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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 128 C E N T R A L A M E R I C A supplied a first record for Izabal in Guatemala. Providing one of the few records for Belize, an ad. male Western Tanager was well seen at Cattle Landing, Toledo on 17 Oct (PB, VB). This species has yet to be photographically docu - mented in Belize. Early on the morning of 18 Oct, a remarkable 106 Rose-breasted Gros - beaks were observed flying over the visitor's center at St. Herman's Blue Hole N.P., Cayo (PB) and landing in the forest nearby. Contributors (country coordinators in bold - face): Bill Adsett (BAd), Steven Aguilar, Bill Ahrens (BAh), Claudia Ahrens, Daniel Aldana, Domiciano Alveo, George Angehr, James Arce Zúñiga, Alfonso Auerbach, Cristian Avila (CAv), Jason Berry, Theresa Bayoud, Frédéric Bédard, Melvin Bonilla, Victor Bonilla, Rudy Botzoc, John Paul Cahill, Euclides Campos (EuC), Ryan Candee, Samaria Castellanos, Liliana Chavarría-Duriaux, Johan Chaves, Evaristo Chocoy (EvC), Dareece Chuc, Jan Cu - billa, Robert Dean, Natalia Decastro (NaD), Jo- ris Deruwe, Olivia Díaz, Niels Dreyer, Georges Duriaux, Ramón Fernández, Angel Fong, Kaija Gahm, Robert Gallardo (RoG), Richard Gar - rigues, Christian Gernez, Benedicto Grijalva, Kees Groenendijk, Alvaro Gutiérrez, Giovanni Delgado Herrera, Maricia Herrera, Nathan Hoeme, Alec Hopping, Gonzalo Horna, José Huertas, Rubén Irizarry, Orlando Jarquín, Lee Jones, Francis Joyce, Roselvy Juárez, Karl Kaufmann, Cedric Kinschots, Oliver Komar, Howard Laidlaw, Susan Lala, Robert Lambeck, Alex Lamoreaux, Gabriel Leboff, Austin Loew - en, Shawn Loewen (ShL), Leslie Lieurance, Esdras López, María José Lou, Adalberto B. Lucas, Isael Mai, Daniel Martínez (DMa), Roni Martínez, Jan Meerman, Mayron Mejía, Rosabel Miró (RMi), Álvaro Moisés, Ana María Monge, Camilo Montañez, Darién Montañez, Isaias Morataya (IMo), Francisco Muñoz, José Ricar - do Muñoz Ruiz, Christopher Ng, Mario Ocaña, Patrick O'Donnell, Alejandra Orozco, Renato Paniagua Rodríguez, Norman Parrish, Ryan Phillips, Diego Quesada, Margot Ramos (MaR), Moisés Rodríguez, Rommel Romero (RRo), Roland Rumm (RRu), Tanya Russ, Guillermo Saborio, Walter Sánchez, Jeff Skevington (JSk), Jenn Sinasac (JSi), Isaias Solis, Derek Stoner, Jessie Stuebner, Brian Sullivan, Gordon Tans, César Trejos, Jonathan Urbina, John van Dort, David Vargas, Juan Diego Vargas, Norman Vega, Herman Venegas, Wilfredo Villalobos, Venicio Wilson, Jim Zook, Jorge Zúñiga López. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– John van Dort, Las Quebraditas, Santa Ana, FM 1205, Honduras • Oliver Komar, Zamorano University, #1242a Campus Central, Carretera a Danlí Km 30, FM, Honduras • est in San Rafael del Norte, Jinotega on 15 Sep (LCD, GD) is the southernmost record for this species. On 3 Nov, an Olive Warbler was seen at the same location (JB). A Cape May Warbler photographed in San Pedro El Alto 26 Nov (ph. BG) is the first docu - mented record for Guatemala. Black-throated Blue Warbler is rare almost anywhere on main - land Central America, but this fall they were re- ported from Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. In Belize, they were recorded in at least five mainland localities this fall as follows: Pun - ta Gorda, Toledo on 26 Oct (NH); Wild Tracks (near Sarteneja), Corozal on 18 Nov (BA), Green Hills Butterfly Ranch, Cayo on 23 Nov (ph. JM), Mountain Pine Ridge on 27 Nov (RM), and Belize Zoo, Belize, also on 27 Nov (KG). Nor - mally, one to two mainland localities per year is noteworthy. In Nicaragua, a male was observed in Miraflor, Estelí on 16 Nov (FM), providing just the third record for Black-throated Blue Warbler in Nicaragua. In Costa Rica, a female was seen in La Fortuna, Alajuela on 