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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 109 O R E G O N & WA S H I N G TO N 1 Sep + (BB) and one at Edmonds, Snohomish 14 Sep (S. Pink). Three Hudsonian Godwits 6 Sep–5 Oct and 3 Bar-tailed Godwits 19 Aug–23 were fairly typical for recent falls. Rare on the eastside, Marbled Godwits showed well with 4 noted 22 Aug–3 Oct. Only three Ruffs in Washington 13 Sep–25 Oct made for a poor showing, but included a very rare e. Wash - ington bird near Wallula, Walla Walla 22 Sep (ph. M&MLD). Six Sharp-tailed Sandpipers in Washington 6 Sep–5 Oct was a typical showing but included rare eastside singles at Yakima R. Delta, Benton 22 Sep (J. Abel) and Grandview, Yakima 5 Oct (ph. K. Lucas). On the heels of a Jul bird in Kitsap, a Red-necked Stint at Sand Point, Clallam 7 Aug († D. Parent) provided Washington's seventh record; all records have involved ad. individuals. A Buff-breasted Sand - piper at Midway Beach, Pacific 20 Aug (GGe, J. Acker) was the lone report this fall. A Short- billed Dowitcher at Hatton Rest Stop, Adams 24 Aug (MH) was the lone report for e. Wash - ington where six per fall is typical. Considered very rare on the eastside, 4 Red Phalaropes noted 1-12 Oct was exceptional. An impressive 20 South Polar Skuas were tallied off Newport Lincoln 3 Oct (Christopher Hinkle, TS). Pomarine Jaegers, rare for the P.T., included 2 at Rosario Head, Skagit 30 Sep with one there 13 Oct (RM), and additional singles at Whidbey I., Island 17 Oct (R. Taylor) and Ed - monds, Snohomish 23 Oct (J. Adams). A Para- sitic at Juanita Bay, King 7 Sep (A. Crutcher, A. Lee) represented a rare, inland w. Washington record away from the P.T. Single Parasitics at McNary 22 Aug (M&MLD) and again 6 Sep (M&MLD) were the only reports for e. Wash - ington this fall. Single Long-tailed Jaegers, not annual in the P.T., were at Lake Forest Park, King 20 Aug (T. Hass), Semiahmoo, Whatcom 15 Sep (RK) with an additional bird there 30 Sep (RM, N. Sanday). A Guadalupe Murrelet over Grays Canyon 1 Aug (RM, BS) was the region's first since 2008 and the fourth record for Wash - ington. An Ancient Murrelet was at Bainbridge I, Kitsap 14 Sep (BW); this species normally ar - rives in inland marine waters in early-Oct. Rare in the P.T., a Black-legged Kittiwake was at Blaine, Whatcom 16 Aug (MB) and 3 were noted at three locations in the P.T. on 18 Nov following the strong westerly wind event the previous day. A Red-legged Kittiwake at Neah Bay, Clallam 8 Sep (ph. CW, L. Chapman, ph. BW) was a pleasant surprise, while one found grounded in the Cascades at Snolqualmie Pass, King 18 Nov (ph. R. Hausinger) was astound - ing and provided the second furthest-inland re- cord for North America; Washington now has a dozen records. Single Sabine's Gulls in e. Wash - ington at McNary 22 Aug (M&MLD) and Ya- kima R. Delta, Benton 24 Sep (J. Abel) were the most P.T. records occur mid-Oct–mid-Nov. An Ashy Storm-Petrel was off Newport 19 Sep (TS). Rarer still, a Black Storm-Petrel 125km off Curry 1 Aug (PL) was seen from a cruise ship, adding to just a handful of records from OR. An exceptional five Brown Boobies were noted in Washington waters 6 Sep–16 Oct with two noted at offshore locations while the others were detected within the P.T.; Washington had only a dozen previous records, with nearly half coming from the P.T. Rare away from salt water, a Brown Pelican was at Renton, King 27 Sep (MB). A Snowy Egret, quite possibly a returning bird, in - habited Ridgefield 2 Oct–20 Nov (BF); Washing- ton has just shy of 40 records. White-faced Ibis, quite rare for Washington during fall, showed in unprecedented numbers with 5 between four lo - cations in e. Washington 23 Sep–10 Nov, while singles in w. Washington at Lynden, Whatcom 27 Sep (N. Whitman) and at Ridgefield 3-14 Nov (RH) were exceptionally noteworthy. Northerly Red-shouldered Hawks beyond their