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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 120 S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A tary Warblers were at Goleta 19-21 Sep (DMC) and 6-27 Oct (PTS), Lakewood, Los Angeles 12-13 Sep (JRoe) and Laguna Niguel, Orange 25 Sep-5 Oct (AG), with another at Birchim Canyon near Bishop 25-28 Sep (CBG, LSN). A rather average showing of Tennessee Warblers included 29 on the coastal slope and islands 1 Sep–14 Nov and 3 on the eastern deserts 19 Sep–1 Nov. Six Lucy's Warblers wandered west to the coast 5 Sep–24 Oct. Twenty-two Virginia's Warblers on the coastal slope and is - lands 28 Aug–14 Oct was more than double the recent 5-year mean; three more, about aver - age, were on the deserts 30 Aug–2 Oct. A very rare Mourning Warbler was at Encinitas, San Diego14-16 Sep (JMcM, SES). A Hooded Warbler at Huntington Beach 26 Aug–9 Dec (JRoe) was likely the bird that was there in Jun and Jul; others were at Camp Pend - leton, San Diego 5 Sep (DWA) and L. Palmdale, Los Angeles 22 Oct (CDY). American Redstarts had an average showing, with 31 on the coastal slope and islands 29 Aug+ and another 12 on the deserts 10 Sep–28 Nov. Nine Northern Pa - rulas were near the coast 19 Aug–23 Oct; in the interior birds were near Delano, Kern 12 Aug (SDS), at Big Pine 23 Sep (T&JH) and G.H.P. 25 Oct (SLS). Ten Magnolia Warblers were on the coastal slope and islands 17 Sep–8 Nov, with a later bird at Coronado, San Diego 29 Nov (PEL); others were in the San Bernardino Mtns. at Big Bear L. 22 Sep (CC) and at Beck Spring 27 Sep (BD). A Blackburnian Warbler in the San Jacinto Mtns. near Idyllwild, Riverside 3 Sep (RR) was early and at an unexpected lo - cality for vagrants; 8 more were on the coastal slope and islands 25 Sep–18 Oct and a late bird was at Burbank, Los Angeles 29 Nov (RB). Chestnut-sided Warblers were found in above- average numbers, with 27 on the coastal slope 6 Sep–20 Nov, another at Coronado 22 Nov+ (PEL), and one at China Ranch, Inyo 15 Sep (LSW). Blackpoll Warbler numbers were well below average, with 23 on the coastal slope and islands, including an early bird at Laguna Niguel, Orange 6-7 Sep (RMcN), and desert records at G.H.P. 20-21 Sep (AHo) and C.L. 17-24 Sep (SLS). Black-throated Blue Warblers were at Oceano 30 Sep–1 Oct (RS) and nearby Oso Flaco L. 6 Oct (MLS), S.J.W.A. 5 Oct (CH), near Lompoc, Santa Barbara 18-20 Oct (LL) and at San Clemente I. 26-27 Oct (MC). Addi - tional individuals were detected on the deserts at Kramer Jct. 4 Oct (CAM, TEW), Zzyzx, San Bernardino 10-11 Oct (BD), and Ramer L. near Calipatria, Imperial 28 Sep (AHa). Palm War - blers were found widely along the coast, with some 45 birds 24 Sep–26 Nov; on the deserts birds were at Shoshone, Inyo 8 Oct (MJS) and near Calipatria 14 Nov (RMcK). As expected, fall vagrant Pine Warblers were not noted until cheeked Thrush at G.H.P. 29 Sep–1 Oct (DSC) established one of the few California records away from the immediate coast and islands. An exceptional flock of 10 Swainson's Thrushes was near El Centro 16 Sep (KZK). A Hermit Thrush at Goleta 15 Sep was record-early for Santa Barbara (CSh, JEL). Gray Catbirds were found at Point Loma 15-17 Oct (MSa) and at Irvine 5-9 Nov (BEE), with 4 others on the des - erts 24 Sep–6 Nov. The resident Curve-billed Thrasher remained at Starlite, w. of Bishop, Inyo through the period (R&KS) and up to 2 were at Black Meadow Landing, San Bernardi - no 3 Nov+ (CK). Four Brown Thrashers were found on the coast and islands 13 Oct–5 Nov, with another 4 on the deserts 27 Sep–17 Oct. A Gray Thrasher at Famosa Slough, Mission Bay, San Diego 2 Aug (LR) was studied and pho - tographed by many that day; the bird's natural occurrence was questioned by CBRC in part because of minor plumage and bill anomalies, along with the urban