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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 54 W E S T E R N G R E AT L A K E S JAEGERS THROUGH FALCONS An ad. Pomarine Jaeger in Berrien, MI 29 Sep (ph. MHy, AT) was the only report from the region. For the 2nd consecutive fall, Michigan had only two Black-legged Kittiwakes, one in Allegan (ph. RBr) and the other at Whitefish Pt (PRa), both on 25 Oct, while Wisconsin re - ported at least four Black-legged Kittiwakes on L. Michigan between 5 & 26 Nov. Sabine's Gull was likewise scarce with only one in Michigan, at First Street Pier, Manistee 7 Nov (BA, LSc) and a total of 3 at Wisconsin Pt. In Minnesota, four Sabine's Gull at Park Pt. 4 Nov (†JPR) represented the latest record of that species in the state. A basic ad. Black-headed Gull at Pte. Mouillee 4 Oct (ph. AMB, ph. ST) was intriguing, since one was seen here last fall. Wisconsin also had one in Sheboygan 11 Nov (†DT). Little Gulls showed well in Michigan with 11 individuals in 8 counties, while Wis - consin had 5 birds in 2 Lake Michigan coun- ties. Minnesota's only report was of a juv. at Warroad W.T.P., Roseau 5-7 Sep (ph. KRE et al.). Reminiscent of the famous flight of Nov 1998, roughly 77 Franklin's Gulls were strewn across 17 Michigan counties after a significant frontal passage on the 12th. Three California Gulls reached Michigan: a 2nd-cycle in Ot - tawa 6-7 Oct (ph. RBr, ph. JMa), and adults in Calhoun 9 Nov (p.a., †DMcW) and Berrien 28 Nov+ (p.a., †ATC, ph. MHy, ph. MBo). Eerily similar to last year, a first-cycle California Gull discovered at the base of Wisconsin Pt. 16 Sep (ph. RJJ) was subsequently found on both sides of the Minnesota/Wisconsin state line at the Superior Entry through 30 Oct (ph. KJB, ph. †PHS, ph. J&LK). Twenty Thayer's Gulls in the Duluth area 28 Nov (PHS) was a good count for fall. Lesser Black-backed Gull continue to increase in our Region, as shown by no fewer than 87 in 19 Michigan counties. First-cycle Glaucous Gulls were early in Ottawa, MI 19 Sep (TPv) and Duluth, MN 3 Oct (ph. JPR, ph. PHS). Whitefish Pt. recorded 3718 Common Terns this fall, including 960 on 1 Sep (ER et of 20 on 16 Aug (DT). Elsewhere in Wiscon - sin, a Black-necked Stilt was at Waukesha 9 Aug (THa). Fourteen American Avocets in 4 Wisconsin counties were under par, but 52 in 9 Michigan counties were near average. In se. Wisconsin, a total of 4 Piping Plovers visited Sheboygan beaches 4-21 Aug (m.ob.), and 25 were found across 10 Michigan counties. Min - nesota's only Piping Plover was at Park Pt. 29 Aug (ph. J&LK). Whimbrel migration was very good in Michigan, with a total of 29 at White - fish Pt. 19 Aug-10 Sep (ER et al.)—doubling the statewide average for fall—and no fewer than 33 seen elsewhere in the Wolverine State. About 11 Red Knots constituted a near aver - age count for Michigan. Wisconsin had singles of the species in Brown 2 Sep (JSw) and Win - nebago 2-11 Sep (SM). The Region's only Ruff was in Renville, MN 8 Aug (ph. MHe). A Purple Sandpiper in Ottawa, MI 2-3 Oct (CSc, ph. CMa) was an early arrival; on-time influxes reached Manitowoc, WI 22-23 Nov (CSo) and Berrien, MI 23-25 Nov (MHy, m.ob.). Normally a rare fall migrant in our Region, extraordinary numbers of White-rumped Sandpipers passed through Michigan. About 15 birds in 9 coun - ties 7 Aug-2 Oct were followed by 1,182 indi- viduals 4 Oct through Nov! The U.P. had 37 birds, w. L.P. had 234 in 13 locations, and e. L.P. had 911 in 19 locations, including a re - cord high count of 802 at Pte. Mouillee 4 Oct (AMB). About 60 Buff-breasted Sandpipers in 19 Michigan counties and 35 in 12 Wisconsin counties were above average. Minnesota re - ported ~218 in 19 counties, including a high count of 67 in Yellow Medicine 2 Aug (DWK). Michigan attracted all 5 of the