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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 35 F LO R I D A beginning in Jacksonville on 11 Oct and continuing to the end of the season and beyond. The first reports included as many as 4 at Huguenot Memorial Park, Duval 11 Oct -1 Nov (KDi), while 55, nearly half of the sightings, were from the huge gull concentra - tions at Daytona Beach Shores, Volusia between 13 Oct - 23 Nov (MBr), peaking with 16 indi - viduals on 11 Nov. Another large group of up to 10 was found at Bonita Beach and Big Hickory Pass, Lee from 9 Nov-Dec (J. Haas, R. Kaskan). Lesser Black- backed Gulls expanded along the Gulf and Panhandle coast with 1 at Sanibel Island 13-25 Aug (F. Paulsen) and 5 there 26 Nov (C. Newman). Up to 6 at Destin 16 Aug–14 Nov (M. Swan, B. Purdy) provided the first Aug and Sep records for the area. On the At - lantic Coast very large numbers were found, with 197 at Ponce de Leon Inlet 26 Oct (MBr) and 277 there 28 Oct (MBr). Two Brown Noddy were reported offshore of Collier 15 Aug (D. Peacock, DMQ et al.). This same trip also provided several sightings of Sooty Terns, totaling 25 individuals, off Collier 15 Aug (DMQ et al.) and off Lee 15 Aug (DMQ et al.). An additional 4 were found off Lee 19 Sep (DMQ et al.). Bridled Terns also appeared offshore with 3 off Collier 15 Aug (DMQ et al.). In addition, 2 were seen from shore at Gibby Point, Everglades NP 3 Oct (A. Wang). Rose - ate Terns have a small breeding presence in the Florida Keys, though they are rarely encoun - tered in other areas of the state. This being so, it was noteworthy to have 34 at T Tower off Collier and 21 birds in 5 small groups at differ - ent locations off Collier 15 Aug (DMQ et al.). A rare sighting from shore was an adult White- tailed Tropicbird at Biscayne NP, Miami-Dade 30 Aug (A. Harper, m. obs.). ALBATROSSES THROUGH OWLS An exciting find was a lone Yellow-nosed Al- batross found by a fisherman in the Gulf of Mexico about 31 mi. WSW of Steinhatchee, Taylor on 3 Nov (Captain B. Bateman). Single Cory's Shearwaters were seen offshore of Lee 15 Aug (D. Simpson, D. Peacock et al.) and at Playalinda Beach, Brevard 22 Oct (EKw). Great Shearwater reports included 7 offshore Collier and 4 off Lee 15 Aug (DMQ et al.), 1 c. 5 mi. off Captiva Pass, Lee 16 Aug (C. Ewell et al.), and 2 off Lee 19 Sept (T. McQuade et al.). Sightings from shore included 3 in Pen - Phalaropes consisted of 1 at South Anclote Key 19 Aug (D. Sauvageau), 1 at Merritt Island NWR 21 Aug (EKw, MiH), 1 at Spirit-of-the- Wild WMA, Hendry 23 Aug (D. Simpson), and 1 at Hidden Cypress Preserve, Lee 5 Sep (R. Kaskan). Offshore trips recorded Red-necked Phalaropes in 3 groups of 17, 15, and 12 at different locations off Collier 15 Aug (DMQ et al.) and 1 group of 3 offshore Lee 19 Sep (DMQ et al.). However, most surprising was 300 seen from shore during strong NE winds at Canav - eral NS, Volusia 22 Sep (MBr). Pomarine Jaegers stayed late in the sum - mer with 1 off Collier 15 Aug (DMQ et al.) and 1 off Captiva Pass, Lee 16 Aug (C. Ewell et al.). Strong NE winds pushed 73 just off the beach at Canaveral NS 19 Nov (MBr). A single Parasitic Jaeger occurred at Opal Beach (Escambia) 17 Sep (C. Holt). Long-tailed Jae - gers are always the rarest jaeger in Florida; this season there were three reports of 1 juvenile on the beach at Ormond-by-the-Sea, Volusia) 3 Sep (MBr), 1 off Black Point Marina, Miami, Miami-Dade 20 Sep (SSi et al.), and 1 at Little Talbot Island SP 5 Nov (P. Leary). Black-legged Kittiwakes are usually only a rare migrant off - shore of the Atlantic Coast, so 2 immatures at Lake Worth Municipal Beach, Palm Beach 24 Nov-EOS (T. Smith) were a rare treat. The season was remarkable for the huge influx of Franklin's Gulls into the state. Usually a fairly rare visitor each fall, this year over 100 sight - ings occurred from every section of the state, sacola Bay Pass, Escambia 2 Aug (J. Pfeiffer) and 1 off Destin Pass, Okaloosa 6 Nov (E. Zam - bello). Two Sooty Shearwaters turned up at Fort Pickens, Escambia 15 Aug (B&LDu), and a single bird was offshore of Collier 15 Aug (D. Peacock et al.). A Manx Shearwater specimen was collected at Amelia Island SP, Nassau 17 Nov (J. Becker). Five Audubon's Shearwaters were viewed from shore at Fort Pickens 15 Aug (B&LDu). A lone Wilson's Storm-Petrel was reported at Fort Zachary Taylor Historic SP, Key West, Monroe 30 Nov (CGd), while a Leach's Storm-Petrel was found in poor health at St. Petersburg Beach, Pinellas 3 Aug and died later (A. Nulph). A Magnificent Frigatebird at Gainesville, Alachua 28 Oct (A. Kent), provid - ed a rare inland record. The entire Gulf Coast produced sightings of Masked Boobies with 1 on Second Chance Island, Collier 25 Aug (KLa et al.), 1 near Tarpon Bay Road, Lee 2 Sep (F. Neotropic Cormorants nested again at the Wakodahatchee Wetlands, Palm Beach. This one was mated to a Double-crested Cormorant and photographed on 27 September. Photo by © Mark Berney. Up to 16 Vaux's Swifts brought birders from throughout the state to Dauer Hall at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Alachua 15 Nov-EOS (S. Ewing et al.). Their identity was con- firmed through voice analysis and they remained through the season. Photo by © Michael Brothers. This beautiful juvenile Long-tailed Jaeger made multiple passes along the beach in Ormond-by-the-Sea, Volusia and was photographed well while doing so, on 3 September. Photo by © Michael Brothers.

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