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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 110 O R E G O N & WA S H I N G TO N Mountain Chickadees staged a mini-irrup- tion into the Columbia Basin with 20+ noted 11 Oct+ and one at Long Beach, Pacific 2 Nov (M. Kalbach) provided a rare coastal record. Fol - lowing this summer's westside irruption, Rock Wrens lingered in good numbers with 11 noted this fall. Single Canyon Wrens near Ira Spring Trail, King 19-20 Aug (A. Powell) and at Snol - qualmie Mt. Trail, King 22 Oct (M. Du) provided rare westside records. A coastal and slightly tar - dy House Wren lingered at Neah Bay, Clallam 11 Oct (RK); this species normally departs by late- Sep. Given only 14 previous records for Wash - ington, five Blue-gray Gnatcatchers found state- wide 26 Sep–22 Nov was astounding; 4 were noted along the north coast in Clallam with at least 2 there documented as the eastern subspe - cies (P. c. caerulea) while one was at Kent, King 22 Nov (S. Aagaard, J. Cormier, ph. S. Ramos). A Mountain Bluebird, rare during fall in the lowlands of w. Washington, was at Bahokus Peak, Clallam 28 Sep (JD) and another was at Neah Bay, Clallam 20 Nov (G. Haworth). A tally of 69 Hermit Thrush at Bahokus Peak 28 Sep (JD) was likely a migration high count for this species. Likewise, 637 Varied Thrush at the same spot and on the same day (JD) was also ex - ceptional, though short of previous winter high counts. A Brown Thrasher near Leavenworth, Chelan 21 Nov (ph. H, Murphy) was Washing - ton's nineteenth; records are evenly distributed between westside and eastside with most May– Jun. A Northern Mockingbird inhabiting Olym - pia 17 Oct–8 Nov (K. Brady) was the only one for Washington this season. A White Wagtail made a brief appearance in Tacoma 7 Nov (†MH, †M. Bartels) providing Washington's tenth record; most records occur late-Apr–mid-May. Rare, westside Bohemian Waxwings included 50 at Mt. Baker, Whatcom 18 Oct (RK) and 8 at Samish R. Mouth, Skagit 29 Nov (D. Lewis). Northern Waterthrush, rare but annual in w. Washington, included singles at Nisqually 9-13 Sep (W. Johnson), Neah Bay, Clallam 8 Sep (ph. BW), and Skagit W.M.A., Skagit 3 Oct (GB); the Neah Bay bird provided a very rare coastal record. It was a superb fall for Tennessee Warblers in Washington with 4 detected in nw. Clallam 21 Sep–21 Nov, along with one eastside bird at Colbert, Spokane 14 Sep (ph. J. Dam - marell). Washington's second and the Region's fourth Lucy's Warbler was at Wa'atch R. Val - ley, Clallam 16 Sep (ph. RM); Washington's first occurred just last fall in early-Nov, within 3km of this record. A Nashville Warbler at Neah Bay 3 Oct (MH) and another, assumed to be a dif - ferent bird, at Neah Bay 24 Oct (J. Gunn, D. Schurman) were tardy and provided rare coastal records. A tardy MacGillivray's Warbler was at Neah Bay 13 Oct (BW). A Hooded Warbler at Neah Bay 10 Nov + (GGe) was the seventh for 30 Sep (R. Reidl) were in w. Washington, where extremely rare; it has been assumed that this species occurs high on the w. slope of Washing - ton's Cascades, but records are still few. A Prairie Merlin (F.c. richardsoni) was at Nisqually 11 Nov (ph. ST); perhaps due to in - creased observer scrutiny this subspecies is now detected annually in the Region. Washington's lone Gyrfalcon was near Anatone, Asotin 3-4 Nov (D. Woodall). Prairie Falcons showed well in the lowlands of w. Washington this fall with singles at Edmonds, Snohomish 3 Sep (ph. B. Anderson), at Vancouver, Clark 22 Sep (R. Korpi) and at Port Susan Bay, Snohomish 3 Oct (A. Wood). PASSERINES The Eastern Wood Pewee lingered at Lind Coulee, Grant thru 17 Aug (MY). Rare, but re - ported with more frequency in recent falls in w. Washington, a single Least Flycatcher was at Corkindale, Skagit 4 Sep (FL). Single Dusky Fly - catchers, rare in fall in w. Washington, were at Marblemount, Skagit 4 Aug (ph. RM) and again there on 8 Sep (RM), and at Corkindale, Skagit 17 Aug (RM) and again there on 18 Sep (RK). Seven wayward and northerly Black Phoebes, beyond their few known reliable haunts, provid - ed an exceptional fall and included Kitsap's first at Foulweather Preserve 18 Aug (GGe) and an extraordinary n. coast bird at