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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 119 S O U T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A Nov (RMcK) represented a large number for the Salton Sea. About 75 Baird's Sandpipers be - tween 2 Aug–5 Oct and less than 30 Semipal- mated Sandpipers between 2 Aug–4 Sep were both far fewer than expected, and 30 Pectoral Sandpipers between 16 Aug–9 Oct was also less than normal. Five Red Phalaropes were found inland, with single birds at Owens L., Inyo 20 Aug (DJH), C.L. 17 Sep (SLS), Kramer Jct. 3-5 Nov (DJH), Rosamond L. 15 Oct (JSF) and S.E.S.S. (Obsidian Butte) 14 Nov (DA). The only South Polar Skua reported was one exceptionally close to shore at the mouth of Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo 17 Oct (JSR). An ad. Long-tailed Jaeger on Big Bear L. 25-31 Aug (SU) and a juv. at P.P. 15 Oct (JSF), along with single Parasitic Jaegers at S.E.S.S. (Poe Rd) 30 Aug (HBK) and (Young Rd) 2 Sep (GMcC) were inland. A Pigeon Guillemot at Cayucos, San Luis Obispo 4 Nov (MDH) was of note since most are believed to have moved well to the north by this late date. Seven Marbled Murre - lets at Pt. Piedras Blancas, San Luis Obispo 16 Sep (AFS) were near the southern limit of the species' normal range. A Guadalupe Murrelet at the Cortez Bank 10 Sep (TMcG) was the only one reported this year – this species is known to move n. from Mexico after nesting, but be - lieved to remain far offshore. Craveri's Murre- lets remained in extreme S. California waters through Aug, with 11 still off San Diego 3 Sep (DPo); farther north 2 were off Dana Point 19 Sep (TAB) and at the Pilgrim Bank off Ventura 26 Aug (DPe), 4 were near Santa Barbara I. 22 Aug (NAL), and 2 more were there 28 Sep (PAG) and 10 Oct (DPe). GULLS THROUGH FLYCATCHERS Black-legged Kittiwakes were late in reaching S. California waters, with single birds at Santa Cruz I. 27 Nov (JBa), San Clemente I. 29 Nov (JTS) and Imperial Beach 25-29 Nov (CA) be - ing the only three reported. The only Sabine's Gulls found inland this fall were single birds at Tinemaha Res. 16 Sep (T & JH), the San Ber - nardino side of L. Havasu 3 Oct (LBH), Kramer Jct. 4 Oct (CAM), the S.E.S.S. (Young Rd) 2 Sep (GMcC), and Otay Lakes, San Diego 17 Oct (JS). Only 3 Laughing Gulls were found along the coast, where rare, with singles at La Jolla 3 Aug (BB) and 2-3 Nov (GNu), before a third was found on s. San Diego Bay 17-30+ Nov (JMcM). Franklin's Gulls were decidedly less numerous than usual, with only 12 reported in - land and 3 on the coast between 4 Aug–23 Oct. Single Heermann's Gulls at N.E.S.S (Salton Sea Recreation Area) 26 Aug (RMcK) and (84th Av - enue) 18 Sep-2 Oct (CMcG) were the only two found inland. A Mew Gull, rare well inland, was at S.E.S.S. (Lack Rd) 28 Nov (GMcC). A hatch-year Lesser Black-backed Gull was on the coast at the Tijuana R. mouth/s. San Di - ego Bay 24 Nov-6 Dec (MSa, JP), and 3 adults were found around S.E.S.S. where now regular in small numbers, after 7 Sep (GMcC). Early Glaucous Gulls were inland at S.S.S.S. (Lack & Lindsey) 27 Nov (MV) and on the coast at Mal - ibu Lagoon, Los Angeles 30 Nov (KW). Elegant Terns lingered along the coast later than usual, with 32 still present at the Tijuana R. mouth 24 Nov (MSa). Single birds at S.E.S.S. (Poe Rd) 13 Sep (GMcC) and (Lack & Lindsey) 2 Oct (GMcC) were not only inland, but also provide the latest dates of occurrence at the Salton Sink. A Band-tailed Pigeon well w. of the moun - tains at Wilson Cove on San Clemente I. 11 Nov (JTS) had crossed about 100km of open ocean. A Common Ground-Dove at Deep Springs, Inyo 10-11 Oct (SLS) and 2 at Inde - pendence, Inyo 26 Oct-7 Dec (JTZ) were un- usually far north. Single Ruddy Ground-Doves, now a casual straggler to California, were at Kramer Jct. 10-17 Oct (DGo) and Chiriaco Summit, Riverside 16-18 Aug (KO). About 