sw. Washington stronghold included singles at Grand Mound, Thurston 2 Sep (K. Brady), Nisqually 23 Nov+ (D. Martin), and Brady Loop, Grays Harbor 15 Nov (K. Wosi - lait). Twenty Broad-winged Hawks were detect- ed in Washington 19 Aug–27 Sep, including 4 on the westside; reports of this species have greatly increased over the past five years in Washington, perhaps due to increased observer effort. Swainson's Hawks, not annual in fall in w. Washington included one at Bainbridge I., Kitsap 6 Sep (ph. BW), one at Mt. Baker, What - com 11 Sep (RK), and a tardy one near Stan- wood, Snohomish 10 Nov (ph. W. Rockwell). SHOREBIRDS THROUGH FALCONS A flock of 94 Black Oystercatchers near La Con- ner, Skagit 24 Sep (BB, S. Moody) was a record high count for the P.T.; a few higher counts for this species have occurred on the n. coast. Black- bellied Plovers showed well in e. Washington with 11 detected 9 Aug–13 Oct; prior to five years ago this species was considered very rare through the eastside. Eleven American Golden- Plovers in w. Washington 19 Aug–30 Sep and 4 in e. Washington 19 Sep–3 Oct provided a fair - ly typical fall showing. Pacific Golden-Plovers showed well and included an exceptional high count of 30 at O.S. 2 Sep (RK). A Lesser Sand- Plover, Washington's fifth, inhabited O.S. 16- 22 (T. Boyer); all records have occurred since 2010 between 16 Aug–7 Sep. A Snowy Plover at Hobuck Beach, Clallam 7 Sep (CW, L. Chap - man) was well n. of their usual range. Rare for the P.T., single Wandering Tattlers were at Rosario Beach, Skagit 3-11 Aug (K. Kemper, B. Kuntz) and Lummi Bay, Whatcom 10 Sep (I. Nugent). Willets, not annual in the P.T., included two at Dungeness Bay, Clallam side, visited Yakima R. Delta 9 Nov (J. Hadley). Two Yellow-billed Loons 26 Sep+ was a typical fall showing for w. Washington. A tally of 15 Laysan Albatross was obtained from a cruise ship 67-85 km off central OR 10 Nov (PL). A sick, banded Short-tailed Al - batross found just n. of Tatoosh I., Clallam 14 Aug (Bud Sharp, Cliff Sharp, Dave Sharp) was revealed to be a female hatched 2 Mar 2015 on Toroshima I., Japan and later died in captivity. An intense west wind event blew in an im- pressive 31 Northern Fulmars to Rosario Head, Skagit 17 Nov (RM) and an additional 2 were spotted off of P.N.P. (BW) on the same afternoon. The following day up to 8 fulmars were noted from four locations in the central P.T.; fulmars are rare at any time in Washington's interior ma - rine waters. Two Hawaiian Petrels and a Cook's Petrel were seen from a cruise ship 190-200 km off Winchester Bay to Dunes City Douglas 1 Aug (PL). A Mottled Petrel was 88 km w of Lincoln City Lincoln (PL) 10 Nov. Pink-footed Shearwa - ters are rarely recorded within the c. and e. parts of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, therefore one off Lopez I., San Juan 11 Oct (D. Schurman) and another at Rosario Head 11 Nov (RM) were noteworthy. A Great Shearwater 65km wsw. of Cape Alava Clallam 7 Sep (ph. Ken Lane) fur - nished Washington's eighth record. A Short-tailed Shearwater, not annual in the P.T., was off Edmonds, Snohomish 3 Oct (T. Hass). Rare for the central Strait of Juan de Fuca, a Manx Shearwater was off Port Angeles 5 Aug (R. Baird). A Wilson's Storm-Petrel at Per - petua Bank, Lincoln 3 Oct (Christopher Hinkle, TS) was the tenth for the region. An unusual Aug wind storm sent 15 Fork-tailed Storm-Pe - trels to Rosario Strait, San Juan 15 Aug (M. Du). One was also noted at Dungeness Bay, Clal - lam 27 Oct (MH); Fork-taileds are rare at any time in Washington's interior marine waters. A Leach's Storm-Petrel, not annual in the P.T., was at Useless Bay, Island 13 Sep (M. McKinstry); This Red-legged Kittiwake, present for only a brief hour or so at Neah Bay, Clallam County, 8 September, provided Wash- ington's eleventh record. Photo by © Brad Waggoner.

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