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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 48 E A S T E R N H I G H L A N D S & U P P E R O H I O R I V E R VA L L E Y showing for the species. More interesting were those in Preston, WV 10-11 Oct (up to 2; ph. David Daniels), in Barbour, WV 8-14 Oct (2; ph. Joe Hildreth, David Daniels, Randy Bod - kins, m.ob.), and in Mason, WV 15 Oct (1; Mike Griffith). Four Ohio Clay-colored Spar - rows appeared as single birds 23 Sep–3 Nov (ph. Kenn Kaufman, Ken Andrews, m.ob.). Resident Lark Sparrows in Ohio remained to 3 Sep in Greene (Stefan Minnig), while an un - expected migrant was found at Little Indian Creek W.M.A., Monongalia, WV 17 Sep (Derek Courtney). The lone Harris Sparrow was re - ported in Ottawa, OH 10-11 Nov (ph. Kenn Kaufman, ph. Ryan Jacob). A Summer Tanager appeared at a Cuyahoga, OH feeder 21 Nov (ph. Gale Wulker). A fem. Summer Tanager appeared at Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, Berks 15 Sep (Rudy Keller). An ad. M. Western Tanager turned up at a feeder in State College, Centre 21 Nov and lingered through the end of the period (Darla Snyder, Dick Snyder). A Scarlet Tanager was at Peni - tentiary Glen Reservation, Lake, OH 19-20 Nov (Andy Avram, Tom Frankel). Single Brew - er's Blackbirds in Ohio were located in Han- cock 26 Nov (Robert Sams) and in Trumbull 18 Oct (Jon Cefus, Ben Morrison). A Common Redpoll in Geauga 18 Oct (Linda Gilbert) was at the vanguard of a modest flight in Ohio. A flock of 23 in Erie 17 Nov was the high count along the L. Erie shoreline while 14 reached Killdeer Plains W.M.A., Wyandot 29 Nov (ph. Shawn Kurtzman et al.). A small scattering of Red Crossbills was the only indication of a finch flight this fall, and single reports of both White-winged Crossbill and Evening Gros - beak underscored the lack of movement in those species. Acknowledgments: Special thanks to Geoff Malosh for his help in compiling reports via the journal Pennsylvania Birds. Observers: David Allen, Seth Ausubel, David Barber, Debbie Beer, Bruce Carl, Jack Chail - let, Shawn Collins, Kevin Crilley, David Eberly, Mike Epler, Devich Farbotnik, Todd Fellen - baum, Carl Garner, Dale Gearhart, Al Guar- ente, Brian Henderson, Rudy Keller, Meredith Lombard, Geoff Malosh, Andy McGann, Jerry McWilliams, Anna Mindel, Ted Nichols II, Mary Normandia, Bill Oyler, Aidan Place, Tom Raub, Ann Reeves, Barbara Rehrig, Rich Rehrig, Kenneth Reiker, Rick Robinson, Pablo Santon - ja, Darla Snyder, Dick Snyder, Don Snyder. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Victor W. Fazio, III, 18722 Newell Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122 • Tom Johnson, 24 Meadowood Drive, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania 17036 • Heights. Many observers documented the spe- cies through Sep. with a high count of 18 on the 13th (Jeff Harvey). This represents a new fall high count for Ohio. Rarely detected away from the 'heights' of e. Cuyahoga, 2 were docu - mented in the vicinity of Cleveland Hopkins International Airport 14 Oct (Elizabeth Mc - Quaid). A Northern Shrike reached Monon- galia, WV 8 Nov (ph. Kyle Aldinger) for the southernmost report in the region. An above average fallout of Cave Swallows in Ohio yielded 3 in Huron, Erie (Jen Brum - field, Dan Gesauldo, ph. Vic Fazio, m.ob.), 1 at Sherod Park, Erie 20 Nov (Jen Brumfield et al.), and up to 13 at Cleveland lakefront sites 18-19 Nov (Jen Brumfield, ph. Chuck Slusarczyk, m.ob.). Especially rare away from L. Erie in Ohio, singles were at LaDue Res., Geauga 21 Nov (Tom Frankel, Dick Hoopes, m.ob.) and on the Cuyahoga R., Cuyahoga Valley N.P., Summit 20 Nov (Dwight and Ann Chasar). The mid-Aug appearance by Ameri - can Pipits within the region, often 3 weeks before the expected arrival, continues to con - found observers. This season singles appeared in Erie, PA 13-14 Aug (Carl Engstrom), coin - cident with 4 in Mahoning, OH 13 Aug (Bob Lane et al.). These were followed by singles in Lancaster, PA 17 Aug (Deuane Hoffman), Lebanon, PA 18 