50 White-winged Doves along the coast, with most in Sep and Oct, was more than usual. A Groove-billed Ani at the Coso Rest Area, 27 Oct (SKB) represented the first in Inyo, only the 12th in California, and the first since 1998. Migrant Northern Saw-whet Owls found in the low desert at Borrego Springs 13 Nov (CW) and near the coast at El Cajon, San Diego 27 Nov (fide PU; *SDNHM) were certainly surprising. Two Black Swifts over L. Hodges, San Diego 22 Aug (AA) were the only migrants reported. A Chimney Swift photographed at S.E.S.S. (near Red Hill) 16 Aug (JMcM) provides the second record for the Salton Sink. Single Broad-billed Hummingbirds were at Goleta, Santa Barbara 31 Oct–1 Nov (PK) and at Chiriaco Summit, Riverside 9-11 Sep (JLD). A Williamson's Sap - sucker at Independence, Inyo 3 Sep (CAM) was early for the lowlands, while single birds at G.H.P. 9-11 Oct (TEW), Big Pine 14 Nov (T & JH), Horse Thief Spring 8 Oct (JEP), and Glen Helen RP 15-29 Oct (MW) were at the expected time of the year for birds away from the mountains. Twelve Yellow-bellied Sap - suckers were reported from as many locations scattered throughout the Region. Lone Acorn Woodpeckers at G.H.P. 2 Sep (DSC) and 22-30 Sep (DSC), C.L. 7 Aug (SLS), and in Ridgecrest, Kern 5 Sep (MW), were far from areas of regular occurrence. A Gilded Flicker, a species whose numbers should be monitored, was near Cima, San Bernardino 11 Nov (RN), this being the only area in California where this species still prevails. The Crested Caracara that appeared on the Channel Islands in April 2014 was still present at Santa Catalina I. 4 Aug (fide PC). Establishing the earliest fall records for their respective counties were a Willow Flycatcher at Oceano, San Luis Obispo 23 Aug (MLS) and a Hammond's Flycatcher at Palomar Mtn., San Diego the same date (TGo). A Hammond's at Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo 23 Oct+ was appar - ently wintering (KLP). Least Flycatchers, very rare but regular in fall, were at Del Mar, San Diego 26 Sep (TGo), Laguna Niguel, Orange 26-27 Sep (TF-H), Santa Barbara I. 28 Sep (HPR), San Clemente I. 2 Oct (JMcM), S.J.W.A. 15 Nov+ (CAM), and on the desert at G.H.P. 29 Sep (DSC). Dusky Flycatchers captured at banding stations near Santa Paula, Ventura 25 Nov–16 Dec (AJS) and Malibu, Los Angeles 5 Dec (JFG) were exceptionally late. Eastern Phoebes were plentiful this fall, with the earli - est found 3-6 Oct near El Monte, Los Angeles (JLF); another 8 were on the coastal slope and islands 22 Oct+, one was in the San Bernardino Mtns. at Lake Arrowhead 29 Nov–2 Dec (ET), and 5 were on the deserts 22 Oct–14 Nov. Nineteen Tropical Kingbirds were found on the coastal slope, mostly on the immediate coast 26 Aug+, with additional birds at Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley N.P. 6 Sep (C&RH) and at Ni - land, Imperial 6-7 Sep (GMcC). Thick-billed Kingbirds returned to San Dimas, Los Angeles 1 Nov+ (for the third winter; ES) and Chula Vista, San Diego 21 Nov+ (for the sixth winter; PM). The only Eastern Kingbirds were at Goleta 15-16 Sep (DLe) and Point Loma 14-25 Oct (PEL). Scissor-tailed Flycatchers were in the Tijuana R. Valley 26 Sep (JTS) and at San Elijo Lagoon, San Diego 12 Oct–27 Nov (RTP), with another wintering at Santa Monica, Los Angeles 11 Nov+ (KW). VIREOS THROUGH WOOD-WARBLERS Bell's Vireos are rare migrants on the n. coast of Santa Barbara, so one at Santa Maria 12-14 Sep (JMC) was of note. A Yellow-throated Vireo at San Elijo Lagoon 10 Aug–21 Sep had likely This Gray-cheeked Thrush, photographed on 30 September 2015, remained at Galileo Hill Park in extreme eastern Kern County 29 September to 1 October. Note the grayish color- ation on the face along with the incomplete white eye-ring that separates it from the similar-looking Swainson's Thrush. Photo by © Alex A. Abela.

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