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VOLUME 70 NO1 2017

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 44 O N TA R I O an excellent total of 3–4 Summer Tanagers reported, with the first at Britannia, Ottawa 16 Aug (JHS), followed by one at P.E.Pt. 31 Oct–1 Nov (MDR, m.ob.), and 1–2 at Ron- deau P.P., Chatham-Kent 24-26 Oct (BAM, SRC) and 21 Nov+ (BAM). There was a very late Scarlet Tanager at Toronto Islands, To- ronto 3 Nov (GCP). There was a Northern Cardinal at Algonquin P.P., Nipissing on the unusual date of 10 Aug (MJA). Otherwise it was a fairly quiet fall for this species north of its usual range, with seven reports 17 Oct– 21 Nov (m.ob.). There were just two reports of Dickcissel, with one near Leamington, Es- sex 17 Sep (JMBe) and another at Long Point (tip), Norfolk 5 Oct (L.P.B.O.). A Bobolink at Elma, Stormont, Dun- das, and Glengarry 27 Oct (MVAB) was extremely late. The Long Point, Norfolk blackbird flocks peaked 26 Oct with an es- timated 50,000 Red-winged Blackbirds and 900,000 Common Grackles (SAM). There were some interesting records of Yellow- headed Blackbird away from its restricted breeding range in the province. The most interesting became the most northerly re- cord for the province at Fort Severn, Kenora 5 Oct (JaJ). One at Bracebridge, Muskoka 11-12 Oct (DLG, RCG) was also a very good record for the location. There were also reports of singles at more expected lo- cations such as Long Point, Norfolk 5 Sep (L.P.B.O.) and 26 Oct (JBF) and Wallace- berg, Chatham-Kent 30 Oct (BAM). A total of 1200 Rusty Blackbirds made for an excel- lent count at Erieau, Chatham-Kent 22 Oct (PAW) and 370 at Bannister L., Waterloo 1 Nov (MVAB, KGDB, JGB et al.) was an ex- cellent sum for an inland location. The only report of a Brewer's Blackbird away from breeding areas was an exceptional record, for both location and date, at Lakefield, Pe- terborough 2 Aug (WJC). Representing just the seventh record for the province and the first in s. Ontario since 1997, a Bullock's Oriole was a star attraction for many bird- ers at Pakenham, Lanark 28 Nov+ (RPH, RWat). Lingering Baltimore Orioles were at Guelph, Wellington 17 Nov (RHus) and Brighton, Northumberland 23 Nov+ (BK). The southward finch flight was again nonexistent. There were no Pine Grosbeaks s. of Algonquin P.P. and there were less than half a dozen reports each for Evening Grosbeak and the two crossbill species s. of the Canadian Shield. Common Redpolls fared a bit better with a peak of about 4% frequency out of all reports in eBird at the end of the period, still less than half that of the big finch flight in 2012. The Common Redpolls did not give the message to their Hoary cousins, though, as that species was only reported twice in the entire province: one at Sleeping Giant P.P., Thunder Bay 26 Oct (LIW) and another at Algonquin P.P., Nipissing 27 Nov (JHS). Pine Siskins had a good flight with a peak eBird frequency of about 9% 15-30 Oct. Purple Finches also en- joyed a pretty good flight with a similar peak in the 9% range. However, unusual for this species was that the peak came in the 8-15 Nov timeframe, later than normal. What was a mega-rarity just a year or two but now has seven records in the past two years, a Eurasian Tree Sparrow turned up at a Stokes Bay, Bruce feeder 24 Nov+ (ET, JeT). Contributors (subregional editors in bold- face): Michael J. Austin, James R. Barber, Eri- ca P. Barkley, Christopher T. Bell, Jeremy M. Bensette, Luke H. Berg, Peter J. Blanchard, R. Kyle Blaney, Christopher G. Blomme, Rob- ert