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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 114 N O R T H E R N C A L I F O R N I A SHOREBIRDS American Golden-Plovers reported with docu- mentation included juvs. found at the Jacoby Creek mouth near Arcata, Humboldt 27 Sep (†Jared Hughey), at MacKerricher S.P., Men - docino 11-27 Oct (DT, ph. RAd, ph. m.ob.), and along Reclamation Rd. near San Pablo Bay, Sonoma 31 Oct–2 Nov (perhaps 2 birds; †ESH, LHg). Pacific Golden-Plovers found in the northern C.V., where rare, included an ad. at Red Bluff R.A., Tehama 8-12 Sep (BED, ph. JLw, m.ob.) and a juv. at Colusa N.W.R., Colusa 16 Nov (ph. WEH, Robin Wolcott, Richard Wol - cott). A Snowy Plover at Indian Creek Reservoir 29-30 Aug (FrO, LPt, Bill Frey et al.) furnished a first record for Alpine. A Mountain Plover at South Lake Tahoe, El Dorado 25 Oct (ph. Jenny Anderson, Bob Sweatt) provided a first record for the Lake Tahoe Basin. A Wandering Tattler in Benicia, Solano 6 Sep (ph. KPo, MGg) was unusually far in - land. An Upland Sandpiper at F.I. 21-24 Aug (ph. AdS, Laurel Ann Curry, Eva Gruber, ph., †JTz) provided the seventh island record and 12th for the Region. A Hudsonian Godwit near Watsonville 11-26 Oct (ph. AMR, RRa, BRa, m.ob.) provided a second record for Santa Cruz whereas a Bar-tailed Godwit at the south spit of Humboldt Bay 12 Aug (ph. Matt Lau) was the 11th for Humboldt. A Marbled Godwit in the Glenburn area 15 Nov (†KAb) was the eighth for Shasta, the first there in fall, and remark - ably late for an inland bird so far north. Inland Ruddy Turnstones included juvs. at Gustine W.T.P., Merced 12 Aug (ph. PDu) and Mono Lake, Mono 15 Aug (ph. CMc). An inland Black Turnstone at Woodland W.T.P. 15-30 Sep (ph. Mark Sawyer, ph. SCH, ph. mob.) was only the second for Yolo and the first since May 1977. Inland Red Knots were found at Woodland W.T.P., Yolo 17 Sep (SHo) and s. of Corcoran, Kings, where 2 were found 29 Aug (MSy) and one 1 Nov (†SuS). Nine Ruffs in seven counties included the continuing male near Corcoran, Kings through 20 Nov (ph. MSy, JSy, SBT) and Contra Costa's third, at the West County W.T.P. 19-22 Oct (ph. Albert Linkowski). A juv. Sharp-tailed Sand - piper nicely photographed at Pillar Point, San Mateo 15 Sep (ph., †Juliana Manoliu) was the only one reported this season. Nine Stilt Sand - pipers were split between 4 coastal birds in Al- ameda, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz 1 Aug–16 Sep and 5 inland birds, including up to 4 s. of Corcoran, Kings 15 Aug–9 Oct (4 birds on 19 Sep; MSy, SuS, SDS, JLt) and a bird in Yuba 19 Oct (John and Kathe Hendrickson). On the heels of last season's ad., 2 more Curlew Sand - pipers were found in Alviso, a juv. 11-13 Sep (ph. Will Brooks, m.ob.) and an ad. 13 Sep (ph. RCP, ph. Julio Mulero), establishing the fifth and sixth records for Santa Clara. Unusual so far n. in the C.V., a Sanderling was at Chico W.T.P., Butte 6-17 Sep (MRg, m.ob.) and up to 3 were at Black Butte Reservoir, Glenn 28-30 Sep (†SRs, DRs, ph. FrO, LPt, †MRg, †JLw). Late Baird's Sandpipers included single Oct birds at Lake Tolowa, Del Norte 11 Oct (LBr) and Kettleman City, Kings 22 Oct (JSy) and a very late bird along Ostrom Rd., Yuba 17 Nov (John and Kathe Hendrickson). Amador's first Semipalmated Sandpiper was found at Caman - che Reservoir 7-9 Aug (JLD, ph. DMr et al.) and joined by a second bird 8 Aug (†m.ob.); yet another showed up at the same location not long thereafter 17 Aug (TS, GDH). Semipal - mateds at Modesto W.T.P 9 Aug (HMR, ERC, ph. RBk, Bill Amundsen) and Ceres W.T.P. 10 Aug (RBk) provided only the second and third Stanislaus records in the past decade; another at Moonglow Dairy, Monterey 7-26 Oct (†BTM, ph. DR, ph. KVV) was notably late. Late Wil - son's Phalaropes were both inland, s. of Corco- ran, Kings 24 Oct (RAB, SuS) and at San Luis N.W.R., Merced 27 Oct (†Cara Barnhill). Late inland Red-necked Phalaropes were at Folsom Lake, Sacramento 3 Nov (ph. CrS) and Wood - land W.T.P., Yolo 4 Nov (ph. Keith Bailey). Also notable was an inland Red Phalarope together with an unidentified phalarope at South Lake Tahoe, El Dorado 3 Nov (ph. Bob