue-winged Warbler was found on the record-late date of 2 October, a Wilson's Phalarope was record late on 21 October, and a silent flycatcher that could only be identified to the Empi- donax genus was found on the surprising and record-late date of 28 November. Sec- ond-latest dates were recorded for American Avocet, Red Knot and Yellow-throated Vireo, and a Least Bittern was the third latest. Mis- souri established new record-late dates for White-rumped Sandpiper, Red-eyed Vireo, American Redstart and Veery, plus second- latest dates for Upland Sandpiper, Northern Parula, Black-throated Blue Warbler, Black- throated Green Warbler, and Bobolink. Though late departures were most notable, the season was not entirely a one-way street; Missouri established new early arrival dates for Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Swamp Spar- row, and White-throated Sparrow while Iowa established a new early arrival date for Thayer's Gull. The most significant rarities included the Region's first Brown Booby, Iowa's second Anna's Hummingbird (along with two in Missouri), and Missouri's first as well as Iowa's fourth Townsend's Warblers. Abbreviations: Eagle Bluffs C.A. (Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area, Boone, MO), Grammer Grove (Grammer Grove Hawk Watch, Mar - shall, IA), Hawkeye W.M.A. (Hawkeye Wild- life Management Area, Johnson, IA), Hitch- cock (Hitchcock Hawk Watch, Pottawattamie, IA), M.W.S.U. (Missouri Western State Uni - versity, Buchanan, MO), Red Rock Res. (Red Rock Reservoir Marion, IA), Riverlands (Riv - erlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary, St. Charles, MO), Saylorville Res. (Saylorville Reservoir, Polk, IA), Spirit L. (Spirit Lake, Dickinson, IA), Trumbull L. (Trumbull Lake, Clay, IA). WATERFOWL THROUGH HUMMINGBIRDS A Black-bellied Whistling Duck was pho- tographed at Union Slough N.W.R., Kos- suth, IA 7-20 Sep (†SB, ph., POR, ph.). There were no reports of Ruffed Grouse in Iowa and just two reports of Greater Prairie- Chicken in Missouri. Red-necked Grebes bred at Trumbull L. (Dinsmore 2015) and at least one imm. was found there 15 Aug (LAS). Elsewhere, one was at Twelve-mile L., Union, IA 8 Sep (POR), and a molting ad. was at Red Rock Res. 9-11 Oct (JF, SJD). Eight Western Grebes, including at least one young were found in early Aug at Trumbull L. (LAS) following breeding confirmed in Jul (Dinsmore 2015). Elsewhere, one was at Red Rock Res. 17 Oct (TGS), another was there 22-29 Nov (JF), up to 3 were at Spirit L. 14-22 Nov (LAS, MHB), and one was at Saylorville Res. 24-30 Nov (m.ob.). Western Grebe was reported only from Smithville L., Clay, MO with the first 10 Oct and the last 7 Nov (MN, LO). Inca Dove made a first but unsuccessful nesting attempt in Vernon, MO 23 Oct (†BJ, ph.). Iowa's second Anna's Hummingbird visited a Des Moines, Polk, IA feeder 16-17 Nov (Margaret Hutcheson, ph., fide †JB). Missouri recorded two Anna's: a female at a Franklin feeder 31 Oct–19 Nov (†Daniel Burke, ph., LC) and a stunning ad. male at a Greene feeder 21 Nov+ (†LB, †PK, ph., †WW, m.ob.). A Rufous Hummingbird was recaptured at the same Cape Girardeau residence where it wintered the previous year. This is the first documented instance of a returning, wintering hummingbird in Mis- souri (JNi, MH, LC, m.ob.). It was present 1 Nov through the end of the season. RAILS THROUGH TERNS There were reports of single Yellow Rails from