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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 50 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A Oct (LO). A Semipalmated Sandpiper at Mau- vaise Terre L., Brown, IL 1 Nov (CD) was also late. A Wilson's Phalarope in basic plumage at Eagle Marsh, Allen 3 Nov (EP) constituted Indiana's first Nov record. Single Red-necked Phalaropes at Goose Pond 29 Oct (AK, GL) and at Prairie Cr. Res., Delaware, IN 30 Oct (DG) were also very late. Inland Red Phalaropes were found at Kingsbury F.W.A., LaPorte, IN 4-6 Oct (BH, m.ob.) and at Prairie Cr. Res., Delaware, IN 30-31 Oct (DG et al.). Three were noted in Illinois, including an early individual in Will 17-18 Aug (DK, m.ob.). JAEGERS THROUGH FALCONS A lack of productive fronts in Sep yielded an overall low total of jaegers with 17 in Indiana and 5 in Illinois. The Region's only Pomarine Jaeger was at Mich. City on the early date of 25 Sep (JCK). A Parasitic Jaeger at Waukegan, Lake, IL 13 Sep was nicely photographed (ph. † AM). The only Long-tailed Jaeger of the season was at Miller 9 Sep (JKC, JG, JCK, & KJB). Only 3 Black-legged Kittiwakes were re - ported in Indiana, while one at Montrose 13 Nov (ph. GAW, RDH, LGM) was the only one from Illinois. Rather surprising was that only 3 Sabine's Gulls were reported in the Re - gion, all in Indiana. An Indiana record inland hosted 9-10 Piping Plovers this season. A Soli - tary Sandpiper that lingered at Freeman Kame- Meagher F.P., Kane 23 Oct – 1 Nov (ph. PR, WL) provided Illinois's record late departure date. An excellent flight of Greater Yellowlegs included a tally of 127 at Goose Pond 29 Oct (AK, GL), Indiana's highest ever fall count. By contrast, Willets were recorded in very low numbers, the peak counts consisting of 14 at Mich. City 9 Aug (J&KL) and 11 at Montrose 9 Aug (AT). A total of 22 Whimbrels made for a good season and included 8 at Miller 11 Sep (DG, ABo) and 2 at Chicago's Park No. 566 on 29 Sep (CG). An amazing 46 Hudsonian Godwits were seen at Chau 23 Aug (TAM et al.), and an additional 24 or so other "Hudwits" passed through Illinois; late to depart were singles at Brookville Res., Union, IN 26 Oct (BD) and in nw. Iroquois, IL 10-14 Nov (JBH m.ob.). Of the 14-17 Marbled Godwits reported, the last were singles 17 Oct at Universal Mine, Vermillion, IN (SLL) and at Spunky Bottoms, Brown, IL (CD, CL). A juv. Baird's Sandpiper lingered at Sang - chris L. S.P. Sangamon/Christian, IL 12-25 Nov (HDB). An excellent count of 33 Buff-breasted Sandpipers was obtained at Yorkville, Kane, IL 4 Aug (SJH, NRG), and at least 10 other reports from Illinois reached double digits. A late Buff- breasted was at Brookville Res., Union, IN 21 One that appeared near Whiteland, IN during mid-Aug provided a first record for Johnson, photographed and reported on a non-birding Facebook page 29 Aug (KM fide JT). It was seen in the area the following day (AR, DG) but not subsequently. Two were photographed in nw. Harrison, IN 29 Aug (C&TR) and were seen by many through 9 Sep. The third location involved another long-staying bird, this one at Champaign, Champaign, IL 24 Aug–7 Sep (ph. WLy, m.ob.). An unexpected ad. Mississippi Kite appeared near Howe, IN 20 Aug (SP) fur - nishing a first record for LaGrange. In the n. tier, where the species is unusual, Mississippi Kites were last seen near the Rockford, Winnebago, IL nesting area 1 Sep (JCL), and single migrants were recorded at the Illinois Beach hawk watch 15 Sep (JSt et al.) and 18 Sep (PWS et al.). An impressive 409 Red-tailed Hawks passed Illinois Beach 7 Nov (PWS et al.). A Harlan's Red-tailed Hawk noted in Tazewell, IL 29 Nov was thought to be an individual returning to a known wintering area (MJW); another was at Goose Pond late Oct+ (ph. VWW). A Yellow Rail flushed from the Walmart Miti - gation Area at Lafayette, Tippecanoe, IN 13 Oct (JS). Two Yellow Rails were casualties of build - ing strikes at Chicago, one found 8 Sep and the other 17 Oct (C.B.C.M.). Among several sight - ings of King Rails in Indiana was a peak count of 3 birds at T.N.C. Kankakee Sands, Newton 13 Aug (JBH). The only Illinois report was of a bird in Will 1 Aug (SZ, DZ). A Common Gal - linule at Emiquon 1 Nov (CD, CL) was rather late. A very large total of 28,500 American Coots was recorded at Dixon 28 Oct (DFS). A sum of 130 Black-necked Stilts in Ran - dolph, IL 28 Aug (DDM) was noteworthy. Five in St. Clair, IL 24 Sep (KAM) were late to depart. Part of a fine flight of American Avocets, 32 at Miller 19 Sep (AAA et al.) tied Indiana's high count. A bird at Limberlost Swamp, Adams 30 Nov (TG) was Indiana's latest ever. The Region SA An unprecedented flight of White-rumped Sandpipers was likely caused by a station- ary high pressure cell anchored east of Hudson Bay starting in late September. This "blocking high" prevented the typical west-to-east wind flow pattern, which was replaced by a powerful northeast wind that blew almost continuously from September 29 through Octo - ber 5. This weather pattern apparently diverted southbound White-rumped Sandpipers from the Atlantic coast to the Midwest. Indiana's previous one-day high count for White-rumped Sandpiper (50) was broken three times: 83 were tallied at Pine Creek Gamebird Habitat Area, Benton 13 Oct (LN, FS), before 103 and 126 were logged at Goose Pond 15 Oct and 21 Oct, respectively (AK). There were but four previous fall records reaching double digits in Illinois, three of those barely (10, 11, 13) with the all-time high count being 60. This fall, 21 different Illinois locations logged double-digit counts of White-rumped Sandpipers, with six of those breaking the old record. Top tallies that set new state high counts for any season were 500 at Chau 10 Oct (CD) and 225 there 6 Oct (KBR), along with 200 at Emiquon 13 Oct (AG). Other tallies in excess of the old fall Illinois high count included 145 at Two Rivers N.W.R., Calhoun 9 Oct (EWW); 100 at L. Shelbyville, Moultrie 24 Oct (EWW); 72 at Yorkville, Kendall 11 Oct (JV, LV); 72 at Upper Mississippi N.W.R., Carroll 10 Oct (EWW); and 70 at Rend L., Franklin 12 Oct (DDM). The flight of White-rumpeds continued well into Nov with 3 reported in Allen, IN (PW) and one in Vermillion, IN (SLL) 14 Nov, furnishing Indiana's second lat - est records, while one in Kankakee, IL 23-26 Nov (ph. JBH) provided Illinois's second latest record. Part of an unusual fall influx of White-rumped Sandpipers, this bird seen 23-26 November (here 23) in Kankakee, IL was one of the last to depart. Photo by © Jed Hertz. This Solitary Sandpiper, seen here 23 October in Kane, IL, remained to 1 November and set a record late departure date for Illinois. Photo by © Patrick Ricketson.

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