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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 130 W E S T I N D I E S & B E R M U D A fall of hundreds of Blackpoll Warblers 14-18 Oct (m. ob.). Thirty-three species of warblers were reported in the Bahamas through the sea - son, with some of the more uncommon includ- ing: a Blue-winged Warbler at the Abaco Beach Club 11 Oct (RP), and another at Wade's Green Plantation, North Caicos 11 Nov (KM, LAL); ten reports of Prothonotary Warblers including one that was killed when it struck a window in the Central Bank building at downtown Nas - sau 18 Sep (AM); single Swainson's Warblers reported at Angelfish Pt., Abaco 12 Sep (EB, KK) and Evan's Town, Andros 25 Oct (SJ); a Tennessee Warbler at West End 11 Oct (EBC) and two more at Gates's garden in Freeport the next day (EG, MC, DK, JC). Continuing, the first report of a Nashville Warbler detailed a single at Grace Bay Club, Providenciales 7 Sep (BB) followed by reports of additional singles at the Treasure Cay Dump 17 Sep (EB), Reef G.C., Grand Bahama 30 Oct (LS, JW), and on Cast - away Cay (formerly Gorda Cay) 5 Nov (TH). A Nashville Warbler and a Kirtland's Warbler were photographed on a cruise ship south of Freeport 8 Oct (ph. GL). The two birds may have been seeking shelter from a Peregrine Fal - con that was circling the ship. A Connecticut Warbler was reported from Ship Channel Cay, Exumas 20 Sep (CW). The only reports of Bay- breasted Warbler comprised a total of three from central Grand Bahama between 14–31 Oct (EG, JW, LS). Blackburnian Warblers were reported more frequently, with the first at Boo - tle Bay, Grand Bahama 25 Sep (LBC, EG, EB) and five additional reports—all from Grand Ba - hama excepting the last at Casa del Mar, Great Exuma 11 Nov (RN). A Blackburnian Warbler at Désirade Island, Guadeloupe 29 Oct (AL) was a good find. An early Chestnut-sided War - bird was seen at Wreck Road, Bermuda 25 Sep (DBW). An influx of 15 Eastern Wood-Pe - wees was also noted in Bermuda 9-27 Oct (AD et al.). A Western Kingbird was at St. Georges G.C. 10-16 Oct (AD, PW) and another was at Port Royal G.C., Bermuda 1 Nov (AD). A Gray Kingbird was at Riddell's Bay G.C., Bermuda 8 Sep (PW). Six species of vireo were recorded in Bermuda through the season including a Blue- headed Vireo at Tudor Hill 26 Oct (AD). The first White-eyed Vireo of the season was found at the egg farm on Grand Bahama 26 Sep (EB, BH). There were 14 additional reports during the fall, extending as far s. as Wade's Green Plantation, North Caicos 11 Nov (KM, LAL). High counts for swallows in the Bahamas in - cluded 200+ Purple Martins in San Andros 24 Sep (LB), 190 Bahama Swallows at Abaco National Park 11 Aug (EB, MP), 16 North - ern Rough-winged Swallows at Ship Channel Cay, Exumas 19 Sep (CW), 12 Bank Swallows at sea near Turks & Caicos 3 Nov (RPr), and 500 Barn Swallows at the egg farm, Grand Ba - hama 20 Oct (LBC). A group of 15 Cliff Swal- low at Christ Church, Barbados 11 Sep (JW) represented a good number for this island. A well-described Cave Swallow at the Pine Ridge Landfill, Grand Bahama 23 Nov was probably the first for that island (EG, PL, AW). A Fish Crow was found very lame or sick at Old Bahama Bay, West End 7-8 Oct. LBC at - tempted to recuperate the crow, but it died 9 Oct, and was frozen and preserved. Another crow, probably also a Fish Crow, was seen at Eight Mile Rock 13 Oct and West End 24 Oct– 25 Nov (LBC DM). These are the fourth and fifth reports, and first specimen of Fish Crow from the Bahamas. Few migrant Thrushes were found in the Bahamas this fall – a Swainson's Thrush at Clifton Heritage Park, New Providence 17 Oct (CW, ph. LH, FS, SB), 2 Swainson's Thrushes at Erika Gates's garden, Freeport, Grand Bahama 14 Oct (EG), 2 Hermit Thrushes at Garden of the Groves 10 Oct (EG, LBC, ph. DM), and a Wood Thrush at Bahama Palm Shores, Abaco 7 Nov (EB, KK). Seven Bahama Mockingbirds at Little San Salvador/Half-Moon Cay made for a good count (RD). A Brown Thrasher at Fortune Bay, Grand Bahama 28 Sep was an unexpected rarity (ph. MC). The Pearly-eyed Thrasher at Treasure Cay, Abaco was last seen 21 Sep (EB). It had been there since 21 Mar 2015. Two American Pipits were at Port Royal G.C., Bermuda 8-20 Nov (AD). Thirty-five species of wood- warblers were recorded in Bermuda through the season, including a big EM, JW, RR). Twenty-five Least Terns at Little Bluff, Grand Turk 5 Aug (RD) and 36 Sand - wich Terns at Providenciales 29 Nov (BP) were good counts from Turks and Caicos. A Caspian Tern was found among 10 Royal Terns on Joul - ter Cays 29 Sep (MJ). An adult White-winged Tern put in a brief appearance at Port-Louis Swamp, Guadeloupe 9 Sep (FD). This is the first island record of this long-awaited species. On Grand Bahama Black Skimmers were found at West End 19-24 Oct (LBC, DM) and Reef G.C. 15-19 Nov (EG). CUCKOOS TO CROSSBILLS Three Yellow-billed Cuckoos made for a good count at Wade's Green Plantation, North Cai - cos 11 Nov (KM, LAL). A Black-billed Cuckoo was mist-netted at Pointe des Châteaux, Gua - deloupe 21 Oct (AMAZONA) and another one was discovered at Désirade Island 27 Oct (AC), the only 2 birds of the season in the Region. Early Eastern Wood-Pewees were found at the Citrus Farm, Abaco 15 Sep (EB) and at Rand Nature Centre, Grand Bahama 26 Sep (EB, BH). Single Eastern Wood Pewees were seen in Grand Bahama 5-29 Oct at Reef G.C. (EG), West End (LBC), Garden of the Groves (EG). An additional individual was detected at Cher - okee Sound, Abaco (KK). An Eastern Phoebe was at West End 17 Oct and 2 Nov (LBC). Single Western Kingbirds were at Garden of the Groves 5 Nov (ph. EG), Casa del Mar, Great Exuma 8 Nov (BK), the egg farm at Grand Ba - hama 23 Nov (DM) and Casuarina Pt., Abaco 27 Nov (LE, DE). An early Eastern Kingbird was at Ardastra Gardens, Nassau 20 Aug (BK) and 10 Eastern Kingbirds were amassed in five reports between Grand Bahama and Abaco 15 Sep–10 Oct (m. ob.). An imm. male Ruby-throated Humming - Remarkable was a trio of Wood Storks that took up resi- dence at Pine Ridge Landfill, Grand Bahama during most of the season. These were the first detected in Bahamas since 1964 (the last also from Grand Bahama). Photo by © Lou Carroll and Lorna Engelman. This Buff-breasted Sandpiper, one of two present on Grand Bahama 19-29 Sep, was among the definitive shorebird highlights of the season. Photo by © Bruce Hallett.

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