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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 115 N O R T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A The only Blue-headed Vireo reported was at Pine Gulch, Marin 1-3 Oct (†Mark Dettling, ph. RDiG). A Philadelphia Vireo at the Big Sur River mouth, Monterey 9-27 Sep (ph. Doug Gochfeld, ph. MiR, ph. TEa, m.ob.) was in ac - tive tail molt, leading some to speculate that it may have summered locally. Another was in Humboldt at the Blue Lake cottonwoods 2 Sep (PLo). Six Red-eyed Vireos from five coastal counties and 4 Yellow-green Vireos from two coastal counties represented an average show - ing. Plumas's first Blue Jay was found in Quincy, where it remained 31 Oct+ (Paul Hardy, Gary Rotta, CPD, ph. m.ob.). An out-of-place Yel - low-billed Magpie appeared along Hwy. 92 w. of Crystal Springs Reservoir, San Mateo 3 Oct (TGr). Individuals of this species rarely wan - der outside areas of residency. A possible Win- ter Wren at Clear Lake S.P. 7 Nov–10 Feb (ph. Bryan McIntosh, ph. v.r. m.ob.) will establish Lake's first record if accepted by the C.B.R.C. A Dusky Warbler was well documented at Redwood Creek, Marin 15-20 Oct (ph. Han - nah Conley, ph. Mark Dettling, ph. m.ob.). A total of 8 Townsend's Solitaires away from areas of residency was about typical. Humboldt's first photo-documented Wood Thrush visited Ar - cata 28-31 Oct (Eric Culbertson, ph. RbF, GAB, ph. m.ob.). THRASHERS THROUGH WARBLERS Gray Catbirds included a first for the Lake Tahoe Basin (first or second for El Dorado) 15 Oct (WRi). Other catbirds were in Sebastopol, Sonoma 17-28 Sep (ph. Veronica Bowers), in Cottonwood Canyon, Mono 7 Oct (EP), and on F.I. 20 Oct (Point Blue). Nine out-of-range Sage Thrashers provided a typical fall total. A White Wagtail at Rodeo Lagoon, Marin 20-23 Oct (William Legge, m.ob.) was a highlight and provided the second record for this spe - cific location. Seven Red-throated Pipits were all in coastal counties. A Phainopepla in Pacific Grove, Monterey 24 Sep (MiR) was a rare find for the Monterey Peninsula. McCown's Long - spurs go unreported most years; therefore the 2 birds this season were noteworthy, with one at Lake Tolowa 19 Oct (ph. LBr) providing the second record for Del Norte and only the third for northwestern California and the other s. of Modoc NWR 14 Nov (SCR) marking an overdue first for Modoc. A total of 9 Chestnut- collared Longspurs was slightly above our av - erage, while a total of 5 Snow Buntings was double our average. Humboldt hosted 3 of those Snow Buntings with singles at Little River S.B. 3 Nov (LPL, GSL, ph. RbF, m.ob.), on Bear River Ridge 4-7 Nov (ph. Brad Elvert, K. Ong - man), and on Gold Bluffs Beach 16 Nov (ph. Moe Morrisette). Completing our fine haul of Snow Buntings were single birds near Charles - between Amador and Alpine 29 Aug (ph. TEa, FS; Amador's first); at least one and possibly up to 2 per day at the Big Sur River mouth, Monterey12 Sep–4 Oct (JSL, ph. CRo, RC, DR, m.ob.); one at Babel Slough, Yolo 13 Sep (TEa); and Humboldt's second to be photo-document - ed, at Arcata 29-30 Sep (ph. EE, m.ob.). Wil- liamson's Sapsuckers away from areas of resi- dency included a male at Battery Godfrey, S.F. 20 Sep (PSar, HuC; the city's sixth) and a female at Summit Ridge, Santa Clara/Santa Cruz 25 Oct–1 Nov (AMR, ph. NLv; Santa Cruz's fifth). Five Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers (3 inland and 2 coastal) and 7 Red-naped Sapsuckers (4 inland and 3 coastal or bayside) represented a typical showing. A Pileated Woodpecker at Cole Valley 26 Oct (PSar) and another at Battery Godfrey 13 Nov (BFi) established the fifth and sixth re - cords for S.F. An early Merlin was near Arcata, Humboldt 7 Aug (LuB). A well-documented Eastern Wood-pewee at F.I. 4 Oct (Kyle Marsh, ph. †KNN, ph. v.r. DJM) provided the second C.B.R.C.