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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 51 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A past Mich. City 18 Nov (BJG, PBG), more than tripling Indiana's previous high count of 5. A Brown Creeper at White Pines Forest S.P., Ogle, IL 17 Aug (KD) was early. A Blue-gray Gnat - catcher lingered at Muirhead Springs F.P., Kane, IL 25 Oct (WL). Golden-crowned Kinglets arrived early, with individuals at Chicago 11 Sep (S&DD) and at Montrose 12 Sep (ASA). Early Ruby-crowned Kinglets were detected at Charleston S.P., Clark, IN 25 Aug (T&CB) and Evanston, Cook, IL 25 Aug (RJD). A Townsend's Solitaire was recorded at West Beach, Porter, IN 22 Nov+ (AR, DG et al.) and another was at Crabtree Nature Center, Cook, IL 7 Nov (ASn). A notable total of 25 Gray- cheeked Thrushes was banded at Sand Bluff B.O., Shirland, Winnebago, IL 19 Sep (JCL). A very early ad. Swainson's Thrush in heavy molt was banded at Morgan-Monroe S.F., Mon - roe, IN 10 Aug (ph. PRu fide JKR). Swainson's Thrushes that were building strike casualties at Chicago 7 & 15 Nov (C.B.C.M.) provided two of the latest fall migration dates for Illinois. Quite impressive was the count of 132 Hermit Thrushes at Chicago's Grant Park 7 Oct (DFS). A Wood Thrush at Carpentersville, Kane, IL 4 Nov (OB) was tardy. The Region's lone Varied Thrush was a bird visiting a Kane, IL home 29 Nov+ (ph. MM, ph. DW, m.ob.). American Pipits at Emiquon 4 Sep (AG) and at Winthrop Harbor, Lake, IL 6 Sep (EWW) were early. A Bohemian Waxwing was heard as a flyby at West Beach, Porter, IN 28 Nov (BB). Illinois's second largest count ever of Cedar Waxwings consisted of 3190 birds at Chicago's Burnham Park 8 Sep (JIE, DFS et al.). An early Lapland Longspur appeared at Winthrop Harbor, Lake IL 13 Sep (EWW). A Smith's Longspur was photographed in Sullivan 11 Nov (MRB), fur - nishing Indiana's ninth fall record. WARBLERS THROUGH FINCHES An Ovenbird at Chicago's Lincoln Park 14-26 Nov (JIN, ph. GP, EG, m.ob.) and another in at Tonica, LaSalle 20-21 Oct (JP, ph. JMr) pro - vided Illinois's earliest arrivals in 31 years. Bur- rowing Owls are quite rare in the Region; one at Groveland Twp., LaSalle, IL 19-20 Oct (ph. DCs) was a fortuitous find. At the Sand Bluff B.O. in Shirland, Winnebago, IL 24 Northern Saw-whet Owls were banded 16 Oct (fide JCL). An incredible 8855 Common Nighthawks were tallied from a Chicago rooftop 3 Sep (SJH), Il - linois's second highest count ever. A very late-staying Ruby-throated Hum - mingbird was at a feeder in White, IL 11 Nov+ (SS, ph. RES). An ad. male Rufous Humming - bird was photographed in Perry, IN 20 Sep (P&LC). An early Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was found dead at Chicago 6 Sep (C.B.C.M.). Very unusual for Aug was a Prairie Falcon photographed at Goose Pond 28 Aug (JM) with speculation high that the record might involve an escaped falconer's bird. A Prairie Falcon re - turned to Coles, IL 8 Nov+ (ph. TDF, m.ob.) and was joined by a second bird 13 Nov+ (ph. TDF, m.ob.), marking the fourth straight fall that the species has been at that location. FLYCATCHERS THROUGH WAXWINGS Late empids included a Yellow-bellied Fly- catcher in Newton, IN 9 Oct (DGt), another at Carlyle 4 Oct (DMK), and an Acadian Flycatch - er at Forsythe Park, Lake 6 Oct (JKC), the latter providing a new late date for Indiana. Western Kingbirds were found n. of Boonville, Warrick, IN 30 Aug (JMg) and near L. Wawasee 22 Sep (JL), a first