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VOLUME 70 NO1 2017

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 28 (JBr; Syracuse Rare Bird Alert), Cameron Cox, Gail Dwyer, Andrew P. Ednie (Birdline Delaware), Jacob Drucker, Vince Elia, Willie D'Anna, Susan Gruver (SGr), Andy Guthrie, Alec Humann, Skye Haas, Tom Johnson, Alan Kneidel, William Kuk (Susquehanna, New York,, Michael Lan - zone, Pat Lindsay, Linda Mack, Melinda Mc- Cormack (Adirondacks, New York, mrud-, Jay McGowan, Shaibal Mitra (Long Island, mitra@mail.csi.cuny. edu), Michael Morgante (Niagara Frontier,, Celeste Morien, Bill Ostrander (Finger Lakes, New York,, Jennifer Ot - tinger, Michael O'Brien, Matt Perry (Oneida Lake Basin, New York, mperry63@gmail. com), Bill Purcell, Tom Reed, John Sepenos - ki, Robert G. Spahn (Genesee, New York,, David Wheeler (Onei - da Lake Basin, New York,, Tom Williams (Hudson-Mohawk, trwdsd@, Christopher Wood. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Tom Reed, 81 Reeds Beach Road, Cape May Court House, New Jersey 08210 • Shaibal Mitra, Department of Biology, College of Staten Island, 2800 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island, New York 10314 • Robert O. Paxton, 460 Riverside Drive, Apt. 72, New York, New York 10027 • Frank Rohrbacher, 5 Neva Court, Wilmington, Delaware 19810 • at Brigantine I., Atlantic, NJ 29 Nov (ph. Ma- son Sieges). Quite possibly qualifying as bird of the season, a Bronzed Cowbird made for a stunning discovery at a Norfolk, St. Lawrence, NY backyard 16-28 Oct (ph. Nora Lee). It furnished a first state record for New York. It was not a huge season for winter finches, but there were a few reports of interest. Pur - ple Finch was generally widespread albeit in low numbers, while Pine Siskins were found at many locations during Nov, but also not in great numbers. Evening Grosbeak reports were concentrated in ne. New York, mostly in Essex, where a max of 24 was notched near Mineville 6 Nov (ph. Stacy Robinson). More surprising were two reports from New Jersey: 5 near Stockholm, Sussex, NJ on the rather early date of 17 Sep (Ken Witkowski), and one at Delaware, Warren, NJ 16 Nov (Sandy McPhail). Common Redpolls appeared to be in short supply for yet another fall season, making one at Cape May 2 Nov (ML) all the more notable. A Hoary Redpoll was also cer - tainly a surprise find at Hawkins Pt., St. Law- rence, NY 26 Nov (ph. Joan Collins). Observers: (Listed here if cited multiple times in text; Subregional compilers in boldface) Seth Ausubel (Long Island, ssausubel@, Andrew Baksh, Michael Boch - nik (Lower Hudson Valley, bochnikm@, Jeff Bolsinger (St. Lawrence, New York,, Joseph Brin Le Conte's Sparrows were once again noted at multiple locations, with singles at Brad - dock Bay 18 Oct (AG, CW, m. ob.) and Sandy Hook 15-16 Nov (ph. Tom Boyle, m. ob.). Increased observer effort will no doubt result in even more records of these skulking mi - grants in subsequent fall seasons. At least 12 Lark Sparrows were dug up through coastal New York 11 Sep–29 Nov, a rather sizable sum for one season (fide SA). An additional 4 were found in Cape May, and 4 also made for a very good season total in Delaware, with 3 recorded during Aug (fide eBird). A Har - ris's Sparrow made for a most unexpected sight at a Loudonville, Albany, NY backyard 11-29 Nov (fide Tom Williams). Many recent records in the Region have occurred in Nov. Interestingly, Western Tanager went unseen in the Region this autumn for the first time in several years, interrupting a recent upward trend. Painted Bunting continues to appear during most fall seasons; one was detected flying n. with an Indigo Bunting past Higbee Dike 15 Sep (m. ob.) before one at Prospect Park, NYC 28 Nov+ (Kier Randall, m. ob.) turned into a true celebrity, even being fea - tured in the New York Times (fide SA)! There were a handful of reports of at least one male Yellow-headed Blackbird in the Montezuma area 22 Aug–26 Sep (m. ob.), before 2 were reported 15 Nov (ph. Diana Whiting). The only other reports detailed one at Cape May 15 Nov (Michael Schall) and one H U D S O N - D E L AWA R E Thames) were surprisingly early dates for the species. Similarly, 26 Sept (Joanne Howl, Jon Ranson) is a relatively early arrival for Cack - ling Geese; two were found at this date at Sandy Point State Park, Anne Arundel, Mary - land. Eurasian Wigeons, all males, were not a surprise in four Virginia localities in Nov: Ac - comack, Northampton, Portsmouth, and Virginia Beach (m. ob.). A juvenile Redhead at Craney 27 Aug–10 Sep (BW et. al) was not seen dur - ing summer visits and likely represented an early arriving migrant. An apparent immature male Harlequin Duck at Captain's Cove, Ac - comack, VA 29 Sep (JL, CM) may have sum- mered in the area. Virginia's John H. Kerr Reservoir remains a magnet for species typically found on the Coastal Plain. A Red-throated Loon that sum - mered there continued through 22 Sep (KA, m. ob.). At the same site, the annual Pacific Loon was back 14 Nov (JB). In Maryland, VA); Chinc. (Chincoteague N.W.R., Accomack, VA); Craney (Craney Is - land Disposal Area, Portsmouth, VA); Kerr (John H. Kerr Reservoir, Meck - lenburg, VA) Kiptopeke (Kiptopeke S.P., Northampton, VA). WATERFOWL THROUGH TERNS Whether due to illness, injury, or the whims of individual birds, Tun - dra Swans occasionally over-sum- mer in the mid-Atlantic. One such bird at Swan Cove, Chinc was found months prior, and continued through 24 Aug (m. ob.). In Maryland, a Trumpeter Swan was present from 1 Aug–30 Nov (m. ob.) at Lake Churchill, Montgomery. Ross's Geese are not unexpected in small numbers, but a bird at Hydes Road Park, Baltimore, Maryland 3 Oct (Matt Hafner) and a bird at River Bend Park, Frederick, Maryland 7-9 Oct (Steve Back, Jon Arun Bose Ellison Orcutt Claire Wayner –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Abbreviations: Back Bay (Back Bay N.W.R., Virginia Beach, VA); C.B.B.T. (Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, Northampton/Virginia Beach, Middle Atlantic

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