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VOLUME 70 NO1 2017

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 37 F LO R I D A Killian, Dennis Knisely, Joseph Knoll, Bob Ko- rnegay, Andy Kratter, Ed Kwater, Keith Laak- konen, Phil Laipis, Bob Lane, Patrick Leary, Felicia Lee, Sharon Levins, Lorne Malo, Mike Manetz, Larry Manfredi, Jane Mann, Stephen Mann, Lorraine Margeson, John Martin, Tom Mast, Luis "Beto" Matheus, Lori Mathis, Jona - than Mays, Jim McGinity, Jim McKay, David McQuade, Tammy McQuade, Wendy Meehan, John Menoski, Trey Mitchell, Linda Most, John Murphy, Tom Neal, Kris Nelson, Colby New - man, Amy Nulph, Matt O'Sullivan, Geoff Parks, Ruth Parks, Judd Patterson, France Paulsen, Dennis Peacock, Dave Peppar, Breanna Perry, James Pfeiffer, Bill Phelan, Bruce Pickholtz, Eric Plage, Pete Plage, Peter Polshek, Andy Prather, Simon Priestnall, Bruce Purdy, Steve Raduns, Steve Reardon, Diane Reed, Bob Richter, Frank Ridgley, Harry Robinson, Ron Robinson, Tom Rodriguez, Danny Rohan, Brooke Rohman, Meg Rousher, Rex Rowan, Nico Salino, Carlos Sanchez, Danny Sauvageau, Debbie Segal, Kar - en Seward, Danny Shehee, Bob Showler, Scott Simmons, David Simpson, Marvin Smith, Ron Smith, Tom Smith, Daniel Stangeland, Richard Stanton, Robert Steele, Joyce Stefancic, Victor Stoll, Malcolm Swan, Wes Tallyn, Sue Tava - glione, Ezra Thompson, Dana Timmons, Russ Titus, David True, Melissa Vetricek, Alex Wang, Chuck Weber, Jim Wells, Bryan White, Sharon Wilcox, Graham Williams, Teresa Williams, Ben Woodard, Ted Yeatts, Cuneyt Yilmaz, Travis Young, Erika Zambello, Terry Zambon, Adam Zions, Maria Zondervan. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Michael Brothers, Marine Science Center, 100 Lighthouse Drive, Ponce Inlet, Florida 32127 • (J. Mays), Seven Springs, Pasco 19 Nov (fide K. Tracey), and Hague 27-28 Nov (JoH, M. O'Sullivan, A. Zions). A lone female Brewer's Blackbird at Bayport, Hernando 5 Nov-EOS (J. McKay) was presum - ably the same bird that has win- tered here for the 5 th year. A male Shiny Cowbird ranged north from their stronghold in South Florida to north St. Petersburg 9-19 Aug (J. Clayton). Bronzed Cowbirds ap - peared at several locations, includ- ing 3 at Cedar Key, Levy 20 Aug (J. Dinsmore), 1 at Hague 30 Oct-15 Nov (S. Goodman et al.), and 1 at a Ruskin, Hillsborough residence 21 Nov (fide R. Smith). Pine Siskins turned up early with 1 calling over - head at Hacienda Village 21 Nov (DGa) and 2 at Bald Point SP 28 Nov (J. Murphy). A female Yellow- crowned Bishop was found on pri - vate property in mid-Pinellas 26 Sep (J. Fisher). Contributors: Howard Adams, Bruce H. Anderson, Trina Anderson, Daphne Asbell, Steve Aversa, Keith Bailey, Joe Barros, Captain Benjamin Bateman, Joan Becker, Jeff Bouton, John Boyd, Peter Brannon, Greg Bretz, Michael Brothers, Matt Bruce, Sandy Burford, Dana Bryan, Brenda Callaway, Jerry Callaway, Vince Capp, Jim Cavanaugh, Marie Chappell, JoAnna Clayton, Don Coleman, Pete Corradino, Cindy Coster, Steve Coster, Cameron Cox, Lauren Cox, Timothy Crane, Debbie Cusick, Kevin Dailey, Marie Dailey, Lloyd Davis, Michelle Davis, James J. Dinsmore, Thomas Doebel, Bob Duncan, Lucy