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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 46 E A S T E R N H I G H L A N D S & U P P E R O H I O R I V E R VA L L E Y almost inevitable that one would show up here before long, but the record was still remark - able nonetheless. An Anhinga straddled the Delaware/ Philadelphia county line at Heinz NWR with initial sightings on 12 Aug (David Allen, Anna Mindel), 23 Aug, and 18 Sep, and then frequent sightings 23 Sep – 23 Oct. Other sightings of Anhinga in Pennsylvania during the period lacked documentation. With high water engulfing much of the shorebird habitat along L. Erie, inland sites fared much better for American Avocets, pro - ducing one of the more widespread flights seen in Ohio. A dozen sites accounted for 20 birds compared to just 7 for L. Erie. The inland flocks were led by 5 at Findlay Res., Hancock 24 Aug (ph. Jeremy Dominguez, Sarah Lucas, ph. Robert Sams), 4 at Deer Creek S.P., Picka - way 23 Sep (Melanie Shuter, Marcia Brehmer), and 4 in Delaware 20 Aug (Robert Batterson). Scarce within the Allegheny foothills, one was in Mahoning, OH 10-11 Aug (Jeff Harvey, ph. William Jones, ph. John Petruzzi) and on the Ohio R. in Mason, WV 17 and 21 Oct (Mike Griffith, Gary Rankin et al.). A long-staying Pip - ing Plover was present 12-20 Aug at Conneaut, Ashtabula (ph. Sally Isacco, ph. Tom Frankel, ph. John Games, Hallie Mason, m.ob.), an important stop-over site for the species. Ohio Upland Sandpipers remaining on breeding grounds in Harrison, OH were last spied 9-15 Aug (4; Scott Pendleton). Migrants were quite scarce, being detected as singles in Hancock 23 Aug (Robert Sams et al.), in Seneca 9 Aug (Vic Fazio), in Franklin 9 Sep (Shane Coulter), and in Cuyahoga 13 Sep (Marty Celebrese). Ohio Whimbrels along L. Erie totaled just 8 birds 1 Aug–12 Sep. The only inland report came from Wayne 22 Aug (Kent Miller, m.ob.). A Hudsonian God - wit visited the same Wayne site 12 Sep (Ken and Helen Ostermiller) for the only in - land Ohio report. Three or four singles were at expect - ed sites within the Western Basin marshes but the flock of 110+ birds coursing over the highway in Ottawa 4 Sep created a shocking sight. The line, coming in off L. Erie ahead of strong frontal bound, were all the more striking against the dark and angry clouds (Vic Fazio). The only Central ba - sin report involved 3 birds in Lorain 3 Oct (ph. Ed Wransky, Patricia McKelvey et al.). Four Hudsonian in Geauga (Kelly Kozlowski) was still note - worthy. Documented Golden Eagles in Ohio included a county first in Champaign 8 Nov (ph. Eric Elvert, Skylar Frary) and one migrat - ing over Holmes 22 Nov (Eli Miller). A light morph Swainson's Hawk was seen passing Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, Berks, PA on 4 Oct (David Barber, Pablo Santonja). A remarkably cooperative juv. Swainson's Hawk put on a show foraging on grasshoppers in a field near Walnut Creek, Holmes, OH. During its stay 17-20 Sep (Eli Miller, ph. Jon Cefus, ph. Kent Miller, ph. Carl Winstead, ph. Joe Hammond, m.ob.), it entertained several hundred birders from across the state, as the few prior records for the state consisted of brief looks at passage birds in spring migration. The only King Rail was detected at De - coy Marsh, Sandusky, OH 16-21 Aug (Kenn Kaufman, Paul Sherwood, m.ob.). A late Sora was heard within the Cuyahoga N.P., Cuyahoga, OH 5 Nov (Doug Marcum) while another in sw. OH in Clark, 9 Nov (Eric Elvert) was ob - served swimming "15 yards from shore". A Common Gallinule lingered at East Harbor S.P., Ottawa, OH 18 Nov (ph. Vic Fazio). The Sandhill Crane flight over Ohio had barely ma - terialized by the end of the season, with high counts being of 161 in Greene 20 Nov (Dan Enders) and 140 over Paulding the same day (Micki Dunakin). The bulk of the fall flight now awaits early winter. A Brown Booby was at Penn Warner Tract, Bucks, PA from 14-17 Nov and represents a first record for Pennsylvania (Devich Farbot - nik). A perplexing surge of extralimital Brown Booby records in North America made it feel Al Guarente).A wayward Cattle Egret in Cabell, WV 30 Sep (Mike Griffith ) was only about the ninth fall report for the upper Ohio R, while a flock of 22 that set down at Carillon Historical Park, Montgomery 21 Oct (ph. Chris Zacharias, ph. Eric Elvert, Christopher Collins, Jacob Roalef, Ron Bicknell) was completely without precedent. Despite Aug records of 79 and Sep of 40, previously no more than 6 had appeared in an Oct flock within Ohio. Late season birds included 2 at Ottawa N.W.R., Lucas, OH 18 Oct (Mark Wilis). An injured Green Heron persisted at a marsh within the Cuyahoga Val - ley N.P., Cuyahoga, OH 2-30 Nov (ph. Jon Ce- fus, Ned DeLamatre, m.ob.). One lingered at Independence Marsh, Beaver, PA 4 Nov (Mat - thew Juskowich). Unidentified Plegadis ibis appeared in Ohio at Mosquito Creek W.A., Trumbull, OH 17-18 Oct (1; ph. Dick Hoopes, ph. Tom Frankel, Jon Cefus, m.ob.), at Magee Marsh W.A., Lucas 2 Sep (2; Edward Pullen), and at Maumee Bay S.P., Lucas 29 Sep (5; Matt Kemp). Two White Ibis were found in Penn - sylvania this period. One was at a fairly normal date of 1 Aug at Heinz NWR, Philadelphia after continuing from July (m. ob.). An adult was at Green Lane, Montgomery 17-21 Oct (Kevin Crilley). VULTURES THROUGH DOVES Surging Black Vulture populations seem to be moving north along the major highways, I71 in the east and I75/Rt 68 in the west. West - ern edge reports included 2 in Logan 15 Aug (Steve Jones) and a second county location 19 Nov (Keith Tollenaere). One was discovered in adjacent Shelby 23 Nov (Paul Sherwood). Now ensconced just 30 miles s. of L. Erie in Medina (Debbie Parker, Josh Stapleton), one ventured to North Royal - ton, Cuyahoga 27 Sep (Kurt Grenig). Further evidence of the population increase is seen at the famous Ath - ens, OH vulture roost. De- cades long occupancy by Turkey Vultures seemed to prevent a barrier to in - cursion by Black Vultures since the first fall appear - ance of the species there in 2006. This season, however saw a high count of 40 on 18 Oct (Stefan Gleissberg) growing to 50 on 26 Nov (ph. David Kurtz). Os - preys now linger at large Ohio reservoirs through the first week of Nov, but a northeast OH bird 16 Nov This Brown Booby was at Penn Warner Tract, Bucks, Pennsylvania, 14–17 Nov. This bird represented a first record for Pennsylvania, and was part of a notable uptick in recent records of this species across North America. Photo by © Devich Farbotnik.

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