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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 40 O N TA R I O doubtedly the bird of the fall, a juv. Eurasian Dotterel, repre- senting the first record for the province, touched down briefly during a huge wind event 3 Oct at Oliphant, Bruce (MTB). There was about an aver- age number (six) of Willet re- ports in s. Ont. this fall begin- ning with a single at Kettle Pt., Lambton 10-11 Aug (GMD), followed by other singles flying over Georgian Bay off Killarney, Manitoulin 18 Aug (PT), Cran- berry Marsh, Durham 21-23 Aug (DSK), 2 at Long Pt. PP, Norfolk 24 Aug (SML, EMT), a long-staying bird at Blenheim, Chatham-Kent 4 Sep-16 Oct (JDV, m.ob.) and one at Erieau, Chatham-Kent 3 Oct (BAM, SRB, DDN). The Upland Sandpiper at Harmony, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry 20 Sep (m.ob.) was a very late date for a spe- cies rarely detected during mi- gration. It was a quiet year for Whimbrels in s. Ont with only about eight reports spanning 3 Aug–12 Oct, with the most significant being a rare Nipissng record at North Bay 31 Aug (JM). For the second consecu- tive year there was only a sin - gle Marbled Godwit in s. Ont., with the record this year com- ing from Wheatley, Chatham- Kent 21 Oct (PDP et al.). The Ruddy Turnstone at North Bay, Nipissing 23 Oct (RJL, MB) was a good record for the location, especially given the relatively late date. Significant counts of Red Knots during James Bay shorebird surveys again came from Little Piskwamish Pt. I.B.A., Cochrane, with a high of 5694 tabulated 8 Aug (fide CAF). As ex- pected for the past decade or more, the spe- cies was mostly absent in s. Ont. with just five records: 1-2 individuals at Windermere Basin, Hamilton 13 Aug–9 Sep (m.ob.), one at Long Point (tip), Norfolk 25 Aug (KC), one at Sandbanks PP, Prince Edward 31 Aug–2 Sep (RKB), one at Claireville Res., Peel 18-19 Sep (DIP), and 3 at Wildwood Res., Oxford 20 Sep (JVJ). It was a very quiet fall for Pur- ple Sandpipers with only three reports, the first of which was at Shrileys Bay, Ottawa 18- 19 Oct (m.ob.), followed by one at Tommy Thompson Park, Toronto 6-16 Nov (OS) and the first of the year at Presqu'ile PP, Northum- RAILS THROUGH JAEGERS Very rarely detected in migration, a Yellow Rail was flushed in Algonquin Park (L. Trav- ers), Nipissing 2 Oct (LAF) and another was found dead near Bayfield, Huron 6 Oct. Not quite annual in the province, a Purple Gal- linule at South Parry, Parry Sound 23 Oct (RSHM) was an excellent find. American Avocets equaled their poor 2014 performance with only three reports of single birds: Windermere Basin, Hamilton 10 Aug (LPM, m.ob.), Long Point (tip), Norfolk 20 Aug (KC), and Rondeau PP, Chatham- Kent 23 Sep (RBM). There were no migrant Piping Plovers detected this fall but a juv. remained at a breeding site at Carter Bay, Manitoulin to at least 2 Sep (fide CTB). Un- Among those that did pass through, a very rare dark-morph Broad-winged Hawk was seen at Holiday Beach C.A., Essex 13 Sep (MVAB, KGDB, JGB). Given the low num- bers of Broad-winged Hawks detected, it was no surprise that Swainson's Hawks were also mostly absent with only a single report, also from Holiday Beach C.A., Essex 13 Sep (MVAB, KGDB, JGB). Observers seem to be paying more attention to Red-tailed Hawk subspecies of late and it paid off with sight- ings of single calurus birds at Hawk Cliff, El- gin 16 Oct (AM), Miners Bay, Haliburton 17 Oct (EBP), Stoney Creek, Hamilton 17 Nov (BRH), and Sarnia, Lambton 20 Nov (SMJ) and a "Krider's" at Blenheim, Chatham-Kent 4 Sep (KJB). SA The same wind event that brought the Eurasian Dot- terel also deposited record num- bers of White-rumped Sandpip- ers (Table 1) to s. Ont.; normally only detected in flocks of a few dozen at most, flocks number- ing in the hundreds were com- monplace for the rest of Octo- ber, smashing many previous county highs. Also associated with this storm were lesser num- bers of Hudsonian Godwits with ones and twos deposited at 17 sites in s. Ont. 2-16 Oct. Outside of that window were an addi- tional four reports of Hudsonian Godwit, including a large flock of 42 at Stoney Creek, Hamilton 29 Sep (BRH). To put this into perspec- tive, fall 2014, which was a pretty good year, produced just nine reports of single individuals. Table 1: Top ten all time White-rumped Sandpiper counts in s. Ont. Count Date Observer Location 310 7 Oct 2015 MVAB Exeter, Huron 200 14 Oct 2015 DJM Belwood L., Wellington 180 7 Oct 2015 JVJ Wildwood Res., Oxford 152 31 Aug 2005 RDM Presqu'ile PP, Northumberland 135 11 Oct 2015 MVAB et al. Mitchell, Perth 120 4 Oct 2015 RDM Presqu'ile PP, Northumberland 120 7 Oct 2015 WER Oliphant, Bruce 120 6 Oct 2015 EK Shirleys Bay, Ottawa 118 4 Oct 2015 JVJ Mitchell, Perth 100 10 Oct 2015 MJP Shirleys Bay, Ottawa Part of a record-breaking fall showing in southern Ontario, this flock of White-rumped Sandpipers at Townsend Sewage Lagoons, Hal- dimand County 12 October was one of many such flocks throughout southern Ontario during October. Photo by © Barry S. Cherriere.

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