Aug (Ted Nichols II), and in Wayne, OH 28-31 Aug (Dave Chase, Bob Lane et al., Jeff Harvey, Gary Bush). Late season warblers were largely absent from checklists. A Yellow Warbler on the L. Erie shoreline in Lake, OH 7-11 Nov (Gustino Lanese, John Pogacnik, m.ob.) and a Prairie Warbler nearby in Lake, OH 17 Nov (Jerry Talkington, Cory Chiappone) were the excep - tions in Ohio. A Blue-winged Warbler was described from Kanawha, WV 12 Nov (eBird record). A Black-throated Gray Warbler in a Berkeley, WV yard 14 Oct (ph. Paul Safford) was about the fifth fall record for the region. Henslow's Sparrow typically depart the re - gion by late September, yet a widespread push in mid-Oct matched the monthly total for the past decade in Ohio. This passage movement produced records in Auglaize 10 Oct (ph. Josh King), in Miami 10 Oct (Michael Brush), in Pickaway 17 Oct (Melanie Shuter), in Union 18 Oct (ph. Irina Shulgina) and culminated with 4 at Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park, Franklin 22 Oct (ph. Irina Shulgina, Matt Orebaugh). Similarly, 2 were in Tucker, WV 8 Oct (Randy Bodkins). Eight Le Conte's Sparrows, from as many counties through Ohio 16 Oct–7 Nov (ph. Carl Winstead, ph. Bill Stanley et al.) was on par with recent years. The 27+ Nel - son's Sparrow, led by 6 in Lake 5-6 Oct (ph. Jeremy Dominguez, ph. Leslie Sours, m.ob.) across the glaciated plains of Ohio was a fair Bay S.P., Lucas, OH peaked with 188 birds 15 Aug (John Habig). The site also hosted 1300 Common Terns 29 Sep (Matt Kemp). Forster's Terns were still numerous into Nov along L. Erie with 34 at East Harbor S.P., Ottawa, OH 3 Nov (Vic Fazio). One lingered in Cleveland to 28 Nov (Hallie Mason). Ohio Snowy Owl reports were limited to one in Lucas 26-27 Nov (Tom Kemp, ph. Les - lie Sours, m.ob.) and one in Cleveland 29-30 Nov (Jen Brumfield, ph. Sally Isacco, m.ob.). Two Snowy Owls were found this period in Pennsyvania as well. One was early in the sea - son in Lebanon, Lebanon 24 Oct (m. obs.); the second was at Presque Isle, Erie 24 Nov (Roger Donn, Jerry McWilliams). Owl banding efforts this season revealed low numbers of Northern Saw-whet Owls moving through long-studied areas across the south-central part of the state such as Schuylkill (Scott Weidensaul). Up to 3 Chimney Swifts along the Cleveland lakefront in the first week of Nov were exceptional. The last sighting came 7 Nov with 2 remaining (Tyler Ficker, Anna Rose). Although annual into the first week of Oct, the 19 reports of Ruby-throated Hummingbird in Ohio for the month were astonishing. One documented 11-25 Nov in Hancock, OH (ph. Robert Sams) was among the latest for the state. A lackluster showing was produced by Selasphorus hum - mingbirds, with one in Richland, OH 23-26 Nov (Alex Eberts, ph. Sarah Lucas) and in Holmes, OH 29 Nov to e.o.p. (banded Al - len Chartier, Hallie Mason). Eight individual Rufous Hummingbirds were found in eight different counties in Pennsylvania. A White- winged Dove in Tucker, WV 3 Sep–17 Oct (Casey Rucker, ph. David Daniels, m.ob.) was a first fall record for the state. FLYCATCHERS THROUGH FINCHES When an Empidonax flycatcher appeared at Gettysburg College, Adams 6-16 Nov, the bird's identity was initially unclear until care - ful study revealed it to be a Least Flycatcher. Meanwhile, another Least Flycatcher was found in Cumberland on 11 Nov. It should be emphasized that while Pennsylvania has a strong track record with western vagrant Empidonax, Least Flycatcher is still the spe - cies most often documented in late fall in the state. A Western Kingbird was in Palmerton, Carbon, PA 11-27 Oct (Barbara Rehrig, Rich Rehrig). The only report of Common Raven in Ohio away from its strongholds in Harri - son and Jefferson was a bird in Athens 7 Sep (Stefan Gleissberg). Not too surprising as they have appeared in adjacent Washington several times in the past. A new location for Fish Crow within the eastern Cuyahoga, OH enclave was established at a shopping center in Garfield

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