Duncan, Jim Eager, Kavan Eldredge, Becky Enneis, Charlie Ewell, Ben Ewing, Dean Ewing, Sam Ewing, Steven Exley, Linda B. Felker, Don Filipiak, Charles Fisher, Judy Fisher, Scott Flamand, Christy Flanders, Melissa Forehand, David Fos - ter, Cole Fredricks, Sam Fried, David Gagne, Murray Gardler, Jerry Gibson, Hans Gonzembach, Steve Goodman, Carl Goodrich, Dave Goodwin, Frank Goodwin, Emerson Gravely, Carl Greene, Linda Greene, Wendi Greene, John Haas, David Hall, Karen Hamblett, Eric Haney, Al Hansen, Bev Hansen, Alex Harper, Mitchell Harris, Randy Harrod, David Hartgrove, Monica Hig - gins, Amber Higginbotham, Fred Hile- man, John Hintermister, Chris Holt, Linda Holt, Pete Hosner, Paul Hueber, Marie Hughes, Melissa James, Bonnie Jenks, Doug Johnston, Smith Juan, Tim Kalbach, Richard Kaskan, Adam Kent, Tom Kent, Ted Keyel, Sue Killeen, John press National Preserve, Collier 10-19 Nov (C. Sanchez, m. obs.). Both types of Golden-winged x Blue-winged Warbler hybrids were found including 1 Brew - ster's at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic SP 21 Oct (CGd) and 1 Lawrence's at Gainesville 24 Oct (T. Neal). Single MacGillivray's War - blers were reported at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic SP 21 Oct (CGd) and at Boca Chica Key 14 Nov (CGd). A Mourning Warbler ap - peared at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic SP 19 Oct (CGd). A male Townsend's Warbler was a surprise at Spanish River Park, Palm Beach 20 Sep (L. Matheus). A male Western Spindalis at Markham Park, Broward 26 Nov-EOS (D. Hall, m. obs.) was the only report of this species for this season. Five Lark Sparrows were reported—1 at South Dade agricultural fields, Miami-Dade 22 Aug (A. Harper), 1 at Bald Point SP 6 Sep (J. Murphy), 1 at Honeymoon Island SP 19-21 Sep (S. Reardon, M. Vetricek), 1 at Nine Mile Pond, Everglades NP 9 Oct (B. Showler), and 1 at Eastport Wastelands, Duval 15 Nov-EOS (M. Chappell). A lone LeConte's Sparrow graced Eastport Wastelands 21 Nov (KDi, M. Dailey). Single Lincoln's Sparrows were found at 4 loca - tions, consisting of birds at Paynes Prairie Pre- serve SP 11 Oct (F. Goodwin), in Gulf Breeze 12–14 Oct (B&LDu), at Veteran's Memorial Park, Escambia 18 Oct (M. Swan), and at Lake Seminole Park 31 Oct (STa). A Dark-eyed Jun - co worked its way south to Clay 16 Nov (D. Cusick). Western Tanagers turned up at A. D. Barnes Park 18 Sep (J. Barros et al.), Fort Pick - ens 10–11 Oct (B. Callaway, D. Stangeland), and at Mangonia Park, Palm Beach 17 Nov (C. Weber). Single Yellow-headed Blackbirds ap - peared throughout the state including Eglin AFB, Okaloosa 27 Aug (M. Swan), Fort Pick - ens 12 Sep (B&LDu et al.), Gainesville 2 Oct (T. Kent), Sweetwater Wetlands Park 6 Nov This Mountain Bluebird was a completely unexpected visitor to the Oasis Visitor Center, Big Cypress National Preserve, Collier 10-19 November. Photograph by © Jim Eager. A Northern Wheatear caused quite a stir at MM 73 Overseas Highway, Low- er Matecumbe Key, Monroe 27 October-6 November. In 2014 one appeared during the same timeframe, in the same area. Photo by © Carl Goodrich.

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