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VOLUME 70 NO1 2017

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 52 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A Garden, Glencoe, Cook 18 Nov (MG) and 70 at Winthrop Harbor, Lake 29 Nov (EE). A rare August Pine Siskin was at Fort Harrison S.P., Marion, IN 12 Aug (ph. RJS). Siskins seen at a DuPage backyard 3-5 Aug (VM) and at Can - tigny Park, Wheaton, DuPage 8 Aug (JC, GP, KW, et al.) became the earliest on record for Illinois. An Eurasian Tree Sparrow in Kendall, IL 18 Oct (SJ) was away from known areas for the species. Contributors cited (subregional editors in boldface): Andrew S. Aldrich, Jill S. Anderson, David K. Antieau, Delano Z. Arvin, Amar A. Ayyash, Tim Balassie, Michael J. Baum, Tom & Colleen Becker, Andrew Belt (ABt), Adam Be - tuel, J.K. Bland, H. David Bohlen, Aaron Boone (ABo), Gary Bowman, Ron Bradley, Kenneth J. Brock (Indiana), Julie Brown, Michael R. Brown, Maury H. Brucker, Brad Bumgardner, Oliver Burrus, Pat & Larry Caldwell, Jim H. Campbell, Joan Campbell, Nat Carmichael, John K. Cassady, Gordon L. Chastain, Paul Clifford, Dan Collins, Don Coons (DCs), Brian Cunningham, Matthew M. Cvetas, Keri Dear - born, Bob Decker, Richard J. DeCoster, Clayton Delancey (CDy), Henry Detwiler, Colin Dob - son, Steve & Denise Doctor, J. Barny Dunning, Joseph W. Eades, Ethan Ellis, Joshua I. Engel, Sarah Fischer, Robert E. Fisher, Jim Forde, Allee Forsberg, Tyler D. Funk, Urs W. Geiser, Doug Gerbracht (DGt), Andrew Gilbert, Carl Giometti, Nathan R. Goldberg, Don Gorney, Terri Gorney, Joel Greenberg, Brendan J. Gru - be, Peter B. Grube, Mary Gustafson, Chris Gut- mann (CGn), Ethan Gyllenhaal, James A. Haw, Cloyce Hedge, Jim & Susan Hengeveld, Jed B. Hertz, Frank R. Holmes, N. Huber, Steven J. Huggins, Robert D. Hughes, Bob Huguenard, Matthew Igleski, David B. Johnson (Illinois), Scott Johnson, Davida Kalina, Dan M. Kasse - baum, Amy Kearns, John C. Kendall, Vernon M. Kleen, Brendon Lake, Gregory S. Lambeth, Corey Lange, Gary Langell, John P. Leonard, Steven L. Lima, John & Karen Lindsey, Wendi (C.B.C.M.). Also late was a Magnolia Warbler at Chicago's Grant Park 25 Nov (ph. TS). The 100 Blackpoll Warblers logged at Eagle Cr. 22 Sep (GLC) provided Indiana's largest ever fall count, and one reported at Bloomington, Mon - roe 28 Oct (ABt) was Indiana's latest ever. Re- cord early for s. Illinois was a Palm Warbler at Carbondale Res., Jackson 22 Aug (HD). On the late side was a Palm Warbler at Montrose 30 Nov (MMC). An early Yellow-rumped Warbler was at Lyman Woods, DuPage, IL 7 Aug (ph. PC). A Yellow-rumped Warbler in juv. plum - age, rare in the Region, was seen at Eagle Cr. 20-23 Sep (DG, ph. JB). A Yellow-throated Warbler at Peoria, Peoria, IL 12 Oct (MHB) was tardy. A Wilson's Warbler noted at Chicago's Lincoln Park 12 Aug (GAW et al.) was early; one seen in Lincoln Park 9 Nov (MI) was late. Indiana's fourth Green-tailed Towhee was at Tern Bar Slough, Gibson, IN 27 Nov+ (GB, DC, ph. ES). The lone Spotted Towhee report was of a male at Greene Valley F.P., DuPage, IL 16 Oct (REF). An astounding assemblage of 400+ Chipping Sparrows at Reuben Albeen Park in Rockford, Winnebago, IL 15 Oct (KML) nearly doubled the state's prior record high count from 32 years ago. Aside from