each state: in Ringgold, IA 15 Sep while mow- ing hay (JL), and during nocturnal wetland surveys at Nodaway Valley C.A., Holt, MO 24 Sep (AF). An American Avocet at Brays Branch W.M.A., Guthrie 11 Nov provided Iowa's second-latest record (Scott Rolfes, fide SJD). Iowa Piping Plovers included 2 ad. in Pottawattamie 3 Aug (POR), a juv. at Jester Park, Polk 9-10 Aug (SJD, BE) and another at Hawkeye W.M.A. 10 Aug (JF). In Missouri, singles were noted at Schell-Osage C.A., St. Clair 8 Aug (GSa) and at Stockton L., Polk 19 Sep (GSw, JH). An Upland Sandpiper ob- served 17 Oct in Dunklin, MO established a second-latest record (TJ). A group of 26 Hudsonian Godwits was at Jester Park, Polk, IA 17 Aug (RLC) and a single Marbled God- wit was at Saylorville Res. 3 Aug (SJD). A basic ad. Red Knot was at Hawkeye W.M.A. 2-5 Oct, establishing a second-latest date for Iowa (†JF, †MHB, †BCC, †PDBS). There were six reports of White-rumped Sandpip - ers with photos or details in Iowa 4-20 Oct, while 2 were documented in Missouri: Eagle Bluffs C.A., Boone 10 Oct (†BJ) and Winfield Dam, Lincoln 31 Oct (†BR). The latter repre- sents the latest fall date for Missouri. A Wil- son's Phalarope at Dunbar Slough, Greene, IA 21 Oct beat out the previous latest record by a day (DTh). A juv. Red Phalarope, casual in Missouri and tardy in late Nov, was observed at Montrose L., Henry 22 Nov (†MBR, ph., CH). An intermediate juv. Parasitic Jaeger was at Red Rock Res. 3-9 Oct (†TGS, JF). A juv. Black-legged Kittiwake was at Saylorville Res. 21-23 Nov (SJD, TMH, RIA, DTh, RLC). A juv. Sabine's Gull was at Saylorville Res. 24 Sep (SJD), before an ad. appeared 21-27 Nov (AB, SJD, RIA, PHA, JB, POR, MHB, WO) and a second juv. was noted 22 Nov (RLC). A juv. Black-headed Gull made a brief ap- pearance below the dam at Saylorville Res. 28 Nov (†DTh). Two juv. Laughing Gulls were reported in IA: Red Rock Res. 13 Sep–9 Oct (SJD, ph., JF) and Saylorville Res. 24-26 Sep (SJD, ph.). A second-summer bird was at Riverlands 5 Aug (BR). A juv. California Gull was photographed at the Red Rock Res. dam 13 Sep (†JF). A record-early Thayer's Gull, an ad., was at Gull Point S.P., Dickin- son 4 Oct (LAS). Up to 5 Least Terns were counted at the MidAmerican Energy ponds, Pottawattamie, IA 2-9 Aug (DTh, POR, RIA, PHA). Away from that breeding location, a juv. was photographed at Hawkeye W.M.A. on 8 Aug (MHB), an ad. was at Saylorville Res. 9-15 Aug (SJD, BE, DTh, MHB), and another ad. was at Deer I., Harrison 24 Aug (Jon Christensen, fide SJD). LOONS THROUGH FLYCATCHERS Two Red-throated Loons were reported in Iowa: L. Manawa, Pottawattamie 25 Oct (KDy) and Red Rock Res. 29 Nov (JF). Four Pacific Loons were reported from three Iowa locations: Saylorville Res. 24 Oct–20 Nov (AB, MHB), Clear L., Cerro Gordo 26 Oct (JF), and Spirit L. 1 Nov (LS). Iowa's first Brown Booby, an ad. female, was found the morning of 3 Sep at Red Rock Res. (†SD, †KM, †CRE, †BSc, †POR). It spent the day on the lake but apparently disappeared overnight. A Least Bittern in Polk 9 Oct es- tablished Iowa's third-latest record (SJD). A Neotropic Cormorant was at Eagle Bluffs C.A. 20 Aug (†BJ). A Brown Pelican found by area manager Steve Whitson at Swan L. This adult male Anna's Hummingbird was present in Greene, Missouri, 21 Nov through the end of the season and beyond (here 6 December). Photo by © Peter Kondrashov.

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