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VOLUME 70 NO1 2017

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 33 S O U T H E R N AT L A N T I C Steve Calver, Susan Campbell (SCampbell), Derb Carter, Sam Cooper (SCooper), Phil Dickinson, Peggy Eubank, Jim Ferrari, John Finnegan (JFinnegan), James Fluel- len (JFluellen), Jim Flynn (JFlynn), Pam Ford, Wayne Forsythe, Lauren Gingerella, Christian Hagenlocher, Scott Hartley, The- resa Hartz, Chris Hill (CHill), Alec Hopping, Earl Horn, Robert Johnson, Doug Johnston, Tim Keyes, Harry LeGrand, Jason Lewis, Jeff Lewis (JLewis), Henry Link (HLink), Dwayne Martin, Mary-Catherine Martin, Sean McElaney, Kevin McGowan, Carl Miller, Catherine Miller (CMiller), Susan Moody (SMoody), Charlie Muise (CMuise), Susan Murphy (SMurphy), Perry Nugent, Lori Overby, Monroe Parnell, Brian Patteson, Wendy Paulson, James Poling, Jesse Pope (JPope), Robert Sattelmeyer, Wayne Schaff- ner, Georgeann Schmalz, David Simpson, Mark Simpson, Curtis Smalling, Christine Stoughton-Root, Joel Vos, Marty Wall, Craig Watson, Marilyn Westphal, James White, Audrey Whitlock, Stacy Zarpentine. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Robert Sattelmeyer, 1158 East Peachtree Street, St. Simons Island, Georgia 31522 • David and Meghan Hedeen, Georgia Department of Transportation, Office of Environmental Services, 600 West Peachtree Street Northwest, Atlanta, Georgia 30308 • Josh Southern, 203 Hyannis Drive, Holly Springs, North Carolina 27540 • in Miller 7-21 Nov, and another in Lee 14- 18 Nov (WS, m. ob.; G.C.R.C. 2015-30). Similarly, Lee, Mitchell, Baker, and Decatur all produced one or 2 Vermilion Flycatchers during the period (WS, m. ob.), with num- bers increasing into winter. Large migrating flocks of Eastern Kingbirds included 170 at Patriot's Pt., Charleston, SC 5 Sep (PF) and 123 at Ft. Fisher, New Hanover, NC 12 Sep (S. Cooper). Among the typical and scat- tered reports of Western Kingbirds, Gray Kingbirds, and Scissor-tailed Flycatchers the most anomalous was a Gray Kingbird at Yates Millpond County P. in Raleigh, Wake, NC 3 Oct (J. Finnegan, LB), just the third documented outside the coastal plain. Two passerines quite rare for the region were a Northern Wheatear spotted along a road in the Piedmont in Walton, GA 17 Sep (ph. JL), only the second state record, and a first state record of Townsend's Solitaire at the Swinging Bridge on Grandfather Mt., Avery, NC 13-18 Aug and 8-14 Sep (CS, m. ob.). Unusually high counts of migrating thrushes in the Piedmont came from the area around Warm Springs, Merriwether, GA: 30 Veeries, 11 Gray-cheeked Thrushes, and 47 Swainson's Thrushes, all 6 Oct (JW). An- other rare western vagrant, a Sage Thrasher was discovered on the edge of a pasture in the mountain region in Buncombe, NC 31 Oct–6 Nov (ph. JP, m. ob.), just the third state record. Warbler and sparrow migration/ar- rival sightings were unremarkable this year. A Western Tanager was spotted at St Catherines I., Liberty, GA 19 Sep (J. Flynn, EH), and there were some notable finds among the Icterids: An amazing count of 12,100 Bobolinks came from Alligator R. N.W.R., Dare, NC 11 Sep (J. Lewis). Four scattered sightings of single Yellow-headed Blackbirds came from the Carolinas, and 520 Rusty Blackbirds in a New Hanover, NC parking lot 22 Aug (S. Cooper) made for an impressive con - centration. Finally, a good count of 52 Red Crossbills came from Bald Knob Ridge at high elevation in Yancey, NC 31 Oct (MS, M. Westphal), and large numbers of Pine Siskins, harbingers of an irruption year, began arriving in the Region during late-Oct, with a high count of 92 along the Blue Ridge Park - way on the border of Buncombe and Yancey, NC 24 Oct (MS, M. Westphal). Contributors: Natalie Barbour, San- dra Beasley, Ed Blitch, Lucas Bobay, Brian Bockhahn, Jamie Cameron, usual spot, Lullwater Preserve, a small park in the middle of metro Atlanta, Dekalb, GA 26 Aug (RJ). There were fairly typical re- ports of post-breeding aggregations of both kite species, usually over agricultural fields, but a notable exception was a flock of 200 Mississippi Kites over Bear I. W.M.A., Col- leton, SC 8 Aug (CW). Impressive counts of migrating Broad-winged Hawks from mountain vantage points included 9714 at Grandfather Mt., Avery, NC 23 Sep (J. Pope, et al.), 2718 at Pilot Mt. S.P., Surry, NC 23 Sep (PD et al.), and 2172 at Hanging Rock S.P., Stokes, NC 30 Sep (BB). Single Golden Eagle reports during migration came from four scattered sites across the Region, all in the Piedmont. Furnishing just the third state record, a Burrowing Owl was found around a jetty at Masonboro Inlet, New Ha- nover, NC 4-6 Nov (fide DC, m. ob.). One or two Red-cockaded Woodpeckers were ob- served at Jordan L. State Educational Forest in Chatham, NC 9 Oct–14 Nov (ph. NB, m. ob.), the first record for this area in more than two decades. Volunteers at the Jekyll I. Banding Station, Glynn, GA reported nu- merous migrating falcons, with single-day high counts of 14 American Kestrels 13 Oct, 10 Merlins 6 Oct, and 14 Peregrine Falcons 6 Oct (C. Muise). FLYCATCHERS THROUGH FINCHES Among the numerous reports of "Traill's" flycatchers this season, 3 Alder Flycatchers were mist-netted and banded on Kiawah I., Charleston, SC 3, 15, & 17 Sep (SM, et al.). Forty-two other birds captured at this band- ing site were not positively identified and were more likely to be Willow Flycatchers. The relatively little-birded agricultural coun- ties of sw. GA continued to produce notable Western vagrants which may be expanding their winter ranges, including a Say's Phoebe An exceptional find, particularly away from the coast, was this Northern Wheatear in Walton County, Georgia on 17 September 2015. It represented just the second state record. Photo by © Jason Lewis. North Carolina's first Townsend's Solitaire was seen on Grandfather Mountain, Avery County, 13-18 August 2015. Most remarkably, the bird later reappeared after a three-week absence, 8-14 September 2015. Photo by © Dwayne Martin.

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