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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 55 W E S T E R N G R E AT L A K E S a Black-throated Blue Warbler in Sherburne, MN 30 Oct-30 Nov (TSh) rounded out the list of stragglers. Michi - gan hosted 2 Black- throated Gray War - blers, one at Dahlem Center, Jackson 7 Sep (†DHe) and another at Stenenson, Menominee 29 Nov (W<). A Yellow-breasted Chat was spotted crossing the Red R. into Clay, MN 6 Sep (SAu). Late and extraordinary for the U.P. anytime was a Yellow-breasted Chat at Marquette around 19 Nov+ (JWe). Michigan garnered a Green-tailed To - whee at L. Fanny Hoe, Keweenaw 23 Sep (ph. TD). Far from its nor - mal migration corridor in sw. Minnesota was a female Spotted Towhee in Lake 24 Sep (ph. JWL, ph. JPR). Three Lark Sparrows in Michi - gan included an early juv. in Huron 15-20 Aug (ph. CJV) and a tardy individual at Whitefish Pt. 3-8 Nov (ph. CNe, †JKu). Whitefish Pt. also hosted a Lark Bunting 17 Sep (ph. CNe, ER, TRW). Providing Michigan's 7th record was a state an imm. Vermil - ion Flycatcher briefly vacationed at Lutsen Resort, Cook 2 Nov (†KRE, ph. D&BM). Wisconsin recorded its 3rd Ash-throated Fly - catcher in Ozaukee 7 Nov (p.a., CaB). Four Western Kingbirds reached se. Wisconsin including the Badger State's 2nd latest in Mil - waukee 4 Nov (m.ob.). Farther east were 5 Western Kingbirds in Michigan; all were at Whitefish Pt. except one in Keweenaw 27- 28 Aug (SSa, ph. DTo). Whitefish Pt. reported 2 Scissor-tailed Flycatch - ers; one lacking rectri- ces on 23 Oct (ph. ER) and one with a tail 8 Nov (†CNe). In Wiscon - sin, 3 Scissor-taileds were found in 3 different counties along L. Michigan including a record late bird in Milwaukee 1 Nov (m.ob.). Casual in Minnesota, single White-eyed Vireos visited 2 Hennepin locations 25 Oct (ph. TBo) and 1-11 Nov (†CMB, m.ob.). Another was late and far ne. at Grand Marais, Cook 8 Nov (SzS, †KRE et al.). A Clark's Nutcracker was photographed numerous times in Winona, MN 7 Sep-10 Oct (BrL fide DBz). In se. Michigan, up to 3 Fish Crows at Three Oaks 7 Aug (AMB) and 2 from summer at St. Joseph through 7 Aug (m.ob.) were in widely separated Berrien locations. Many record or near record Minnesota high counts were set by H.R./L.R. (Table 1, KJB et al.). Michigan (p.a.) welcomed wander - ing Cave Swallows to Whitefish Pt. harbor 24 Oct (ER, ph. TBa) and Kalamazoo River mouth, Allegan 11 Nov (RBr, CPu). Rare in the U.P., a Carolina Wren may have been the first for Schoolcraft 20-21 Aug (J&CM). A female Mountain Bluebird flew past Hawk Ridge 24 Oct (KJB). A Townsend's Solitaire was early in Dakota, MN 12 Sep (TAT). Smith's Longspur was scarce in w. Minnesota; a total of 4 birds on 2 dates in Wilkin (KRE, HHD, RAE) were the only ones reported. Record high for fall was a count of 22 North - ern Waterthrush at Southworth Marsh, Dulu- th, MN 3 Sep (PHS, J&LK). Exceptionally late warblers in Michigan included Northern Wa - terthrush in Berrien 9 Nov (RhJ), Bay-breasted Warbler in Manistee 9 Nov (BA), and Blackbur - nian Warbler in Manistee 24 Nov (ph. DCD). Late Northern Parulas in Dane, WI 25 Nov (ph. MBa) and Anoka, MN 28 Nov (SSk), and al.). An Arctic Tern was at Whitefish Pt. 6 Oct (p.a., †ER). Still rare