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V O L U M E 7 0 ( 2 0 1 7 ) • N U M B E R 1 105 B R I T I S H C O LU M B I A the pier in Salmon Arm 16 Aug and remained to 3 Sep (MF, m.obs). Also in Salmon Arm, an immature Parasit- ic Jaeger was a nice find along the foreshore, 24 Sep (TH). A Long-tailed Jaeger was a great find from the ferry approximately 30 minutes away from Tsawwassen, 19 Aug (GM). Another Long-tailed Jaeger, an adult, was photographed at Race Rocks near Metchosin, on Vancouver Island, 5 Sep (Melissa Hafting, et al). Sabine's Gulls, while regular migrants off - shore in British Columbia waters, are rare fall visitors to lakes of the interior. A single juve - nile Sabine's Gull was at Little Shuswap Lake near Chase, 15 Sep (Allan and Reba Dupilka). Another juvenile Sabine's Gull was at Lake - side Park in Nelson, 30 Sep (Janice Arndt). At Pantage Lake, near Quesnel, a Sabine's Gull was found 15 Sep (RSarg). Iceland Gulls were reported at two locations on Vancouver Island, with both reports involving immature birds of the Kumlien's subspecies. A first win - ter Kumlien's Gull was at Esquimalt Lagoon in Colwood, 18 Nov (RSch) and a second winter bird was found at Cook's Point in Moorecroft Regional Park near Nanaimo, 19 Nov (GM). Sightings of Lesser Black-backed Gulls in BC continue to increase. An adult Lesser Black- backed Gull was noted along the foreshore at Salmon Arm, 6 Nov (TH). Another adult bird was found at College Oxbow Inlet near Castle - gar, 6 Nov and remained until 21 Nov (CS, m.obs). In the Okanagan, an adult bird was at the mouth of Power's Creek in West Kelowna, 6 Nov (Scott Thomson). Another adult, and pos - sibly the same individual seen at West Kelow- na, was at the Rotary Club Pier on Kalamalka Lake in Vernon, 3 Nov (Chris Siddle). From the 2 to 5 Nov, an adult Lesser Black-backed Gull was at the Kelowna Landfill, again perhaps rep - resenting the same bird seen in West Kelowna and Vernon (CC, m.obs). In the Fraser Valley, Tate, m.obs). The Bar-tailed Godwit situation at Boundary Bay was equally complex, with the first individual, a molting adult female-type bird that carried on from the Summer period until at least 3 Aug at the foot of 88th St. (Rob Lyske, m.obs). An adult Bar-tailed Godwit in alternate plumage was found at Boundary Bay west of 104th St in Delta, 10 Aug (MT), and another sighting at the same location 23 to 24 Aug could have involved the same individual (KL, m.obs).Two adult Bar-tailed Godwits were present at the foot of 96th St at Boundary Bay, 1 to 3 Sep (Danny Tyson, MT, m.obs), and a juvenile frequented the same location between 3 and 25 Sep (MT, m.obs). Yet another juvenile Bar-tailed Godwit, possibly the same bird seen in late September, was at the foot of 104th St from 23 Oct to 12 Nov (KL, m.obs). In the interior the appearance of a Black Turnstone was unexpected at Nulki Lake near Vanderhoof, 22 Aug (Nancy Krueger, Karen Krushelnick). At Pantage Lake near Quesnel, a juvenile Black Turnstone was also found 13 Aug (RSarg, et al). A rarity anywhere away from the immediate coast, a Surfbird was found in the eastern Fraser Valley at Harrison Lagoon, Harrison Hot Springs, 29 Aug (GG). A juvenile Red Phalarope, the rarest of the three phalarope species in the interior, was found at & 6 Oct (Quentin Brown, m.obs). At Bound- ary Bay, a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper was noted at the foot of 104th St, 16 Oct (KL). Perhaps the same bird showed up again along Bound - ary Bay at the foot of 96th St, 22 Oct (Mark Wynja). Other singles showed up again at the Reifel Refuge, 20 Oct (John Gordon, m.obs), and at the foot of 96th St at Boundary Bay, 26 Oct (Daniel Bastaja). A molting adult Little Stint was photographed at Pantage Lake NW of Quesnel, 2 Aug (RSarg), providing the first record of this Asian stray from the interior of the province. Back on the coast at Boundary Bay, a juvenile Little Stint was found between 104 th St and 112 th St in Delta, 8 Aug (KL). Buff- breasted Sandpipers were unusually sparse this season, with a single bird at Boundary Bay near 104 th St in Delta 17 Aug (Ilya Povalyaev). A Willet was a nice find at Boundary Bay, west of the foot of 104 th St, 10 Aug (MT). In the interior, a juvenile Hud - sonian Godwit remained at the pier in Salmon Arm from 16 Aug to 3 Sep (MF, m.obs). The Boundary Bay area hosted a rather large assortment of dif - ferent Hudsonian Godwits, with one at the foot of 104th St 2–3 Aug (Frank Konczak, m.obs), up to three present at the foot of 96th St, 19 Aug (Ilya Povalyaev, MT, m.obs), a juvenile pres - ent at the foot of 96th St from 6 Sep to 3 Oct (Steve Juhasz, m.obs), and another juvenile—perhaps the same bird—at the same location from 21 to 29 Oct (MT, m.obs). An adult Hud - sonian Godwit was found at Beach Grove Lagoon in Tsawwassen 21 Nov and remained until 26 Nov (Nigel British Columbia's first Wood Thrush was found in the Trout Creek neighborhood of Summerland in the Okanagan Valley, and was seen by many during its three day stay, photographed here 27 October. Photo by © Pam Laing. One of about a dozen Tropical Kingbirds reported in British Columbia this fall was this bird that delighted birders along the West Dyke Trail in Richmond, photographed here 12 October. Photo by © Alberto Vilca. A first for the province's interior, this adult Little Stint was photographed at Pantage Lake, northwest of Quesnel, 2 August. Photo by © Rod Sargent. This is one of several Bar-tailed Godwits that graced the shores of Boundary Bay, south of Vancouver this fall, 2 August. Photo by © Liron Gertsman.

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