-accepted record for the island. A total of 17 Least Flycatchers, 9 of which were on F.I., included Mendocino's second at Navarro River Redwoods S.P. 29 Nov (FS, ph. RAd). Monterey's first Gray Flycatcher in fall was at the Big Sur River mouth 10-12 Sep (ph. PFw, ph. MiR, BTM). The 2 Eastern Phoebes reported included Santa Clara's ear - liest by 31 days at Stanford 7 Oct (ph. Will Brooks) and another on Stage Rd., San Mateo 8 Nov+ (A. Dudley et al.), which was presumably the same bird that has wintered at that location since 2011. Santa Cruz's second Vermilion Fly - catcher was a first-year male at the confluence of Hanson and Struve Sloughs 6-9 Oct (ph. GKt, BMMo). Coincidentally, another or pos - sibly the same first-year male was found in the county about 24 km n. along the San Lorenzo River 10 Oct (ph. Jane Mio, Blaize Wilkinson). Another Vermilion Flycatcher, an ad. male, at Rossi Park 26 Oct (ph. Brad Gota) provided S.F.'s first record. Establishing one of our high - est fall totals ever, at least 60 Tropical Kingbirds were reported from six coastal or bayside coun - ties, with an impressive 25+ in Humboldt alone. California's second Couch's Kingbird, which spent more than two months at Sunset Park in Visalia, Tulare 12 Nov–18 Jan (R&NO, ph. SDS, ph. m.ob.), was seen and photographed by dozens of observers. Three Eastern King - birds were reported. They included one in Humboldt at the Mad River estuary 13 Sep (ph. RbF, m.ob.), one in Marin at Rodeo Lagoon 13-18 Sep (Jim Chiropolos, Derek Heins), and another in S.F. at Fort Mason 2 Sep (Michael Jarrett, m.ob.). Two Scissor-tailed Flycatchers included one at Arcata Bottoms, Humboldt 29 Oct (KI, ph. m.ob.) and another at Fort Ord N.M., Monterey 10 Aug (ph. Peter Foken). Brooks) providing the latest Santa Clara record in 23 years. Black Skimmers away from S.F. Bay breeding areas included 2 in the Moss Landing/ Elkhorn Slough area, Monterey 2-9 Aug (James Roethe, ph. Jonathan Walton), 2 at Pillar Point Harbor, San Mateo 3 Aug (RSTh), and one at MacKerricher S.P., Mendocino 6 Aug (ph. Bar - bara Bridges). DOVES THROUGH THRUSHES A total of 107 Eurasian Collared-Doves near the Watsonville Airport 1 Oct (AMR) established a new single-locality high count for Santa Cruz. A Common Ground-Dove 12 km nw. of Corco - ran 6 Sep (MSy) provided the third record for Kings. Fifteen White-winged Doves more than doubled our seasonal 10-year average and edged out last fall's total of 14. They were all coastal except 2: Solano's second in Benicia 15 Nov+ (Danny Swicegood, RMu, EPi) and Santa Clara's seventh near Ed Levin C.P. 19 Oct (Gary Kittleson). Our only Yellow-billed Cuckoos were singles at Arcata Marsh, Humboldt 1-5 Aug (m.ob.), lingering from summer, and at Ameri - can River Parkway, Sacramento 11 Aug (ClH). Migrating Burrowing Owls sometimes show up in odd places. This season, 2 appeared in S.F., one at the heavily populated S.F. Botanical Garden 6 Oct (DMo) and another at the heavily urbanized Giants Dugout Store at Embarcadero Center 13 Nov (fide LKh). A total of 23 made it out to F.I. during the period, a count 20% high - er than the 10-year average (fide JTz). Notable Long-eared Owls included one at S.F. Botanical Garden, S.F. 12-13 Nov (ph. m.ob.), evidently the first in the city to remain more than one day, and another at n. Lake Tahoe, Placer 10-19 Sep (WRi, m.ob.). Although the species is pre - sumably resident in Placer, it is rarely detected. At least 5 Chimney Swifts were reported. They included 2 at Kirkwood Meadows flying California now has two records of Couch's Kingbird. This individual, furnishing the state's second record, lingered 12 November to 18 January (here 18 November) at Sunset Park in Visalia, Tulare County. Photograph by © Gary Woods.

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