in Michigan, a Eurasian Collared- Dove was at Three Oaks, Berrien 7-8 Aug (AMB, ph. MO). On the opposite side of the Region, an estimated 100 were in the small w. Minnesota town of Cottonwood 25 Nov (GWe). Interestingly, all 3 states recorded Common Ground-Dove during the season! As many as 5 (all p.a.) in Michigan consisted of one taken by a Merlin at Manistique, School - craft 5 Oct (†DW), one at Whitefish Pt. 11 Oct (ph. CNe), one ad. at Marquette, Marquette 26 & 29-30 Oct (ph. AO), a juv. at the Marquette compost yard 4 Nov (AO) and one ad. at Dead River mouth, Marquette 5 & 13-23 Nov (NM). The latest bird may have been the same indi - vidual reported in Oct. For Wisconsin's 3rd re- cord of the species was a bird on Rock Is., Door 7 Oct (EH, ph. KH). Minnesota's 5th Common Ground-Dove was well-documented roadside in the Sax-Zim Bog 13 Oct (†JPH). The Re - gion's only White-winged Dove was in Alger, MI 9-10 Nov (p.a., SCH). There was no evidence of any other "north - ern owl" irruption. Good numbers of both Long-eared (18) and Northern Saw-whet (231) owls were banded at Whitefish Pt. A total of 28,054 Common Nighthawks migrating along Lake Superior's North Shore 1 Sep (KJB) estab - lished Minnesota's 3rd highest count. Record high for Minnesota was the count of 2,250 Chimney Swifts in Sherburne 28 Aug (TLa). Wisconsin attracted 3 Anna's Hummingbirds between late Oct and 23 Nov (m.ob.) and 3 Rufous Hummingbirds, including a male re - turning to the same location where it was banded last year. Michigan checked in with a Rufous in Kalamazoo 30 Sep+ (CSm, ph. ATC, BSK). Wisconsin's 4th Lewis's Woodpecker appeared in Trempealeau 22 Nov (ph. ZA) and subsequently overwintered. An amazing total of 437 Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers at H.R./L.R. 28 Sep (KJB) more than tripled the previous Minnesota high count. Rather early and farther s. than usual was a Gyrfalcon in Kandiyohi, MN 2 Nov (ph. JWd). A Prairie Falcon in Traverse 21 Aug (†KRE et al.) was in w. Minnesota, where expected. Totally unexpected were 2 at Horicon 12 Sep (p.a., †SLo). FLYCATCHERS THROUGH WEAVER FINCHES Flycatchers made headline news in the Region. Minnesota's 4th Vermilion Flycatcher was discovered by a landowner near Richwood, Becker 21 Oct and by the time the news be - came public, a 2nd male had shown up! Both were seen through 7 Nov, with one linger - ing until 16 Nov (ph. D&BM, ph. †SBM, ph. †PEB). Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the Far northeast and very late for Minnesota was this White- eyed Vireo at Grand Marais, Cook County, 8 November 2015. Remarkably, there's a previous record for Cook County, 25-28 October 2001. This digital portrait was befittingly made at Artist's Point. Photos by © Peder H. Svingen. Table 1. Record (boldface) or near record high counts at Duluth, Fall 2015. Species Count Date Red-eyed Vireo 471 01 Sep Blue Jay 10,812 10 Sep Cliff Swallow 7,109 16 Aug Golden-crowned Kinglet 733 28 Sep Cedar Waxwing 12,842 01 Sep Tennessee Warbler 486 01 Sep American Redstart 403 01 Sep Cape May Warbler 58 01 Sep Blackpoll Warbler 35 16 Sep Yellow-rumped Warbler 2,360 06 Oct Rose-breasted Grosbeak 198 01 Sep Baltimore Oriole 30 01 Sep

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