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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 107 B R I T I S H C O LU M B I A birders and was well-photographed, 6 to 13 Oct (DC, m.obs). Near Golden, a Palm Warbler was found in a bog in the Blaeberry Valley, 5 Oct (Doug - las Leighton). In Castlegar, a Palm Warbler was found at Waldie Island, 5 Oct (CS), and in North Vancouver another Palm Warbler was seen along the Spirit Trail, 17 & 18 Oct (Pierre Cenerelli). A Palm Warbler was found in blueberry fields in Abbotsford, near the corner of Dixon Road and Camp - bell Road, 2 Nov (RT), and another was found at the Hope Airport, 5 Nov, remaining to 17 Nov (John Gordon). On Haida Gwaii, a Palm Warbler was discovered in Queen Charlotte City on 29 Nov, and remained into the winter period (Carey Bergman). Anywhere west of the coastal mountain range, Brewer's Sparrows are noteworthy in British Columbia, so one at Harrison Lagoon, Harrison Hot Springs, 30 & 31 Aug is wor - thy of mention (RT). In weeds surrounding the Iona Island Sewage Ponds in Richmond another Brewer's Sparrow was found, 16 Sep (Mike Toochin). British Columbia's first Field Sparrow was photographed at Oliver's Land - ing near Squamish, 30 & 31 Oct (Ken Wright). An immature male Black-throated Sparrow delighted birders at Whiffin Spit in Sooke, on Vancouver Island, from 30 Sep to 13 Oct (Kim and Roger Beardmore, m.obs). A Grasshopper Sparrow was found along the Selkirk College Trails in Castlegar, 1 Sep (CS). Average num - bers of Harris's Sparrows were sprinkled across the province this fall, with one immature at a private residence in Revelstoke, 6 to 13 Oct (DC, m.obs), an immature at the Thompson Brook Marshes in Kelowna, 24 Oct (LL), and another at Christmas Island in Salmorn Arm on the same day, 24 Oct (Roger Beardmore). In the Kootenays, a Harris's Sparrow was found along Kootenay River Road near Creston 19 & 20 Oct (Linda Van Damme, m.obs) and in the Fraser Valley, a bird was in brambles along Whatcom Road in Abbotsford, 2 Nov (RT). On Vancouver Island, an adult Harris's Sparrow was found at Jordan River on 22 Oct (Paul Deneuverville), and another was in Victoria's Oak Bay neigh - bourhood, near the intersection of Bowker Place and Somass Drive, 5 Nov (Aziza Cooper). Also in the Victoria area, a Harris's Sparrow was reported along Uganda Ave in the Esquimalt neighbourhood, 11 & 12 Nov (John Woods). At the northern tip of Vancouver Island, a Har - ris's Sparrow was found at the Port Hardy Air- port, 5 Nov (Nicole Beaulac). A female Summer Tanager was photo - graphed at a private residence in New Denver near Nelson, in the Kootenays, 8 to 16 Nov Glen Lake in Langford near Victoria, 20 Aug (fide An). On the west coast of Vancouver Is - land, single Northern Mockingbirds were found at Florencia Bay near Tofino, 20 Nov (Adrian Dorst), and at the intersection of Helen Road and Otter Road, in Ucluelet, 19 to 21 Sep (Wayne Diakow, m.obs). Three reports of single Red-throated Pipits came in, with one at Martindal Flats in Saanich, 18 Oct (Neal Hughes). Another Red-throated Pipit was at Maber Flats in Brentwood Bay area near Victoria, 15 Nov (Jeremy Gatten), and in the Fraser Valley a Red-throated Pipit was found in fields along Sim Road in Abbotsford, 16 Nov (RT). An Ovenbird was an exceptional find along the Halfmoon Bay Trail in Tofino, 21 Sep (Gail Kenner, Stephen Partington). An immature Ten - nessee Warbler was found at the Winfield Creek Habitat Preserve in Lake Country, 23 Sep (MF) while in Kelowna, a one was at Munson Pond, 3 Oct (LL), and another was present at Belmont Park 19 to 21 Nov, providing the latest record in the Okanagan for this species (Keith Richard - son). A male Connecticut Warbler at Saw Mill Pond near Radium Hot Springs was a great find 8 Aug (Trevor Churchill, m.obs). In Revelstoke, a male Hooded Warbler visited a private resi - dence from 4 to 31 Oct (DC, m.obs). The Okan- agan Valley's second record of Northern Parula was obtained at the Vaseux Lake Boardwalk, 5 Nov (Janna Leslie, Jim Ginns, Paul Graham). On Vancouver Island, a Magnolia Warbler was banded at Pedder Bay in Metchosin, 5 Sep and remained in the area until 8 Sep (RSch, et al). An immature male Blackburnian Warbler was found at a private residence on Delair Road in Hope, 7 Sep (RT). An immature Chestnut-sided Warbler was nicely photographed at Twin Riv - ers Park in Castlegar, 17 Sep (CS). A Blackpoll Warbler was reported at the Hope Airport, 5 Sep (RT). Visiting the same private residence as the Hooded Warbler in Revelstoke, a female Black- throated Blue Warbler was seen by several British Columbia's first Blue Grosbeak, a female-type, was photographed at the Rocky Point Bird Observatory in Me- tchosin near Victoria, 25 August. Photo by © Ann Nightingale. With just a handful of records for the province, this female-type Summer Tanager was a nice find in a private garden in the New Denver area near Nelson, 8 November. Photo by © Linda Norman. Yet another provincial first, this Field Sparrow was found and photographed by Ken Wright at Oliver's Landing near Squamish, 30 October. Photo by © Ken Wright. This immature Black-throated Sparrow was seen by many during its stay at Whiffin Spit in Sooke on southern Vancouver Island, photographed here 30 September. Photo by © Donna Ross. This female Black-throated Blue Warbler appeared in a garden in Revelstoke at the same time a male Hooded Warbler was visiting the same residence, 7 October. Photo by © Darlene Cancelliere.

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