Bochenek, Jacques M. Bouvier, Jacob K. Bruxer, R. Bruce Brydon , Mark Buchanan, James T. Burk, E. Merle Burkholder, Edith M. Burkholder, James G. Burrell, Kenneth G.D. Burrell , Mike V. A. Burrell, Michael T. Butler, Kyle Cameron, Gray A.E. Carlin, John Catto, Margaret J. Catto, Stephen R. Charbonneau, Barbara N. Charlton, Jennifer A. Chatterton, Tom Chatterton, Andrew D.J. Chepil, Peter Clute, Mark A. Conboy, Bar- bara L. Crawford, William J. Crins, Michael S. Dawber, Patrick W. Deacon, Michael Dick, Mark H. Dorriesfield, David H. Elder, Chris- topher J. Escott, Luc S. Fazio, Walter T. Fish- er, Lev A. Frid, J. Brett Fried, Peter R. Fuller, Bruce Gates, Mark A. Gawn, Stephen Gawn, George MacDermid, William D. Gilmour, Nick Godfrey, Clive E. Goodwin, David L. Goodyear, Regan C. Goodyear, Amanda C. Guercio, Todd R. Hagedorn, Rosemary Harris, Jeremy L. Hatt, Frederick M. Hel- leiner, Erika K. Hentsch, Ann Hilborn, Tyler L. Hoar, Raymond P. Holland, Randy Hus- son, Matt R. Iles, Jean Iron, William Irwin, Marcie L. Jacklin, Jarmo V. Jalava, Josh Janvrin, James Janzen, Mark W. Jennings, Sean M. Jenniskens, Colin D. Jones, Katar- zyna Kabacinska, Daniel S. Kaczynski, Barry Kant, Barbara Kapush, Stanley Kapush, Co- lin Kelly, Richard Killeen, Patricia Kluge, J. Burke Korol, Elena Kreuzberg, Christopher Kundl, Barbara J. Kuschak, Clinton J. Kus- chak, Elijah M. LaForrest, Hugh D. LaFor- rest, Matthew Laneville, Sarah M. Larocque, Courntey Lee-Comeau, David LeGros, Denis Lepage, Renee J. Levesque, Timothy B. Lu- cas, Duncan MacKay, Rory I. MacKay, Stuart A. Mackenzie, Kevin A. McLaughlin, Dan J. MacNeal, R. Douglas McRae, Curt Malinsky, Blake A. Mann, Leonard P. Manning, Robert S.H. Mansfield, Ken Marchant, Kyle Marsh, Christopher J.S. Martin, Michelle A. Martin, Paul A. Martin, Reuven D. Martin, Richard B. McArthur, Scott McAughey, Jenna Mc- Dermott, Thom McLaughlin, Peter McPar- land, Brandon McWalters, Jim Middleton, Matha L. Miller, Nathan G. Miller, Brian Mishell, Brian J. Moore, Brian L. Morin, Armand Munteanu, Dwayne D. Murphy, Deryl D. Nethercott, A. Nicholson, Karl R. Overman, Mark J. Patry, Nathalie Puquette, Frank A. Pinilla, Gavin C. Platt, Edward B. Poropat, Ann M. Porter, Robert G. Porter, Paul N. Prior, David I. Pryor, Brian D. Rat- cliff, Iain Rayner, Mark D. Read, Kory J. Re- naud, Wayne E. Renaud, Christian Renault, Lynne Richardson, Nicole Richardson, Ellen M. Riggins, Maureen Riggs, Garth V. Riley, Phil Roberts, Jeffrey N. Robinson, Cody A. Rowe, Michael W.P. Runtz, Garry T. Sadler, Daniel R. Salisbury, Beverly A. Scott, Jeffrey H. Skevington, Richard P. Skevington, Nan- cy Smith, William Smith, R. Terry Sprague, Owen Strickland, Glenn C. Stronks, Donald A. Sutherland, Margo Swainson, Rob Swain - son, J. Michael Tate, Barbara L. Taylor, James Thompson, Elizabeth Thorn, Jeremy Thorn, Paul Thut, Adam P. Timpf, Ronald G. Tozer, Diane Tracz, Peter J. Tracz, Eval - ynn M. Trumbo, James A. Turland, Don Tyerman, Fred J. Urie, Lena I. Ware, Rich- ard Waters, James H. Watt, Walter Wehtje, Tom M. Wheatley, Quinten Wiegersma, Ross W. Wood, P. Allen Woodliffe, David B. Worthington, Cecile Yarrow, Morris Yarrow, Gregory Zbitnew. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Mike V. A. Burrell, 88 Douro Eighth Line, Douro-Dummer, Ontario K9J 6Y1 • Always a good sighting anywhere in the province away from the extreme west, this Harris's Sparrow provided a very rare northeast Ontario record at Cochrane, Cochrane District 10 Nov. Photo by © Josh Janvrin.

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