setting, but the species is resident within 200 km of Famosa Slough and is certainly a potential vagrant to the Region. Up to 4 Sprague's Pipits were at Fort Mo - have, San Bernardino 26 Oct–18 Nov (JBo, MW); this species occurs semi-regularly in agricultural fields through this area. There was a rather poor showing of Red-throated Pipits, with up to 3 at Mission Bay 1-20 Oct (DHo), up to 2 at Carlsbad 3 Oct–7 Nov (GNe), and sin - gles at Port Hueneme, Ventura 12-20 Oct (ST) and Guadalupe, Santa Barbara 22 Oct (WTF). Small numbers of Lapland and Chestnut-col - lared Longspurs appeared on the coastal slope and islands, with a Lapland at Mission Bay, San Diego 3 Oct (JRob, PEL) being quite early. A McCown's Longspur was at Mission Bay 13 Oct (MSa), and up to 3 were at Fort Mohave, San Bernardino 27 Oct–18 Nov (DV, LBH); the latter site also hosted up to 2 Laplands and Chestnut- collareds around the same period. Ovenbirds were found near Yorba Linda, Or - ange 30 Sep–1 Oct (DHa; *LACM), Los Olivos, Santa Barbara 18 Oct (LB), and Costa Mesa, Orange 11 Nov (VA); on the ne. deserts singles were at Big Pine 28 Sep (CSp) and Beck Spring in the Kingston Mtns., San Bernardino 17 Sep (JEP). Worm-eating Warblers, casual in fall, were on the San Bernardino desert at Mojave Narrows R.P., 1-2 Oct (BD) and Primm Valley 10 Oct (TEW). A Louisiana Waterthrush, less than annual in California, was photographed at Pacific Beach, San Diego 22 Aug (W&MH); in contrast, a fairly good showing of 25 coastal- slope Northern Waterthrushes 26 Aug+ was augmented by 11 on the deserts 23 Aug–2 Oct. Black-and-white Warblers were found in re - cord numbers, with a count of 74 birds found 28 Aug+ (68 coastal, 6 on the deserts) topped by an amazing 30 in San Diego alone. Prothono - summered locally (SKB), and a fall vagrant was at Nestor, San Diego 21-22 Oct (PEL). A Cassin's Vireo at California City, Kern 26 Aug (K&BK) was considered early for that area. A Blue-head - ed Vireo, casual in fall and winter, was at Go- leta 13-14 Oct (PTS). A Warbling Vireo at Santa Barbara 11 Nov+ had returned for its third winter (HPR). A Red-eyed Vireo, rare but regu - lar in early fall, was at Lone Pine, Inyo 25 Aug (WDS); exceptionally late was one at G.H.P. 29 Oct (DSC; K&BK). The only Yellow-green Vireo (which has outnumbered Red-eyed in most re - cent fall seasons) was at Goleta 4 Oct (NAL). An out-of-range flock of 7 Pinyon Jays was at Chilao in the San Gabriel Mtns., Los Angeles 1 Oct (SD, CR), and a wandering Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay was at E.A.F.B. 16 Oct (JSF). A Cave Swallow photographed at El Dorado R.P. in Long Beach 28 Nov (AKL) was the first for Los Angeles. Casual in Inyo, a Purple Martin was at Tinemaha Res. 3 Sep (CAM). A female Horned Lark on a nest with eggs at Santa Barbara I. 24 Oct established a very late nesting record (PAG). A Verdin at San Timoteo Canyon, San Bernardino 1 Nov (MG) was w. of the deserts and in an area with few records. A fairly large flight of Red-breasted Nut - hatches was evident by Sep in most of the Region's lowlands, including San Clemente I., where up to 15 were found 8 Sep–21 Oct (JTS). Three Pygmy Nuthatches at La Crescenta, Los Angeles 19 Aug (SMo) were part of a minor incursion into the lowlands that began in Jul. San Clemente I.'s first-ever Canyon Wren was present 20-21 Oct (EL). A Winter Wren, a ca - sual vagrant to the Region, was at Horse Thief Spring, San Bernardino 11-12 Nov (CAM). Well onto the lower deserts were Townsend's Solitaires in Imperial, at Picacho S.R.A. 14-15 Nov (GCH) and Bard 14 Nov (LBH). A Gray- This female Black-and-white Warbler at Lake Cuyamaca in the mountains of San Diego County on 28 September 2015 was one of 74 reported in the Region. Photo by © James R. Morris.

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