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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 36 F LO R I D A m. obs.). The bird obligingly stayed for sev- eral days and allowed many excited birders to view it. There were only two reports of Tropi - cal Kingbirds including 1 at Loxahatchee and University Roads, Broward 10 Nov-15 Dec (B. Pickholtz et al.) and 1 at S-334 water tower, Tamiami Trail, Miami-Dade 17 Nov (LaM). An - other bird was silent and had to be classified as Tropical/Couch's Kingbird at Lake Apopka NSRA 19-20 Nov (J. Stefancic). Five was an unusually high number of re - ports for Bell's Vireo, with single birds at Mead Botanical Garden 27 Sep–4 Oct (P. Hueber, m. obs.), Fort Zachary Taylor Historic SP 18 Oct (CGd); Joe's Creek Greenway, Pinellas 21 Nov– EOS (L. Margeson, m. obs.), Aripeka Sandhills Preserve 11 Oct (DGa, V. Capp), and St. George Island SP 11 Oct (J. Cavanagh). Al - ways rare in Florida, there was only a single Warbling Vireo reported this season at Bronco Road, Charlotte 17 Oct (D. Peacock). A single Brown Creeper was reported early in the sea - son at Miccosukee 7 Sep (BPh). Winter Wrens are stragglers into north Florida and one ap - peared at their southernmost regular hang-out at O'Leno SP, Alachua 21 Oct (JoH, P. Laipis). A Northern Wheatear caused quite a stir at MM 73 Overseas Highway, Lower Matecumbe Key, Monroe 27 Oct-6 November (S. Priestnall, C. Sanchez, m. obs.). This is very near where one appeared during the same timeframe in 2014. No one was expecting a Mountain Bluebird to show up at the Oasis Visitor Center, Big Cy - Broad-winged Hawks appeared over St. Peters- burg 15 Sep (J. Clayton) and at Fort De Soto Park, Pinellas 16 Oct (STa). Short-tailed Hawks were found as singles across the northern part of the state including 1 dark morph at Mead Botanical Garden, Winter Park, Orange 29 Sep (T. Rodriguez), 1 in Mandarin, Duval 1 Oct (K. Eldredge), and 1 dark morph at Myakka River SP, Sarasota 15 Oct (T. Rodriguez). Im - pressively, twelve were reported in one kettle at Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Gar - den, Stock Island, Monroe 3 Nov (CGd). The only report of Swainson's Hawk came from a single bird at Gulf Breeze, Santa Rosa 17 Oct (B&LDu). Always very rare in Florida, a Zone- tailed Hawk graced Marathon, Monroe 8 Nov (CGd). An amazing story with a happy ending took place when a fisherman found a Long- eared Owl in the water 2 miles off Key West on 30 Oct. The bird was brought to the Key West Wildlife Center in fairly good health. It was released there a few days later, on 7 Nov. PASSERINES A Yellow-bellied Flycatcher was found at Gulf Breeze 27 Sep (B&LDu). Alder Flycatchers and Willow Flycatcher are both review species for the FOSRC, and the actual distribution of these two species in the state is just now becoming more clear. It was significant then, that Alder Flycatchers turned up at several locations in - cluding up to 3 at Paynes Prairie Preserve SP 18 Aug-1 Oct (MiM, John Hintermister et al.), 1 at Hillsborough River SP, Pinellas 23-29 Aug (BAh, C. Cox, C. Fisher), 1 calling at Lake Apopka NSRA 5 Sep (SSi), 1 at St. Petersburg 7 Sep (J. Clayton), and 1 at Honeymoon Is - land SP 30 Sept (EKw). By the same token, it was important that single Willow Flycatchers were documented calling at Aripeka Sandhills Preserve, Pinellas 23 Sep (DGa, K. Nelson), at Lake Apopka NSRA 26 Sep (P. Hueber et al.), at Reddie Point Preserve, Duval 4 Oct (KDi, D. Foster), and at Central Park, Ormond Beach, Volusia 10 Oct (MBr). A Western Flycather (Cordilleran/Pacific-slope Flycatcher) at Fort Pickens 1–2 Oct (J. Callaway, B. Callaway, B&LDu) created only the second record of this taxa for Florida. An unprecedented 5 Sulphur- bellied Flycatchers were found across the state this season with 1 at A.D. Barnes Park, Miami- Dade 17 Sep (S. Juan), 1 at Fort Pickens 18 Sep (J. Callaway, B. Callaway), 1 at Evergreen Cemetery, Fort Lauderdale, Broward 3 Oct (D. Hall), 1 at Charles "Sonny" McCoy Indigenous Park, Monroe 7 Oct (A. Wang), and 1 at Key Largo State Botanical Site, Monroe 11 Oct (B. White). One of the great discoveries of this season was Florida's second record of Varie - gated Flycatcher at Evergreen Cemetery, Fort Lauderdale 24-31 Oct (R. Titus, T. Mitchell, Paulsen), 1 at Dog Island, Franklin 28 Oct (J. Murphy), and 1 at Henderson Beach, Okaloosa 11–15 Nov (S. Exley, B. Purdy, W. Greene). Brown Boobies are always the most common booby and remained so this season, with re - ports of 1 at T Tower off Collier 15 Aug and 19 Sep (DMQ et al.), 2 at Playalinda Beach 22 Oct (EKw), and 31 at Boca Chica Key, Monroe 10 Nov (CGd). However, 3-4 at Paynes Prairie Preserve SP 15 Oct (B. Enneis, L. Holt) and 1 adult at Lake Apopka NSRA 19 Oct-EOS (P. Hueber, L. Mathis, H. Robinson, m. obs.), far inland in the state were exceptional records. The only Florida nesting location for Neo - tropic Cormorants continues to be at Wakoda- hatchee Wetlands, Palm Beach and 2 were there 13 Sep-2 Oct (T. Keyel et al.). White morph Great Blue Herons wandered north out of their south Florida base with 1 at Sweetwater Wet - lands Park 12 Oct-EOS (G. Parks, D. Rohan et al.) and 1 at St. Marks NWR, Wakulla 27 Nov (BPh). A single White-faced Ibis strayed east to Pasco 27-29 Nov (B. Perry et al.). Solitary Snail Kites were found surprisingly far north, with 1 female at the St. Johns River- Lake Monroe confluence, Kratzert Tract, Volu - sia 1 Sep (LMa, C. Greene), 1 at Lake Apopka NSRA 1 Sep (M. Zondervan), and 1 female at Starke Lake, Ocoee, Orange 13 Oct (LMa). A Mississippi Kite occurred well south of its usu - al range with 1 at Naples, Collier 3 and 7 Oct (M. Higgins, D. True, T. Zambon). Lone adult This Long-eared Owl was found in waters 2 miles off Key West, Monroe on 30 Oct. The bird was brought to the Key West Wildlife Center where, amazingly, it was found to be in fairly good health. It was released a few days later on 7 Nov. Photo by © Mike Hentz. Florida's second record of Variegated Flycatcher at Ever- green Cemetery, Fort Lauderdale, Broward 24-31 October obligingly stayed for several days and allowed many excited birders to view it. Photo by © Angel Abreu.

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