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VOLUME 70 NO1 2017

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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 117 N O R T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A Van Vuren (Merced), Jerry R. White (Lake), Gary Woods, Bob & Carol Yutzy (Shasta). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Jeff N. Davis, 11238 N. Via Trevisio Way, Fresno, California 93730 • Ed Pandolfino, 1328 49th Street, Sacramento, California 95819 • Stephen C. Rottenborn, 983 University Avenue, Building D, Los Gatos, California 95032 • Michael M. Rogers, 499 Novato Avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94086 • Rycenga, Paul Saraceni, Cooper Scollan, Adam Searcy, Jeff Seay (Kings), Christian Schwarz, Debra L. Shearwater, Daniel Singer, Mark Stacy, Susan Steele, John C. Sterling (Modoc, Alpine, Calaveras, and Yolo), Fritz Steurer, Tim Steurer (El Dorado and Amador), Craig Strong, Mat - thew Strusis-Timmer, Brian L. Sullivan, Steven D. Summers (Tulare), Kirk Swenson, Craig Swolgaard, Colin Talcroft, Ryan Terrill, Scott B. Terrill, Ronald S. Thorn, Jim Tietz (F.I.), Doro - thy Tobkin, John Trochet, Steve Tucker, Steve Umland (Tuolumne), Chuck E. Vaughn, Kent cisco), Roger Muskat, Dan Nelson, Kristie N. Nelson (Mono), Frances Oliver (San Joaquin), Lew Oring, Ron & Nancy Overholtz, Ed Pan - dolfino (Placer), Eric Pilotte, Linda Pittman, Ken Poerner, Gary W. Potter (Fresno), Robert C. Power, Ron Pozzi, Peter Pyle, Bernadette Ramer, Robert Ramer, Harold M. Reeve, Will Richardson, Robert J. Richmond (Alameda), Michael Rieser, Alex M. Rinkert, Don Rober - son (Monterey), Michael Rogner (MRg), Carole Rose, Diane Rose, Steve Rose, Stephen C. Rot - tenborn, Ruth A. Rudesill (Sonoma), Jennifer Southern California ably summered locally as the earliest fall mi- grants are not expected until mid-September. Up to three Harlequin Ducks at Estero Bluffs S.P. San Luis Obispio through the fall were the only ones known in the Region. Single White- winged Scoters at N.E.S.S. (84th Avenue) 18 Nov (CMcG) and (Whitewater R. mouth) 25 Nov (JS), along with 5 Surf Scoters at scattered locations in San Bernardino, Riverside and Im - perial were inland, where rare. Only 4 White- winged Scoters were reported along the coast s. of Pt Conception, whereas 16 Black Scoters, formerly much scarcer in S. California, were re - ported. Five Long-tailed Ducks, another scarce sea duck in S. California, were found along the coast, along with 3 together inland at N.E.S.S. (Whitewater R. mouth) 25 Nov (JS). The only Barrow's Goldeneye reported was a male on Big Bear L., San Bernardino 21 Nov-3 Jan (RW). The only Pacific Loon truly inland was one on Big Bear L. 19-21 Nov (MW). Most Red- necked Grebes in S. California are found on the immediate coast, but this fall the only one reported there was at Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo 13 Nov (P & JC); however, single birds were inland at Castaic Lagoon, Los Angeles 25 Nov+ (JFG) and Quail L., Los Angeles 27 Nov (JFG), on small ponds at S.J.W.A. 21 Nov–8 Dec (TGu) and in the Tijuana R. Valley, San Diego 5-14 Oct (PEL), the later being excep - tionally far south, and another was at S.E.S.S. (Obsidian Butte) 23 Oct (GMcC) providing the 3rd record for Imperial. Single Laysan Albatrosses were 12 km n. of Santa Barbara I. 25 Aug (JSF) and 45 km sw. of Pt. Arguello, Santa Barbara 9 Sep (DPe), the latter banded on Guadalupe I. in Mexico. A Buller's Shearwater 66 km WSW of Pt. Buchon, San Luis Obispo 11 Nov (PEL) was somewhat late. Short-tailed Shearwaters were unusually scarce with one at Point La Jolla in La Jolla, San Diego 26 Nov (MSa) being the only one reported. A Manx Shearwater off Ventura, Ven - Guy McCaskie Kimball L. Garrett –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– E xceptionally high sea surface tempera- tures, a product of an intense El Niño event, prevailed off the Region's coast through the period. Air temperatures were at or above normal through September, but a bit below normal later in the fall; the Region was generally dry, but some inland thunderstorms and a significant coastal rain event occurred in mid-September as the remnants of Hurricane Linda passed through the area; the deserts and mountains received higher than average rain - fall in October as well. The only significant offshore wind events ("Santa Anas") occurred 29-30 October and 16-17 November. Avian highlights included many warm water seabirds, including two Wedge-rumped Storm- Petrels, more Red-footed Boobies and record- breaking numbers of Brown Boobies. The landbird highlight was California's first Groove- billed Ani of the millennium. Otherwise, two Varied Buntings, a Gray-cheeked Thrush, a Cave Swallow, and a Louisiana Waterthrush topped a fairly lackluster list of vagrant pas - serines. A Gray Thrasher in San Diego, a po- tential first for California and the ABA area, was considered by the California Bird Records Committee to more likely have been human- transported. A moderately large movement of montane birds to the deserts and coastal low - lands included Red Crossbills, Purple Finches, Pine Siskins and a few Evening Grosbeaks. Abbreviations: C.L. (China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station, extreme n.e. Kern); E.A.F.B. (Edwards Air Force Base, s.e. Kern); F.C.R. (Fur - nace Creek Ranch, Death Valley National Park, Inyo); G.H.P. (Galileo Hill Park in extreme e. Kern); N.E.S.S. (north end of the Salton Sea, Riv - erside); P.M.N.A.S. (Point Mugu Naval Air Sta- tion, Ventura); P.P. (Piute Ponds on Edwards Air Force Base, n.e. Los Angeles); S.E.S.S. (south end of the Salton Sea, Imperial); S.J.W.A. (San Jacinto Wildlife Area near Lakeview, Riverside); V.C.G.P. (Ventura County Game Preserve near Pt. Mugu Naval Air Station, Ventura). Museum collec - tions abbreviated in the text are: LACM (Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County) and SDNHM (San Diego Natural History Museum). Because most rarities in s. California are seen by multiple observers, only the observer(s) initially finding and/or identifying the bird are included. Documentation for species on the California Bird Records Committee (CBRC) review list (see is forwarded to the CBRC and archived at the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology in Camarillo. WATERFOWL THROUGH STORM-PETRELS Two hundred Greater White-fronted Geese at S.J.W.A. 2 Oct (CMcG) represents one of the largest flocks reported in this Region in re - cent times. Two Brant at S.E.S.S. (Rock Hill) 26 Oct (DLi) were believed to be birds that summered locally and known present in this area since at least 19 Aug (GMcC). A Tundra Swan at S.J.W.A. 13 Nov (PQ) and 2 in Indio, Riverside 25 Nov (JS) were the southernmost reported this fall. A male Eurasian Wigeon at Hansen Dam, Los Angeles 31 Aug+ (KLG) prob -

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