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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 39 O N TA R I O trations of roosting Great Egrets included 209 at Luther Marsh, Wellington 12 Aug (DJM) and 93 at Demorestville, Prince Ed- ward 25 Sep (MY, CY). Just a single Snowy Egret was reported this fall, at Holiday Beach C.A., Essex 4 Sep (JMD). Cattle Egrets were relatively scarce in s. Ont with only four reports: Long Point (tip), Norfolk 16 Oct (LPBO), over Long Point PP, Nor- folk 17 Oct (MAC), Port Rowan, Norfolk 17-18 Oct (APT) [all of the Norfolk re- ports presumably involved the same bird], two at Sauble Beach, Bruce 22 Oct (KC), Smithville, Niagara 25 Oct (NS), and one at Becketts Landing, Ottawa 28 Oct–9 Nov (m.ob.). One was also in nw. Ont, just s. of Thunder Bay, Thunder Bay 22 Nov (GBD). Less than annual in the province, a juv. Yel- low-crowned Night-Heron was a one-day wonder at V.W.B, Hamilton 7 Aug (AMP). The only Plegadis ibis positively identified to species was a White-faced Ibis at Tiny Marsh, Simcoe 3 Nov (BLC). Unidentified Plegadis were found at Elmdale, Essex 6-8 Oct (JMT, m.ob.), Cranberry Marsh, Dur- ham 12-16 Nov (TLH, m.ob.), and Bensfort Bridge, Peterborough 24 Aug (CKel). Black Vultures were again present at Queenston, Niagara with the first report of two 9 Oct (MVAB, EPB) before a maximum of 12 recorded 15 Nov (LHB). Reports contin- ued through the end of the period. The only other report was of a single at Paisley, Bruce 4 Oct (CJE). The fall hawk flight was below average at both Hawk Cliff, Elgin and Holi- day Beach C.A., Essex as most Broad-winged Hawks apparently flew inland of these sites. were also present at Barrie, Sim- coe 23 Oct–1 Nov (FAP, m. ob.). Very high counts for Common Loon included 2300 at Barrie, Simcoe (JBK) and 1982 at Long Point Outer Bay, Norfolk 2 Nov (SAM). The Long Point count also included an incredible 990 Horned Grebes and 2 Eared Grebes (SAM). Eared Grebes had another great fall with eleven records in total, all from s. Ont beginning with the most unusual, one at Carillon Gener- ating Station, Prescott and Russell 8-23 Aug (WI, m. ob.). Always rare in the province, a Western Grebe was at Etobicoke, Toronto 5-8 Sep (JHW, PK). TUBENOSES THROUGH RAPTORS Always rare in Ont., a juv. Northern Gannet at the tip of Long Point, Norfolk 15 Oct (EKH, JBF) was triply rare in that it was on L. Erie and quite early for the species. Another reported at Pt. Petre, Prince Edward 16 Nov (TLH pa) was more typical. American White Pelicans outside of nw. Ont. (where the species breeds) in- cluded an exceptional record for Greater Sudbury at Kelly L. 5-12 Aug (CGB) and at nearby Kugagami L., Sudbury 24 Aug (CDJ). Another individual spent the fall around the Bay of Quinte with sight- ings at Belleville, Hastings 14-26 Aug (m.ob.), at De- morestville, Prince Edward 22-30 Sep (MY, TMW), and at Muscote Bay, Hast- ings 17 Nov (TM, RTS). The only other sighting was of one at Holiday Beach C.A., Essex 13 Sep (MVAB, KGDB, JGB), the same day and location of a flock of 15 during fall 2014! There was a very late American Bittern at Burnt Lands PP, Ottawa 2 Nov (ML). Rarely detected during fall migration, a Least Bittern at Etobi- coke, Toronto 19-27 Oct (m. ob.) was fairly late and very confiding. The largest reported concen- winged Scoters at Long Point's Outer Bay, Norfolk 2 Nov (SAM) represented a remark- able number for L. Erie. A one-day survey of most of the west end of L. Ontario I.B.A. 21 Nov found 29,391 Long-tailed Ducks (fide MVAB). Reports of Barrow's Goldeneye away from Ottawa, where regular in winter, in- cluded single males at Lake Dore, Renfrew 31 Oct+ (CR, m.ob.) and at Tommy Thompson Park, Toronto 7-21 Nov (PNP, m.ob.). For the second consecutive year, a large flight of Red-throated Loons was detected at Stoney Creek, Hamilton; this year's high count was 90 on 17 Nov (BRH). It is hard to know if Pacific Loons are actually increas- ing in s. Ontario or if birders are better at finding them. Regardless, the trend of in - creasing reports continued with a count of 7 at Hamilton, Hamilton 1 Nov (WJC, BNC) nearly doubling the previous high of 4 estab- lished in fall 2014. A single was at the same site 31 Oct and 2 were found 2 Nov (m.ob.). Other Pacific Loons included singles at Rock Point PP, Haldimand 31 Oct (JVJ), Wheatley Harbour, Essex 4 Nov (KAM), Balsam Lake, Kawartha Lakes 8 Nov (DAS, NG), St. Catha- rines, Niagara 10 Oct (DRS et al.), and Pt. Petre, Prince Edward 16 Nov (TLH). Up to 2 Representing the fourth and latest fall record for the province, this Common Ground-Dove was at Sioux Lookout, Kenora District 8-9 (here 8) November. Photo by © E. Merle Burkholder. Still very rare but increasing, this White-winged Dove was nicely photo- graphed at Johnsons Landing, Thunder Bay District 19 October during its stay from 18-30 October. Photo by © Aarre A. Ertolahti. This Black-billed Cuckoo represented a very rare James Bay record at Longridge Points, Cochrane District on 8-12 (here 12) August. Photo by © Barbara N. Charlton.

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