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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 111 O R E G O N & WA S H I N G TO N Single Summer Tanagers were at Woodland Bottoms, Cowlitz 1 Nov (ph. B. Bradford) and Neah Bay, Clallam 4 Nov (P. Lehman, ph. BW); Washington now has nine accepted records with all but 3 occurring since 2012. Now de - tected near annually in Washington since 2006, An Indigo Bunting graced Sprague L., Lincloln 28 Aug († TL); Washington has 37 records. A Rose-breasted Grosbeak at Camano I., Island 2-4 Oct (ph. P. Pritzl) was the only report from Washington this fall. About normal for fall, 3 Rusty Blackbirds were noted in Washington 27 Sep+. A Com - mon Grackle, Washington's eighteenth was near Wallula, Walla Walla 7 Nov+ († M&MLD); most records are Mar–Jul. An Orchard Oriole graced Neah Bay, Clallam 25 Sep (ph. RM) pro - viding Washington's tenth; nine of the records are from w. Washington occurring Sep-Dec. A Bullock's Oriole at Neah Bay 26 Oct (B. Paige) was well over a month tardy. A Brambling was near Cape Flattery, Clallam 27 Oct († MH); Washington's 19 records span Nov–mid-April. A Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch, not annual in the westside lowlands graced Neah Bay 5 Nov (ph. BW); there are only a few re - cords for the Washington coast. A Cassin's Finch at Neah Bay, Clallam 16 Nov (FL, M. Du) pro - vided the third coastal record for Washington; this species is very rare in lowland w. Washing - ton. Rare west of the Cascades in Washington, White-winged Crossbills included 3 at Neah Bay 24-27 Oct (J. Gunn, D. Schurman, S. Peden), one at P.N.P. 25 Nov (D. Froelich), and 6 near Bellingham 27 Nov (I. Nugent). A Pine Gros - beak, rare for w. Washington lowlands, visited Seattle 21 Oct (J. Bryant). A northerly, wayward Lesser Goldfinch was at Reardan, Lincoln 10 Sep (TL). Showing signs of irrupting in w. Washing - ton, where rare, single Common Redpolls were near Buckley, Pierce 24 Nov (fide Terry Little) and at Barnaby Slough, Skagit 25 Nov (RM). Initialed observers (subregional editors in boldface): Nigel Ball, Gary Bletsch, Marv Breece, Wilson Cady, Jim Danzenbaker, Mike Denny, MerryLynn Denny, Matt Dufort (MDu), Bob Flores, George Gerdts (GGe), Steve Giles, Den - ny Grandstrand, Michael Hobbs, Evan Houston, Jonathon Isacoff, Stuart Johnston, Randy Knapp, Bruce Labar, Fanter Lane, Paul Lehman, Terry Little, Scott Mills, Ryan Shaw, Bill Shelmerdine, Tim Shelmerdine, Andy Stepniewski, Ellen Stepniewski, Shep Thorp, Bill Tweit, Dan Wag - goner, Charlie Wright, Matt Yawney. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Brad Waggoner, 7865 Fletcher Bay Road NE, Bainbridge Island, Washington 98110 • Ryan Merrill, 13039 6th Avenue NW, Seattle, Washington 98177 • ogan 6 Oct (J. Richardson). Washington's sec- ond Prairie Warbler visited Rialto Beach, Clal- lam 17 Oct (ph. R. Brezak); Washington's only other record was in Walla Walla Dec 1989. Rare, but annual in e. Washington, Black-throated Gray Warblers irrupted with 8 detected in the Columbia Basin 25 Aug–4 Oct. A very tardy Black-throated Gray was at Seattle 24 Nov (ph G. Chiu); there are only a few Nov records for Washington and only 6 winter records. About par for recent years, 4 American Tree Sparrows were detected in w. Washington, but included an early arriving bird at Fir I., Skagit 28 Sep (P. DeBruyn); this species normally ar - rives in mid-Oct. A month-tardy Chipping Sparrow lingered at College Place, Walla Walla 12-14 Nov (L. Goodhew). Clay-colored Spar - rows showed well again in w. Washington with 9 tallied 16 Sep–18 Nov. For the third consecu - tive fall Brewer's Sparrow were near tree line in w. Washington, with at least 2 noted at Sun - rise, Pierce 6-9 Aug (BL, RS); this species' post- breeding dispersal remains a bit of a mystery in Washington. Lowland migrant Vesper Sparrows in w. Washington were off the charts this fall with nearly 20 noted, including an impressive count of 10 at Newhalem, Whatcom 8 Sep (RM, RK). Single Vespers at Hoquiam, Grays Harbor 5 Sep (T. Mansfield) and near Neah Bay, Clallam 16-17 Oct (ph. B. Paige) provided rare coastal records. A very late Vesper near Burlington, Skagit 27 Nov+ (E. Houston, ph. RM) provided the fourth November record for Washington, although there are 3 winter records. Lark Spar - rows also showed in impressive numbers in w. Washington, with 6 noted 30 Aug–25 Nov; fall detections of this species in w. Washington have been on the increase during the past 8 years. A Grasshopper Sparrow at Neah Bay 9-13 Oct (ph. B. Paige) provided a very rare w. Washing - ton record. Single Red Fox Sparrows (P.i. iliaca/ zaboria), rare, but annual in Washington, were at Woodland Bottoms, Cowlitz 10 Oct (ph. C. Riddell) and Yakima 3 Nov (ph. K. Lucas). Slightly subpar when compared to recent falls, only 6 Swamp Sparrows were detected 11 Oct+ but included a rare e. Washington bird at Char - bonneau Park, Walla Walla 21 Nov (M&MLD). Single Harris's Sparrows, less than annual dur - ing fall in w. Washington, were near Clinton, Island 7-8 Nov (G. Heleker) and at Enumclaw, King 21 Nov (J. Vassallo). A Harris's at Oro - ville, Okanogan 30 Nov (R. McCluskey) was the only report from e. Washington. A dark-lored White-crowned Sparrow (Z.l. leucophrys or ori - antha) was at Corkindale, Skagit 17 Sep (RK); there are fewer than 10 records of such birds from w. Washington. A Washington first and the Region's second Little Bunting graced O.S. 9-13 Oct (ph. C. Welsh); Oregon's lone record occurred late Jan–Mar 2013. Washington; prior records have spanned Dec– Aug. A Magnolia Warbler at Raymond, Pacific 23 Oct (RS, ph. BW, ph. SM) was Washington's twenty-fifth; most records are from early-Sep– early-Oct. A Yellow Warbler at Seattle 24 Nov (ph. G. Chiu) was well over a month tardy. Single Chestnut-sided Warblers were at Fish Hook Park, Walla Walla 31 Aug (†M&MLD) and Discovery Park, King 6 Sep (†E. Houston, ph. RM); there are now 30 records for Washing - ton (most in June) and the Discovery Park bird provided only the third w. Washington fall re - cord. A Blackpoll Warbler visited Potholes S.P., Grant 5 Sep (ph. MY) on the eastside and anoth - er graced Bainbridge I., Kitsap 6 Sep (ph. BW) on the westside; Washington has 35+ records, but only 4 have occurred on the westside. A Black-throated Blue Warbler, Washington's fourteenth, inhabited Tacoma 6-10 Nov (ph. M. Charest); most previous records occurred Oct– Nov. Palm Warblers showed well in Washing - ton, with 15 noted 12 Sep+ and included a very rare eastside bird at Cameron Lake Road, Okan - Blackpoll Warblers are nearly annual in Washington, but of the 35+ records, this one on Bainbridge Island, Kitsap County, Washington, 6 September 2015 provided only the fourth record for western Washington. Photo by © Brad Waggoner. Washington's first Little Bunting lingered 9-13 (here 11) October 2015 at Ocean Shores, Grays Harbor County. Photo by © Brad Waggoner.

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