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VOLUME 70 NO1 2017

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 22 Q U É B E C tides. A Wood Thrush at Tadoussac 27 Sep (OB, P. Casavant) was a great find and a first record in fall for the locality. Townsend's Solitaires continued their now-annual ap - pearances in the province with singles in the Kingbirds were well represented again this fall with 2 at Tadous- sac 7 Sep and 24 Sep respectively (OB), and singles at Portage-du- Cap 16 Sep (DGG et al.) and Saint-Simon-sur-mer 12-17 Nov (F. Leclerc, m.ob.). Single Scissor- tailed Flycatchers that turned up at Taschereau 6 Oct (LI, J. Mouli- nier, ph.) and at Rouyn-Noranda 4 Nov (S. Gagnon) possibly involved the same individual. A White-eyed Vireo at l'Anse-au-Griffon 1 Nov was a nice find (A. Gagnon et al.). Following the passage of a strong low-pressure system, 2 Cave Swal- lows appeared at Sainte-Catherine 14-15 Nov (SD et al, m. ob., ph.,), with one remaining until 16 Nov. What was most likely a different individual appeared at Sainte- Catherine 20 Nov after another storm (PB, S. Labbé), along with 2 at Isle-aux-Coudres 21 Nov (MR). Sedge Wren was scarcely reported during the second Québec Breed- ing Bird Atlas, therefore up to 11 birds at Yamaska 28 Jul (D. Jauvin, m. ob), complete with confirma- tion of breeding, represented an event worthy of mention. A nesting pair of Northern Wheatears at Aupaluk 4-11 Aug was one of few confirmed breeding records in the Region even though the species is undoubtedly an annual nesting bird in Nunavik (C. Maurice). Amidst the four other individuals reported this fall, the most surprising was one at La- belle 25-30 Sep (E. Normandeau, m.ob.), a totally unexpected visitor in the Lauren- 14 Nov (JF) and one at Beauport 15-16 Nov (GC). Individuals seen 13-16 Nov were part of a large-scale irruption in the East. An important total of 1168 Iceland Gulls mi- grated past Tadoussac 14 Nov (OB). A high count of 34 Caspian Terns at Aylmer 7 Aug was noteworthy (RL. Dubois, D. Dallaire). A nonbreeding ad. Royal Tern at Rimouski 19-23 Aug provided a third record for the province and the second for Rimouski (SB, SL, ph.). Three Dovekies were found at Pointe-au- Père 4 Nov (M. Jaffré, J. Roy), 8 at Cap-Bon- Désir 5 Nov (R. Pintiaux) and a stunning 2475 at Cap d'Espoir 20 Nov (AC). Atlantic Puffins were seen in remarkable numbers in the St. Lawrence estuary, with unusually early birds appearing by late summer. In- teresting were several adults along with the usual juveniles (fide MM). White-winged Doves have been reported annually since 2004 and as many as 3 different individu- als were reported this fall, with singles at Sheldrake (Minganie) 4 Aug (R. Touzel), Rivière Madeleine 13 Aug (G. Blanchette), and Saint-Camille-de-Bellechasse 14-19 Aug (L. Bouffard). OWLS THROUGH THRUSHES A Barn Owl found dead on a roadside at Chibougamau 20 Nov (A. Anctil, H. Johan- sen) was the northernmost ever found in the province. A Chimney Swift photographed at Park Jean-Drapeau (Montréal) 28 Oct pro- vided a new record late date for the Region (M. Aubert). The only Red-headed Wood- pecker of the season was an ad. at Baie Noire (Val d'Or) 15 Oct onward (C. Hamel). A Tropical Kingbird nicely photographed at Boucherville 6 Oct provided only the fifth record for the Region (J. Hénault). Western Always notable in fall, this Swallow-tailed Kite wowed many observers at Les Escoumins 15 Aug.–3 Sept. (here 2 Sept.). Photo by © Suzanne Labbé. This juvenile Western Sandpiper showed nicely at Saint-Lazare 23-25 Aug. (here 24 Aug.). Photo by © Pierre Bannon. An adult Royal Tern at Rimouski 19-23 Aug. (here 23 Aug.) represented just the third record for Québec. Photo by © Marco Beaulieu.

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