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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 116 N O R T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A age of less than 3. Bobolinks were also pres- ent in good numbers (21 vs. an average of 15). All 9 Orchard Orioles were in coastal counties except for the bird at Old Mammoth Lakes, Mono 19 Sep (JRy). Baltimore Orioles were at San Carlos Cemetery, Monterey 8 Oct (RC), at Fort Mason, S.F. 20 Sep (Derek Heins), and on Telegraph Hill, S.F. 26 Sep (ph. Michael Gertz). The Purple Finch at Old Mammoth Lakes 19 Sep (JRy) provided a rare Mono record and the earliest for fall. Red Crossbills staged a remark - able irruption throughout the Region from fall through winter. In every case where calls were identified, they were Type 3, not Type 2, which breeds in the Sierra and is the type most commonly encountered in our Region. Type 3 crossbills are found primarily along the northwest coast of North America from Oregon through British Columbia. Interestingly, our last crossbill irruption (2012) also appeared to have been mainly composed of Type 3 birds. Cited observers (county sub-regional edi - tors in boldface): Many more observers are not specifically cited; all are appreciated. Ken Able (Lassen), Roger Adamson, David P. Arse - nault, Ralph Baker, Robert A. Barnes, Murray Berner (Napa), Gary A. Bloomfield, William G. Bousman (Santa Clara), Matt Brady, Lucas Brug, Eric R. Caine, Rita Carratello, George E. Chaniot, Daryl Coldren (Humboldt and Del Norte), Chris Conard (Sacramento), Hugh Cot - ter, Rudy C. Darling (Nevada), Jeff N. Davis (Madera), Bruce E. Deuel (n. C.V. counties), Ryan DiGaudio, Colin P. Dillingham (Plumas and Sierra), Cedric Duhalde, Jon L. Dunn, Pete Dunten, Todd Easterla, Mark W. Eaton, Elias Elias, Gil Ewing, Dane Fagundes, Paul Fen - wick, Brian Fitch, David Fix, Matthew Forster, Rick Fournier (RF), Rob Fowler (RbF; Hum - boldt and Del Norte), John Garrett, Maureen Geiger, Steve Gerow (Santa Cruz), Philip E. Gordon, Tom Grey, Steve C. Hampton, W. Ed - ward Harper, John H. Harris (Stanislaus), Stan- ley W. Harris, Garth Harwood, Karen Havlena, Cliff Hawley, Floyd Hayes, Greg D. Hemig, Rob Hewitt, Scott Hoppe, Steve N. G. Howell, Lisa Hug, Eugene S. Hunn, John E. Hunter (Trin - ity), Ken Irwin, Logan Kahle (Contra Costa and San Francisco), Robert J. Keiffer (Mendocino), Pat Kenny, Gary Kittleson, Tony Kurz, Kimya L. Lambert, Robin L. C. Leong (Solano), Gary S. Lester, Tom W. Leskiw, Lauren P. Lester, Nick Levendosky, John Lewis, John Lockhart, Paul Lohse, John S. Luther, Michael J. Mam - moser, Don Marsh, Mark Martucci, Blake T. Matheson, Dan J. Maxwell (Marin), Sean McAllister, Chris McCreedy, Tristan McKee, Kevin McKereghan, Peter J. Metropulos (San Mateo), Steve E. Miller, Bryan M. Mori, Joseph Morlan, Dominik Mosur (San Fran - our Prairie Warblers were coastal, as were Black-throated Green Warblers in Half Moon Bay, San Mateo 10 Nov (RSTh) and at Lake Merced, S.F. 23 Nov (KMcK). A well-described Canada Warbler at Bidwell Sacramento River S.P. 13 Sep (†MRg, MtF) provided a first for Butte. Other Canada Warblers were at P.R.N.S. 7 Sep (Renee Cormier) and Fort Mason, S.F. 16-17 Oct (Bob Gunderson). SPARROWS THROUGH BLACKBIRDS Only seven of the Region's 20 Cassin's Sparrow records have been from the mainland (all others on F.I.) so the bird at Bolinas Lagoon 19 Sep (ph. PP; Marin's second) was an outstanding find, albeit a one-day-wonder. Of our five American Tree Sparrows, the one at n. Lake Tahoe 22- 24 Nov (ph. Kristine Mitchell, WRi) provided a first for Placer and the second record for the Lake Tahoe Basin. A total of 45 Clay-colored Sparrows was a bit short of our average of over 60. An imm. Black-chinned Sparrow at Babel Slough 30 Sep+ (Mark Sawyer, m.ob.) provided a first fall record for Yolo. Black-throated Spar - rows were in the Red Hills area, Tuolumne 27 Aug (Charlotte Ginn), at Redwood Shores, San Mateo 16 Sep (RSTh), and at H.R.S. 10 Oct (RJR). A single Lark Bunting at Antonelli Pond, Santa Cruz 9 Oct (ph. Parker Forman) repre - sented a poor showing as we average more than 6. The LeConte's