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VOLUME 70 NO1 2017

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 106 B R I T I S H C O LU M B I A on the coast, a Black-billed Magpie was present at Belcarra Regional Park in Port Moody, 11 to 13 Nov (A. Pont, m.obs). The first record of Winter Wren for Haida Gwaii involved an individual found at Queen Charlotte City, 11 & 12 Nov. The observer ob - tained photos and voice recordings of the bird (Ian Cruickshank). A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was found at Boundary Bay in Delta, in the vicinity of 104th St, 16 Oct (KL, m.obs). An - other Blue-gray Gnatcatcher, this on Vancouver Island, was reported at the Chinese Cemetery in Victoria, 2 Nov (Mike and Barb McGrenere). Mountain Bluebirds, rare visitors to coastal areas of British Columbia, were noted at New Brighton Park in Vancouver, where four were present from 26 to 29 Oct (Camille Faubert, m.obs). Another Mountain Bluebird was found at the Iona Island South Jetty in Richmond, 5 Nov (Tak Shibata). British Columbia's first Wood Thrush appeared along Dixon Road in the Trout Creek area of Summerland, 25 Oct and remained until 27 Oct (Tom Lowery, m.obs). A smattering Northern Mockingbird records came in this fall, with most appear - ing in locations close to the coast—one bird, however that was found in the interior in the town of Lillooet, 24 Oct (Christine Galliano). On Vancouver Island, a Northern Mockingbird was at Pacheedaht Beach in Port Renfrew, 16 Aug (Michael Kennedy), and another was at was at Burnaby Mountain, 21 Sep to 3 Oct (Hilary Maguire), and another male was at Derby Reach Park in Langley, 30 Oct (Ivan Kaderbek). A Lewis's Woodpecker was found at Tower Point, Metchosin on Vancouver Island, where the species is a rarity, 26 Aug (Geoffrey Newell). Reports of single Gyrfalcons came in from the eastern Fraser Valley in Abbots - ford, 10 Oct, and again 28 Nov (RT). A Yel- low-bellied Flycatcher was photographed in a private yard in the Blaeberry Valley near Golden, 16 Aug (Douglas Leighton). A tardy Say's Phoebe was found in Vernon along L & A Cross Rd, 15 Nov (Chris Siddle). Nearly a dozen reports of Tropi - cal Kingbirds came in from coastal locations in British Columbia this fall. All sightings involved single birds, except for two birds noted at the Scarlett Point Lighthouse on Balaklava Island, 22 Oct, with one remaining until 25 Oct (ID). At the same location another Tropical Kingbird was present 2 & 3 Oct (ID). In continuing with the lighthouse theme, another Tropical King - bird was found at the Cape Scott Lighthouse, 27 Sep (Howard Humchit). In Richmond, a Tropical Kingbird was seen by many during its stay along the West Dyke Trail, 12 to 20 Oct (Alberto Vilca, m.obs). In Abbotsford, yet an - other Tropical Kingbird was found 30 Oct and remained along Angus Campbell Road until 10 Nov (John Vooys, m.obs). Blackie Spit in White Rock hosted one as well, 3 Nov (Nor - bert Sharp) and on Vancouver Island another was at Whiffin Spit in Sooke, 13 Oct (Heather Tronsden). Near Victoria, a Tropical Kingbird was at Esquimalt Lagoon, 15 to 17 Oct (John Woods, m.obs), and on the west coast of the island, another was at Tofino, 18 Oct (Adrian Dorst). At the northwest tip of Vancouver Is - land, a Tropical Kingbird was found at the Port Hardy Airport, 3 Nov (Nicole Beaulac), and far - ther north at Prince Rupert's Digby Island Air- port, a Tropical Kingbird was photographed, 4 Nov (Ben Keen). Rare fall visitors to Vancouver Island, single Eastern Kingbirds were found at the Rocky Point Bird Observatory in Metcho - sin, 18 Aug (Ann Scarfe, et al), and at Swan Lake in Victoria, where one was present 30 Aug to 2 Sep (Chris Saunders, m.obs). Another in - dividual, or possibly the same bird, was seen again at Swan Lake, 16 Sep (Chris Saunders). A Philadelphia Vireo reported along the Matsqui Dyke Trail in Abbotsford was a great find for 5 Nov, as this species only occurs regu - larly in the Peace Region of northeast British Co- lumbia (RT). A California Scrub-Jay was found in Coquitlam at the intersection of Chapman and Clarke roads, 2 Sep to 27 Oct (Jay Brogan, m.obs), and another was in the Ferry Slough area of Ladner, 25 Aug (Laura Jordison). Rare an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull was found at the Matsqui Prairie area, 5 to 10 Oct (RT). An - other adult, or perhaps the same individual was noted in fields along Chilliwack Central Road in Chillwack, 21 Oct (GG). On Haida Gwaii, an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull, providing the second record for the island chain, was noted 13 Sep (Ian Cruickshank). HUMMINGBIRDS THROUGH BUNTINGS A male Ruby-throated Hummingbird was pho- tographed at a feeder on Ha ha Creek Road near Cranbrook in the Kootenays, 6 Aug (Alan Bar - nard). A male Rufous Hummingbird lingered in the West Bench neighbourhood of Penticton, where it visited a feeder 9 Oct to 2 Nov (Rich - ard Cannings, et al). On the Lower Mainland, where Calliope Hummingbird is quite rare, a female-type visited a feeder in Coquitlam, 16 & 17 Aug (Robert Moore). A Common Poorwill, rare anywhere in Brit - ish Columbia outside of the southern interior, was found on Sumas Mountain in Abbotsford, 29 Sep (GG). Also in Abbotsford, a Yellow-bel - lied Sapsucker was found near Mill Lake Park, 9 Oct (RT). Out-of-range Red-naped Sapsuck - ers were found at Stanley Park in Vancouver, 8 Sep (Wayne Weber), and at Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, 18 Sep (CC, m.obs). Anoth - er Red-naped Sapsucker was at a private resi- dence in North Vancouver, 14 to 26 Sep (Ben Clifford, m.obs). A male Red-naped Sapsucker This female Chestnut-sided Warbler was a nice find at Castlegar in the West Kootenay region of the province, 17 September. Photo by © Craig Sandvig. The Okanagan Valley's second Northern Parula was photographed in trees along the boardwalk at Vaseux Lake, 5 November. Photo by © Paul Graham. A male Hooded Warbler, a casual stray to British Columbia, visited a private residence in Revelstoke from 4 to 31 Octo- ber, pictured here 4 October. Photo by © Darlene Cancelliere. Sightings of Blue-gray Gnatcatcher in British Columbia appear to be slowly increasing, with this bird found and photographed at Victoria on Vancouver Island, 2 November. Photo by © Aziza Cooper.

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