1 Nov (DS), while in Panama a male was first reported on 8 Nov (GH), and reported by many others until at least 13 Nov (JAC, m.obs.), at the Juan Grande Bridge on Pipeline Road in Soberania NP, Pan - amá. In Belize, an early Myrtle Warbler was seen near Unitedville, Cayo on 9 Oct (NP), while an Audubon's Warbler was on Half Moon Caye, Lighthouse Reef on 28 Oct (ph. LJ), providing only the 4 th record for Belize of this subspecies, which is surely being underreported. Rare on mainland Belize, 2 Prairie Warblers were seen at Village Farm, Toledo on 14 Sep and one was still present the following day (TR). A well described ad. male Golden-cheeked Warbler was seen 23 Nov in Mountain Pine Ridge (RM). This and another well seen ad. male on Caye Chapel in Oct 2008 (NAB 63:1) provide the best evidence so far of the occurrence of this species in Be - lize. Townsend's Warbler is sometimes reported from Volcan Barú in the Chiriquí highlands of Panama. A first winter male was seen in Cerro Punta, Chiriquí on 16 Oct (JSk, ND, EuC), in the company of a locally even rarer adult male Hermit Warbler (same observers). Occasionally reported from Honduras, a Brewster's Warbler was photographed at La Tigra NP (Francisco Morazán) on 13 Oct (ph. MM). A Clay-colored Sparrow seen 29 Oct on Half Moon Caye, Lighthouse Reef (LJ) was the 7th recorded in Belize. Also noteworthy, single Lark Sparrows were seen 16 Oct at Cattle Landing, Toledo (RM, ADR) and 30 Oct on Half Moon Caye, Lighthouse Reef (ph. LJ). Seldom re - ported from Honduras, a Lark Sparrow was a surprise find on 14 Nov at Montaña de Izopo (Francisco Morazán) near Tegucigalpa (JvD), while a Chipping Sparrow photographed in the Amatique Bay Resort & Marina 23 Nov (MJL) until mid-September, a straggling Sulphur- bellied Flycatcher was mist-netted at T.R.E.E.S. field station, Stann Creek in Belize on 6 Nov (RM & m. obs.). Seldom convincingly record - ed in Belize, a Blue-headed Vireo was seen 23 Nov in Mountain Pine Ridge (MPR), Cayo (RM) where most birds in Belize have been reported. An exceptionally late Purple Martin was at Cat - tle Landing, Toledo on 29 Nov (IM). A well-doc- umented imm. female Violet-green Swallow at the same location on 10 Nov (ph. BS, LJ, IM) provided what turned out to be the second re - cord for Belize, after one was photographed but not immediately identified at the same location almost a year before (AL), and single Cave Swal - lows were seen there on 10 and 16 Nov (BS, LJ, VB, et al.). Another Cave Swallow was seen at Palo Verde NP in Costa Rica on 17 Nov (JZ). In Nicaragua, two Cave Swallows were photo - graphed in Santa Ana, Chinandega on Nov 24 (ph. OJ), while a Cave Swallow photographed at San Cristobal Verapaz the next day (JPC, DA, AH) is the second record for the department of Alta Verapaz in Guatemala. An impressive 3220 Barn Swallows were seen swarming over and landing in the Hopkins wetlands, Stann Creek on the evening of 3 Oct (PB). A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher seen flocking with warblers and vireos in a pine-oak forest in San Rafael del Norte, Jinotega on 15 Sep (LCD, GD) was only the second report of this species for Nicaragua, followed by the third on 12 Nov on Isla Zapatera, Granada (JS). Olive Warbler reaches the southern edge of its range in NW Nicaragua, and a female seen in pine-oak for - Belize's second Violet-green Swallow, a hatch-year bird, appeared at Cattle Landing on 10 November, nearly one year since the first record (an adult at the same locality). This site is in the extreme south of the country, on the coast, not far from the normal wintering range in Honduras and Guatemala, so perhaps the species will prove to be regular here. Photo by © Brian Sullivan.

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