two win - ter records, the Clay-colored Sparrow noted at Chicago's Lincoln Park 26 Nov (ph. SJH) was Illinois's latest among just seven Nov records, including another late bird in Sangamon 6 Nov (HDB). A Le Conte's Sparrow found stunned at Chicago's McCormick Place 24 Aug (DEW) was exceptionally early, while 10 at Mauvaise Terre L., Morgan, IL 17 Oct (CD, CL) consti - tuted a notably large count. At Limberlost Swamp, where 3 Nelson's Sparrows furnished a first record for Adams, IN 8 Oct (JAH), several Nelson's continued to be seen through 12 Oct with the peak count being 5 on 10 Oct (RJS). A lingering Scarlet Tanager was logged in Tippe - canoe, IN 29 Oct (DZA). A late Rose-breasted Grosbeak was noted at River Grove, Cook, IL 6 Nov (ph. SSz). Two late, female-plumage Blue Grosbeaks were found near Somerville, Gib - son, IN 10 Oct (ES). Quite early was a Rusty Blackbird at Montrose 12 Sep (ASA, LGM). Two Brewer's Blackbirds near Jamestown, IN 23 Nov (CH) provided a first record for Boone. A Bullock's Oriole that visited a Cook, IL back - yard 14 Oct (ph. JSA) provided just the third accepted record for Illinois. Several late Balti - more Orioles were reported in Indiana, the lat- est an imm./fem. that was photographed at a Vincennes, Knox feeder 20-21 Nov (fide GB). An early Purple Finch was noted at Montrose 21 Aug (DKA). Red Crossbills were reported from 10 Illinois locations. Illinois saw its best fall numbers of Common Redpolls in 22 years, aside from the major invasion of 2013. Peak counts included 85 at the Chicago Botanic Woodridge, DuPage, IL 23 Nov+ (ph. UWG) were very late. A Worm-eating Warbler found in Carmel, Hamilton, IN 6 Oct (BC) was late to depart. An excellent fall for Golden-winged Warblers was exemplified by totals of 5 at Mount St. Francis Sanctuary, Floyd, IN 28 Aug (DS) and 6 at Christy Woods, Delaware, IN 4 Sep (CDy, SF). Late Black-and-white Warblers included one in Lawrence, IN 26 Oct (AK) and another at Thatcher Woods F.P., Cook, IL 30 Oct (JSA et al.). A Nashville Warbler at Chicago's Lincoln Park 7 Aug (LGM) was rather early, while one at Carmel, Hamilton, IN 23 Nov (BC) was late. An ad. male Common Yellowthroat at Dixon 29 Nov (DFS) was quite late, though stragglers into winter occasionally occur. Late American Redstarts included one at Montrose 13 Nov (LGM) and one at L. Monroe, Monroe, IN 15 Nov (RW). Also late was an imm. female Cerulean Warbler at Springfield, Sangamon, IL 25 Sep (HDB). Two ad. and 2 begging, fledgling Northern Parulas at Mount St. Francis Sanctu - ary, Floyd 11 Sep (DS) represented Indiana's lat- est successful nesting attempt on record. Late Northern Parulas included 2 photographed at Bendix Park, South Bend, IN 19 Nov (AF) and a building-strike casualty at Chicago 8 Nov Very scarce in the fall, this Smith's Longspur in west-central Indiana 11 November was the first fall bird that was physi- cally documented in the state. Photo by © Michael R. Brown. One does not often see Ovenbirds in the snow! This one, at Woodridge, IL 23 November, was one of two late individuals. Photo by © Urs Geiser. Clay-colored Sparrows are unexpected late in Nov. This bird, seen 26 November at Chicago, was one of the latest ever for Illinois. Photo by © Steve Huggins.

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