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VOLUME 70 NO1 2017

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 12 bird banding study, the West Texas Humming- bird Project (WTHP) and included his property as one of the primary study sites. The project in - cluded other banding sites in the vicinity as well as sites in the lower desert just west of Big Bend National Park, in the Terlingua area of southern Brewster County. Through 2016, almost 19,000 hummingbirds of 15 species have been system - atically trapped and banded In the fall of 2015, due in part to the notori - ety of the WTHP, the Cornell Lab of Ornithol- ogy approached Bryan about installing a live of Fort Davis. One of the primary reasons for the acquisition in this specific area of Jeff Davis County was due to the high diversity and abun - dance of hummingbirds found there. Beginning back in 1993, Bryan had made nu- merous visits to the area to observe and docu- ment the various species found there including the rare Broad-billed Hummingbird, White- eared Hummingbird, and Berylline Humming - bird (Bryan and Karges 2001, Bryan et al. 2014). In 2007, primarily due to the insistence of the late Bob Sargent, Bryan initiated a humming - Background The Davis Mountains of West Texas, 800 square miles in extent, are situated in the north-central portion of the vast Chihuahuan Desert Ecore - gion. Plateau grasslands surrounding the range are at elevations of 4,500–4,800 ft. The grass - lands transition into foothills up to 5,000 feet, with Mount Livermore, elevation 8,378 feet, rising above the entire range (Bryan and Karges 2001). In 2005, an opportunity presented it - self for Bryan to purchase a tract of land high up in central portions of the mountains west KELLY B. BRYAN • WEST TEXAS AVIAN RESEARCH, INC., 524 LIMPIA CANYON TRAIL, FORT DAVIS, TEXAS 79734 • [KELLY.B.BRYAN@GMAIL.COM] CHARLES O. FLOYD • WEST TEXAS AVIAN RESEARCH, INC., 103 COCHISE CANYON TRAIL, FORT DAVIS, TEXAS 79734 • [CHARLESO.FLOYD@GMAIL.COM] First U.S. Record of Lampornis amethystinus, the Amethyst- throated Hummingbird Fig. 1. On the afternoon of 14 Oct. 2016, an Amethyst-throated Hummingbird appeared at the West Texas Hummingbird Project site in the Davis Mountains of West Texas. The bird represents the first accepted record of this species from the U.S. and the second from the ABA Area. Note the Cornell Lab webcam camera at upper left. Photo by © Kelly B. Bryan.

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