Sparrow present last winter apparently returned to Abbotts Lagoon, Marin 4 Oct+ (ph. Ted Gilliland). Seventeen Swamp Sparrows was a tally less than half our average. Notable White-throated Sparrows included one providing a rare Trinity record at Pine Cove 12 Oct (JSL) and an early arrival in Petaluma, Sonoma 20 Aug (Sherri Oster). Another early Zonotrichia was a Golden-crowned Sparrow in Crescent City, Del Norte 6 Aug (Sky Lloyd). The only Harris's Sparrow was in Arcata, Humboldt 8 Oct (CDu, Curtis Marantz). Eight Summer Tanagers represented a typical showing. Both our Scarlet Tanagers were on F.I. on subsequent days (15 and 16 Nov; Point Blue). A total of 7 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks was less than half our average and our lowest fall tally since 2000. A Lazuli Bun - ting in Westport, Mendocino 5 Nov (KHv) was unexpected on this late date. For the very first time Painted Buntings outnumbered Indigos! Three Indigo Buntings provided our lowest to - tal since 2005, whereas Painted Buntings were in Ione, Amador 12 Sep (ph. TEa, GDH), Pacific Grove, Monterey 12-15 Sep (ph. RC, ph. DR, m.ob.), at the Big Sur River mouth, Monterey 20 Sep (ph. TEa), Frog Pond Wetland Preserve, Monterey 24 Sep (Virginia Chomat), and in S.F. 26-28 Sep (Brian Fitch, Bob Hall, m.ob.; second record for the city). Dickcissels made a good showing, with 9 compared to an aver - ton Slough 5 Nov (Sachen Shenoy, ph. Carolyn Lambert), which provided a Santa Clara first, and Virgin Creek Cove, Mendocino 25-30 Nov (SJS, CEV, KHv, ph. RAd, m.ob.). A single Ovenbird at P.R.N.S. 6 Oct (AdS, CSz, RyT) constituted a very poor showing compared to last year's total of 10 and our av - erage of 6. A Worm-eating Warbler in Eureka, Humboldt 20-30 Oct (TMcK, RbF, m.ob.) was an excellent find. Northern Waterthrushes and Black-and-white Warblers were both present in typical numbers (27 and 25, respectively). Prothonotary Warblers were at P.R.N.S. 21 Sep (ph. Hannah Conley), Twin Lakes (at an elevation of 3000 m!), Mono 3-4 Oct (ph. RyT, MtB, AdS), Arcata, Humboldt 4 Oct (GAB), and the Big Sur River mouth, Monterey 8-15 Oct (ph. MiR, Lois Goldfrank). Of 23 Tennessee Warblers, only the one in Carmichael, Sacra - mento 30 Sep–7 Oct (MkM, Kevin Thomas) was in an inland county. King's first and Tu - lare's third Virginia's Warblers were found by the same observer (SDS) on subsequent days, both along the Tule River, 7 Sep and 8 Sep, re - spectively. The birds were separated by 5-6 km and differed in plumage. The Tulare bird was seen again 9 Sep (DaF). In addition, Virgin - ia's Warblers were along Dechambeau Creek, Mono 2-9 Sep (KNN) and at Sunnyvale WTP, Santa Clara 1 Nov (SEM). A very late MacGil - livray's Warbler was at C.R.P. 29 Nov+ (JTr). A Mourning Warbler in Ferry Park, S.F. 6-10 Oct (Mark Rauson, m.ob.) provided a first for the city. Twenty-five American Redstarts was a poor turnout compared to our average of nearly 50. Cape May Warblers were at P.R.N.S 26 Sep (CCo, ph. Izabella Davin, et al.), on F.I. 15-26 Oct (Point Blue), and at Redwood Shores, San Mateo 17 Sep (RSTh). The hatch- year male Cerulean Warbler at Samoa Park 10- 12 Oct (Brad Elvert, TMcK, m.ob.) provided a third record for Humboldt. Of the 12 Regional records of this species, Humboldt and Monterey account for eight. Eight of our 12 Northern Parulas were in Humboldt . A Northern Parula at Honey Lake W.A. 21 Aug (JLD) provided a first for Lassen. Fourteen Magnolias, 7 Black - burnians, and 36 Chestnut-sided Warblers were all typical totals. In contrast, 44 Black - poll Warblers and 67 Palm Warblers were well below our long-term averages of 65 and 147, respectively. A Pine Warbler in Sunnyvale 7-8 Oct (PKe, ph. m.ob.) furnished Santa Clara's first record, and one at P.R.N.S. 17 Oct (TEa, ph. Everett Clark) provided Marin's second record; these are the first Regional records since 2001. Both our Yellow-throated War - blers provided first county records, with one in Kennedy Park, Napa 23 Sep (Alex Green, ph. Mike Schackwitz) and the other on Scout Island, Fresno 7 Nov (JSy, ph. JND). All 7 of

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