Sweatt, Jenny Anderson fide WRi). JAEGERS THROUGH TERNS Totals of 81 Parasitic Jaegers at Moss Beach, San Mateo 29 Sep (RSTh) and 59 in 1.5 hours at Point Pinos, Monterey 7 Sep (DR) provided high shore-based counts; 49 were recorded during the Nov survey at Point Pinos (Tony Leuker - ing et al.). Inland jaegers are always exciting. Among 5 inland Parasitics, one on Clear Lake 27 Sep (FHa) represented Lake's fifth record. Inland Long-tailed Jaegers included first county records for Fresno at the Fresno W.T.P. 22 Aug (ph. GaW, m.ob.) and Plumas at Lake Almanor 11 Sep (ph. DPA); an ad. at Eagle Lake 27 Aug (ph. DPA) that provided Lassen's second re - cord; and one at Stampede Reservoir, Sierra 21 Aug (SRs, DRs). A Long-tailed Jaeger at South Ocean Beach 18 Sep (PSar, MWE) furnished a rare onshore record for S.F. (the first since 2011). One at F.I. 6 Nov (†JTz) was quite late, as this species is rarely recorded past mid-Oct. Rarer alcids were represented by a dead Thick-billed Murre on Rodeo Beach, Marin 17 Sep (p.a.; ph. Arlene Davis) and a Long-billed Murrelet 2 km w. of Humboldt Bay, Humboldt 20 Jul (ph. CSg). Nine Guadalupe Murrelets represented an above-average showing. Eight were recorded 22 Aug–18 Sep off S.F., Marin, and Sonoma; one at Point Pinos, Monterey 1 Nov (†Tony Leukering) was both late and un - usual from shore, while a Scripps's Murrelet at that location 22 Nov was nearly as unusual so close to shore, landing just off the seawatch (Tony Leukering et al.). Otherwise, the only reports of Synthliboramphus murrelets were of 4 Scripps's off Monterey Bay, Monterey and 2 Craveri's 22 km off Carmel, Monterey, both on 29 Sep (Mike and Sharon Toochin). The total of 10 inland Sabine's Gulls, about average, included up to 3 at Thermalito Af - terbay 11 Sep–9 Oct (†MRg, ph. Ian Gledhill, m.o.b); Butte had only two prior records. Del Norte's third Black-headed Gull, and the first in the Region since 2004, was at Crescent City Harbor 23-26 Nov (†Romain Cooper). Three Laughing Gulls, with singles at Lake Earl, Del Norte 1-3 Aug (juv.; ph. LBr), Asilomar, Mon - terey 5 Sep (second-cycle; Hugh Harvey), and Big Sur River mouth, Monterey 20 Sep (basic ad.; ph. JSt, TEa), were about average. Of 19 Franklin's Gulls, the most unusual was at Bat - tery Godfrey 22 Nov (KMcK), as this species is very rare in the city of S.F. A juv. Mew Gull in Eureka 19 Aug+ (ph. RbF) provided one of few Aug records for Humboldt; in recent years, small numbers of juvs. have appeared in the Region in Aug, more than a month before the typical vanguard of southbound birds. Single Lesser Black-backed Gulls, all likely returning birds from previous years, included a third-cycle bird at Eureka, Humboldt 7-30 Aug (TKz, Casey Ryan et al.) and ads. at South Lake Tahoe, El Dorado 27-29 Oct (ph. Lori Allessio) and Long Valley, Mono 14 Nov (JLD et al.). After nesting at the Sacramento W.T.P., Sacramento this sum - mer, an ad. Least Tern and a fledgling lingered to 4 Sep (CCo, KLL, Steve Scott, m.ob.). Thirty- three Least Terns at Foster City and Redwood Shores 4 Aug (RSTh) provided a high count for San Mateo, and a wayward juv. was far n. at Lake Earl, Del Norte 1 Aug (ph. LBr). Ten of our 14 Black Terns were in Monterey, including 5 pass - ing Point Pinos 25 Aug–10 Sep, where there had been only one record in the past 50 years (fide DR). Common Terns were widespread and in unusually high numbers, with 120+ inland and 170+ in coastal/estuarine areas. Much rarer inland, single juv. Arctic Terns provided Las - sen's second record at Eagle Lake 20-21 Aug (ph. JLD, KAb) and Modoc's first record at Dor - ris Reservoir 5 Sep (SCR). A large incursion of Elegant Terns was exemplified by counts of up to 6,000 at Pillar Point Harbor, San Mateo 3 Aug (PJM, CDu); 7,000 in 1.5 hours at Point Pinos, Monterey 9 Sep (BLS) and 1,572 there during the Nov seawatch (Tony Leukering et al.); 180 in n. Humboldt Bay, Humboldt 3 Aug (DFx); and 80 in Alviso, Santa Clara 25 Oct (MJM, PEG). They also lingered later than usual, with 3 as far n. as Humboldt Bay, Humboldt 20 Nov (RbF), and 3 in Mountain View 29 Nov (Will

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