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VOLUME 70 NO1 2017

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 121 S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A Santa Barbara (DMC), but numbers were gen- erally low elsewhere in the Region. Pine Siskins moved in good numbers into the coastal low - lands, with a high count in San Luis Obispo of 125 at Nacimiento L. 30 Nov (KIK) and at least 17 recorded on San Clemente I. 3 Oct–17 Nov (JTS). Evening Grosbeaks were found in such far-flung localities as Jacumba 13 Oct–30 Nov (EGK), Palmdale, Los Angeles 22 Oct (CDY), Santa Cruz I. 8 Nov (JBa), and Los Osos 25 Nov-4 Dec (JSR). Cited observers (County coordinators in boldface): Alex Abela, Christopher Adler, Douglas W. Aguillard, Vicky Andersen, Dorian Anderson, Laura Baldwin, Joel Barrett (JBa), Debra Barringer (DBa), Richard Barth, Avery K. Bean, David Bell (DBe), Thomas A. Benson, Brad Biggerstaff, John Bovee (JBo), Jeff S. Boyd, Steve K. Brad, Joyce Brady (JBr), Samantha Burrell, Brent R. Campos, Cameron Carver, Ja - mie M. Chavez, Petra and Jack Clayton (P & JC), Jonathan Coffin, M. Collado, Paul Collins, David M. Compton (Santa Barbara), Daniel S. Cooper, John Deacon, Bill Deppe, Pat Dorety, Darren Dowell, Steve Drilling, Jon L. Dunn, Tom M. Edell (San Luis Obispo), Bettina E. Eastman, Woodrow Eggers, Jon S. Feenstra, Jon L. Fisher, Thomas Ford-Hutchinson, Wes T. Fritz, Peter A. Gaede, Carolyn B. Gann, John F. Garrett, Kimball L. Garrett (Los Angeles), Dan Gesualdo (DGe), Anthony Gliozzo, Tito Gonzalez (TGo), Dave Goodward (DGo), Jesse Grantham, Larry Gridley, Matt Grube, Trish Gussler (TGu), Charity Hagen, Anders Han - gard (AHa), Debbie Hanson (DHa), Wayne and Margaret Harmon (W&MH), Marlin D. Harms, Lauren B. Harter, Tom & Jo Heindel (Inyo), Kelli Heindel-Levinson (Kern), Mark A. Holmgren, David Holway (DHo), Debbie J. House, Chris and Rosie Howard (C&RH), An - drew Howe (AHo), Joshua Jaeger, Garth Jones, Eric G. Kallen, Deven Kammerichs-Berke, Doug Karalun, Susan Kaveggia, Peggy Kearns, Charles Kehr, Kathleen I. Kent, Howard B. King, Jeff Kniffen, Will H. Knowlton, Alexan - der E. Koonce (San Bernardino), Kenneth Z. Kurland, Ken and Brenda Kyle (K&BK), Walter Lamb, Andrew Lazare, Andrew K. Lee, Paul E. Lehman, Joan E. Lentz, Brandon Leonard, Nick A. Lethaby, David Levasheff (DLe), Libby Lind - say, Dell Little (DLi), Eric Lutomski , Elaine MacPherson, Curtis A. Marantz, Michael Mar - tin, Sara B. Mayers, Guy McCaskie (San Diego and Imperial), Chet McGaugh (Riverside), Todd McGrath, Robert McKernan, Jimmy McMor - ran, Robert McNab, Sherry Meddick (SMe), Tony Metcalf, Jim Moore, Steve Morris (SMo), Brennan Mulrooney, Peeter Musta, Larry S. Nahm, Gretchen Nell (GNe), Richard Norton, Gary Nunn (GNu), Kris Ohlenkamp, Robert with another 9 on the deserts 13 Oct–5 Nov. A very early White-crowned Sparrow at Laguna Niguel, Orange 16 Aug (AL) had likely sum - mered locally. A somewhat early Harris's Spar- row at Anacapa I. 11 Oct (JBa) was followed by birds at Orcutt, Santa Barbara 27-29 Oct (JD) and near Santa Ynez 10-11 Nov (CP), and on the deserts at Kramer Jct., San Bernardino 25 Oct (DGe) and F.C.R. 5 Nov (BRC). The only Swamp Sparrows reported were at N.E.S.S. 2 Nov (CMcG) and S.J.W.A. 15 Nov (TM). Some 47 Summer Tanagers were widely scattered through the Region away from known breeding areas; a true picture of migration and vagrancy of this species in the area awaits a critical evaluation broken down by subspe - cies. The only Scarlet Tanager was at DeFor- est Park at Long Beach 5-7 Nov (JSB, RB). Fourteen Rose-breasted Grosbeaks were in coastal regions 3 Sep–29 Oct, with 7 more on the deserts 29 Sep–14 Nov; a Rose-breasted x Black-headed Grosbeak was at Refugio S.B., Santa Barbara 19 Sep (NAL). An adult Indigo Bunting was feeding a juvenile at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve, San