for Kosciusko, IN. Unusual were 2 at Chicago's Lincoln Park 2 Sep (GAW et al.), and one at Illinois Beach 8 Oct (PWS et al.) was late. The only Scissor-tailed Flycatcher reported was in Scott, IL 30 Aug (MJB, m.ob.). It was a down year for Northern Shrikes in Indiana, though noteworthy were 2 found at Universal Mine, Vermillion 29 Nov (MRB). A late White-eyed Vireo was banded at the Lin - coln Land Community College, Sangamon, IL 14 Nov (ph. JMq, VMK). The 31 Bell's Vireos logged in Warrick 28 Aug (JHC) provid - ed Indiana's second largest autumn tally. Part of a fine flight of Blue-headed Vir - eos, the 11 recorded at Indiana Dunes S.P., Porter 6 Oct (BJG) furnished In - diana's highest ever fall count, and one seen at Eagle Slough, Vanderburgh, IN 10 Nov (JMg) was late. A Northern Rough- winged Swallow at L. Charleston, Coles 30 Nov+ (ph. RB) was Illinois's second latest ever. Single Cave Swallows at Illinois Beach's north unit 7 Nov (ph. BL), south unit 20 Nov (ph. NC, †AFS), and north unit 20 Nov (†JPL, ph. GEN, †AOS) added to just four prior accepted records for Illinois. Notable were 16 Cave Swallows that flew westward count of 3550 Bonaparte's Gulls was logged at Brookville Res., Franklin 21 Nov (BS). A sea - sonally rare, inland Little Gull was found at Whitewater S.P., Union, IN 14 Nov (DR), and another was at L. Shelbyville, Moultrie, IL 18 Oct–7 Nov (TAM, ph. TDF, m.ob.). Impres - sive numbers of Franklin's Gull included 334 at Rend L., Jefferson, IL 24 Oct (DDM), 250 at Winthrop Harbor, Lake, IL 12 Nov (AOS) and 203 at Cane Ridge W.M.A., Gibson, IN 12 Nov (ES). The presumed Laughing Gull X Ring- billed Gull that has frequented se. Chicago in recent years was noted there 7 Aug (CAT). An ad. Slaty-backed Gull was noted on the Mis - sissippi R. in Rock Island, IL 25 Nov (ph. JF). A Common Tern at L. Shelbyville, Moultrie, IL 19 Oct–3 Nov (RB, m.ob.) was late as were 2 Forster's Terns at Carlyle L., Clinton, IL 26 Nov (DMK) and 2 at Crab Orchard N.W.R., Wil - liamson, IL 30 Nov+ (DDM). A Royal Tern was present at Waukegan, Lake, IL 19-20 Aug (ph. AM, ph. PWS, JSt, AOS) providing the fourth accepted record for Illinois. Remarkably, Common Ground-Doves oc - curred at two separate locations in Illinois, adding to just four prior records. One made Chicago's Lincoln Park Zoo its home 6-20 Nov (MI, ph. GAW, m.ob.). The other was a dead bird found at Bloomington, McLean 18 Oct (*RM). A record high fall count of 12 Yellow- billed Cuckoos was secured at Oakwood Bot - toms, Jackson, IL 20 Aug (HD) while 10 at Springfield, Sangamon, IL 23 Sep (CL) was also an exceptional count. Barn Owls are rare away from known locations in the s. tier, making no - table 2 found dead on a road at Sharpsburg, Christian, IL 7 Sep (ph. KV), one mobbed by crows at Chicago 7 Nov (ph. SJH), and another found at Champaign, Champaign, IL 29 Nov (ph. GSL). Three Snowy Owls from Indiana and 13 from Illinois were reported, making for an impressive early influx of the species. A Snowy Owl in Will 20 Oct (CGn) and one Slaty-backed Gulls are very rare in the Region, but sightings of the species are increasing. This individual was on the Missis- sippi River in Rock Island, IL 25 November. Photo by © Jim Forde. Following a two-year hiatus in Indiana, this Townsend's Solitaire was seen by many at West Beach on Indiana's Lake Michigan lakefront (here 25 November), remaining through the end of the season. Photo by © Peter B. Grube.

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