Region's Western Sandpipers. Singles were at Pte. Mouillee 15 Aug (ph. SAJ, ph. JLo), Marquette 17 Aug (ph. SH), and Muskegon 24 Aug (ph. CDW), fol - lowed by 2 at Pte. Mouillee 5 Sep (AMB). Min- nesota produced a Red Phalarope in Faribault 25-27 Nov (ph. WAF). This species showed well in Michigan for the 3rd consecutive fall with singles in 5 locations. was seen in flight in Winnebago 4 Sep (†TZ). A new high count for Michigan, 20 Cattle Egrets were found at Tiscornia Park, Berrien 21 Oct (RhJ). A cooperative ad. Yellow-crowned Night-Heron showed well in Hennepin, MN 8-14 Aug (ph. LSg). Eleven White-faced Ibises graced Big Stone N.W.R. 3 Aug (DLP), while unidentified Plegadis visited 5 more Minnesota locations, including a late bird in Stearns 14- 15 Nov (DBz, †MJB, FGo, †PCC). Late for the Saginaw Bay area of Michigan was a Plegadis at Shiawassee 10 Nov (REr). Northern Wisconsin recorded a Black Vul - ture, in Bayfield 28 Sep (†BB). Becoming al- most annual in Michigan, single Black Vultures appeared at Prudenville W.T.P., Roscommon 24 Aug (CaB), Filion, Huron 10 Sep (SG); L.E.M.P. 25 Sep (JSt, GN, ph. AS), and the Detroit Zoo 18 Oct-16 Nov (ph. MPo). We can't help but wonder what it was feeding on at the latter site! Michigan welcomed a Swallow-tailed Kite in Clinton 23 Aug-7 Sep (DCu). Exciting for Wis - consin was a potential first breeding record of Mississippi Kite—a homeowner in Rock found an ad. protecting a fledged juv. in need of rehab care 30 Aug. The location was close to the Il - linois state line, so the nest might have been in either state. Essentially annual at Hawk Ridge in fall, a juv. Mississippi Kite 21 Sep (ph. KJB) was late in comparison to previous records there. Rarely detected anywhere in fall, a Yel - low Rail in Alpena, MI 21 Sep (†BA) was an excellent find. A King Rail at Pte. Mouillee 2 Aug (ph. KAd, CPo) probably summered there undetected. Furnishing Minnesota's 4th record of Purple Gallinule was a juv. found injured in west Duluth 23 Oct (A&MK, ph. CF); the bird was brought to Wildwoods Wildlife Re - habilitation and stabilized before being flown to Florida for release (fide BAF). A tardy Com - mon Gallinule was found at Anoka, MN 24 Oct (REH). Common Gallinule numbers peaked at 69 (103 last year) at Shiawassee 9 Sep (JMS). Summering Black-necked Stilts were joined by presumed migrants at Horicon for a party SA Following back-to-back invasions of Snowy Owls, no one anticipated either the magnitude or the timing of an early influx that was apparent in all 3 states. Unlike the last two winters, the earliest arrivals were often weak, starving, or injured. The first Snowy arrived in Marquette, WI 18 Sep (†KK). Ryan Brady summarized the Wisconsin data: "As of November 30, approximately 87 Snowys have been tallied in 40 counties statewide, compared to 76 as of this date in 2014 and 22 in 2013, both of which were large irruption years. However, 65 of this year's 87 came during the October 15-31 period alone, while only 22 new birds were reported in all of November." In Michigan, 38 Snowys arrived in 19 counties the 2nd half of October; 7 of these died the first week and 2 more were rehabilitated and released. No additional birds arrived in Michigan until mid-Nov, and the 14 that did arrive later appeared healthy. At least 10 of roughly 66 reaching Minnesota were found dead or subsequently died, however almost 2/3 of the Minnesota birds arrived during the 2nd half of October, and those that arrived later tended to be older and healthy. One of 2 Vermilion Flycatchers near Richwood, Becker County, Minnesota, 21 October–16 November (here, 6 November) 2015. A third individual was briefly seen at Lutsen this fall, bringing the state total to 5 records. Photo by © Scott B. Meyer.

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