Bernardino 22 Aug (PS), with some 15 migrants (13 coastal, two on the e. San Bernardino deserts) noted 8 Aug–21 Nov. The first two Varied Buntings for San Diego were female-plumaged birds photographed at Mission Bay 13 Oct (MSa) and Point Loma 1-2 Nov (SBM); these represented the third and fourth California records in the past 4 years, after a 35-year hiatus. Seven Painted Buntings in coastal areas 10 Sep–24 Oct and 6 more on the deserts 28 Aug–27 Nov were mostly hatch- year and female-plumaged birds but included two coastal adult males that always raise some suspicion as potential escapees. An excellent showing of Dickcissels involved 11 birds on the coast and islands 6 Sep–1 Nov, 3 more on the ne. deserts 18 Sep–8 Oct, and one at L. Isabella 26 Aug–7 Sep (NJS). Bobolinks were poorly represented this fall, with some 22 birds on the coast and islands 12 Sep–13 Oct and 5 more on the deserts and inland coastal slope 15 Sep–13 Oct. A Rusty Blackbird was at F.C.R. 5 Nov (BRC), and the only Common Grackle was at Baker, San Ber - nardino 8 Oct (MJS). Eight Orchard Orioles were found along the coast 19 Sep+, with birds on the desert at Baker 29 Sep (JBo, MW) and Zzyzx 8 Oct (MJS). Similarly, 13 Baltimore Orioles were on the coast through the period, with one on the desert at China Ranch, Inyo 12 Sep (AEK). There was a good flight of Purple Finches on the n. deserts, with up to 7 in Inyo, where casual, 18 Sep–29 Nov, up to 8 in e. Kern 9 Oct–8 Nov, and at least 6 on the e. San Ber - nardino deserts 11 Oct–7 Nov; in addition, 3 were found in Imperial 14-30 Nov. A moder - ately large flight of Red Crossbills was noted in well into October, with singles near Diamond Bar, Los Angeles 18 Oct (LSc), near El Monte 20- 28 Oct (EM), and at Carpinteria 27 Oct (PAG). The only Yellow-throated Warbler was at Pacif - ic Palisades, Los Angeles 2-6 Oct (LSc). Six Prai- rie Warblers were along the coast 2 Oct–7 Nov, with another on the desert near Lancaster 4-9 Sep (JLF). A Grace's Warbler returned to Goleta 18 Nov+ for its third winter (FS). Black-throat - ed Green Warblers, always late in fall, included returning wintering birds in San Diego 16 Oct+ (MSa) and Chula Vista 1 Nov+ (PEL) and birds at Quail L., Los Angeles 25 Oct (MSc), San Luis Obispo 25-26 Oct (WHK), and Pasadena 2-3 Nov (Darren Dowell). Canada Warblers were found at Inglewood, Los Angeles 20 Sep (JC), Big Bear L. 22 Sep (MW), and Lakewood 9-14 Oct (AKL). Nine Painted Redstarts were found on the coastal slope after 21 Sep, including a returning wintering bird at Silverado Canyon, Orange (SMe) and at least two others that re - mained into the winter. SPARROWS THROUGH FINCHES Clay-colored Sparrows were widely reported, with at least 48 on the coastal slope and islands, with others at Twentynine Palms, San Bernardino 20 Sep (BD) and L. Isabella, Kern 6 Oct (NJS). A Field Sparrow, only the 10th for the Region, was at Ojai, Ventura 19 Nov+ (JG). A Black- chinned Sparrow at Borrego Springs, San Diego 16 Aug (RT) was unusual on the desert low - lands. Sixteen Black-throated Sparrows, rare w. of the deserts, were found along the coast (and islands) 21 Aug–13 Dec. Five Lark Buntings were along the coast and islands 5 Sep–30 Oct, with one farther inland at Jacumba, San Diego 20 Sep (EGK). A Le Conte's Sparrow at Castaic Lagoon, Los Angeles 22 Nov (LT, DBe) remained to 27 Dec. The earliest Swamp Sparrow report was at Montaña de Oro S.P., San Luis Obispo 7 Oct (RHZ), with 11 others along the coast 21 Oct+. At least 49 White-throated Sparrows were found on the coastal slope and islands 3 Oct+, This female Varied Bunting, photographed on 1 November 2015, frequented a seed feeder at a private residence on Point Loma in San Diego, San Diego County 1-2 November. Photo by © Thomas A. Blackman.

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