Neah Bay, Clallam 20 Nov (D. Porter). Say's Phoebe, not annual in fall in w. Washington, irrupted with 6 noted 11 Aug–28 Sep. An Ash-throated Flycatcher, very rare for w. Washington was at Neah Bay 21 Sep (CW) providing a first for Clallam and only the third coastal record, while perhaps even more impressive was one at Vashon I., King 28 Nov+ (ph. E. Steffens) that established the latest date ever for Washington. Twelve Tropical Kingbirds detected through w. Washington 3 Oct–19 Nov was fairly typical of recent falls. An exception - ally late Western Kingbird was at Bainbridge I., Kitsap 14 Sep (ph. BW, GGe, J. Acker, MA Ross - ing); the latest ever for Washington was 6 Oct 2001 in Grays Harbor. An Eastern Kingbird at Rooks Park, Walla Walla 14 Sep (M&MLD) was less than a week shy of the record late date for Washington. A Blue Jay at Clarkston, Asotin 24 Oct–13 Nov (M. Clarke) was the only report for Wash - ington this fall. A tally of 104 Clark's Nutcrack- ers at Mt. Baker, Whatcom 11 Sep (RK) was exceptional. Wayward Clark's Nutcrackers in - cluded 7 at Corkindale, Skagit 21 Sep (RM) and one at Kingston, Kitsap 18-20 Oct (J. Nelson, R. Nelson); this species is an extremely rare visi - tor to w. Washington lowlands. A Black-billed Magpie was at Kalama, Cowlitz 7 Sep (T. Night - ingale) and one was near Auburn, King 3 Oct (CW); this species, formerly accidental in w. Washington, has been annual in recent years. only reports (12 is typical). None were detected in the P.T. Franklin's Gulls showed well in w. Washington with 10 noted including a tardy bird near Sedro Woolley, Skagit 25 Nov (GB). A Heermann's Gull at L. Sammamish, King 19 Oct (S. Aagaard) provided a rare inland record for w. Washington. A Lesser Black-backed Gull, now annual in e. Washington, inhabited Rich - land 13 Oct–20 Nov (ph. J. Abel). Returning for the fourth consecutive year, an ad. Slaty- backed Gull inhabited Tacoma 29 Aug+ (ph. M Charest); most of Washington's twenty records occurred Nov–mid-Mar. Only 3 Glaucous Gulls were noted in Washington this fall but included an over-summering bird at Westport, Grays Harbor thru 5 Sep (RM, JD, S. Mills). An Arctic Tern, extremely rare on the east - side, visited Soap L., Grant 14 Sep (ph. MY). Providing a first for Jefferson, 2 Forster's Terns graced Kalaloch 3 Sep (S. Gremel) and one was at Vancouver L., Clark 8 Sep (BF); this spe - cies is not quite annual in w. Washington. A Forster's Tern at Union Gap, Yakima 13 Nov was the latest ever for Washington; there are only a few previous Nov records. For the third consecutive year, Elegant Terns showed well in Washington; this fall's incursion rivaled but fell slightly short of major events occurring in 1992 and 1997. A tally of 250 at Seaview, Pa - cific 7 Sep (J. Schutt) was this fall's Washington high count. Eight Elegants at P.N.P. 30 Aug (K. Brown, BW) provided a rare P.T. record. Thir - teen at Neah Bay, Clallam 22 Oct were near record-late for Washington. A Snowy Owl at San Juan I., San Juan 8 Nov (fide B. Jensen) was the sole report for Wash - ington this fall. A Burrowing Owl, very rare for w. Washington graced American Camp, San Juan 4 Nov (P. Dunwiddie, D. Martin); most records have occurred in spring. A likely re - turning male Black-chinned Hummingbird at Bayview, Skagit 6-9 Sep (C. Scott, K. Kemper) provided a very rare fall westside record. Lewis's Woodpeckers, barely annual in fall in w. Washington, showed well with 25+ noted 7 Aug–13 Sep. An Acorn Woodpecker, very rare for w. Washington, was at Ridgefield 22 Sep (BF); there are less than 25 records with seven records occurring in last fall's invasion. A Williamson's Sapsucker, providing a first for Snohomish, graced L. Janus 27 Aug (ph. J. Adams); there are less than 10 records for w. Washington. Rare in e. Washington away from the e. slopes of the Cascades, a Red-breasted Sapsucker was at Millet Pond, Walla Walla 21 Sep (C. Lindsey), while another, much farther east at Liberty L., Spokane 4 Oct (ph. W. Young) was exceptional. A Black-backed Woodpecker, possibly the same bird continuing from sum - mer at Government Meadows, King 16 Aug (M. Bartels) and another near Mt. Rainier, Pierce 22-

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